Can Halo Reach be a major improvement just like Killzone 2?

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When the original Killzone was released way back in 2004 it was hyped up as the Halo killer. But things did not go too well and sufficed to say the game flopped. A year later, when the PlayStation 3 was announced at E3 2005, Sony stunned crowds with that famous trailer of Killzone 2. Nobody could have imagined that the PlayStation 3 could turn up such stunning vistas. Four years later in 2009, Sony delivered with one of the best first person shooters this generation. Killzone 2 was just not an improvement in the graphics alone but it had the gameplay to match with it. 2009 also saw the release of Halo 3: ODST on the Xbox 360.

Unfortunately many of the critics were not able to see the potential in the game and hence the game got panned by many reviews. However we gave the game a superb nine out of a possible ten. But having said that, ODST still had a negative image in the media as many claimed it was just an expansion pack to the original Halo 3 released back in 2007. At E3 this year, Microsoft raised people hopes again with the announcement of Halo Reach which will be released in 2010. As this is one of Microsoft’s major game next year, can Halo reach the level of Killzone 2 as the most improved sequel?

Easily Killzone 2 is one of the best looking first person shooters.

Easily Killzone 2 is one of the best looking first person shooters.

First let’s talk about the graphics. Killzone 2 is a stunning game to look at. It is safe to say that Killzone 2 is the best looking first person shooter of this generation; at least on consoles. The game utilized some of the most advanced technologies in graphics and animations. The animation was done in Maya and the team at Guerilla wrote a whole library of scripts for the platform. They also created a tool which they gave the developers to correct color problems on the PlayStation 3 in real time. Now all the hard work has paid off for Sony and Killzone 2 is easily one of the best looking PS3 games to date.

Now what about Halo Reach? Halo Reach definitely looks better than Halo 3 as shown in the trailer below. But I really don’t see the level of details as found in Killzone 2. The characters do have a touch of shine on them and definitely look better than the games before, but it really doesn’t have the technical achievment seen in Sony’s premium shooter. Given that the game still has a ton of time left to be released, we might see a better looking game. But to be honest I don’t see Halo Reach surpassing Killzone 2’s visuals.

Game play wise Halo Reach might just better Killzone 2.

Gameplay wise Halo Reach might better Killzone 2.

Now finally let’s talk about the gameplay. The original Killzone had inconsistent AI, occasional bugs, frame-rate issues, distracting graphical glitches, repetition of the same voices, short draw distance, and an awkward control system. But Guerilla did a great job with Killzone 2 introducing a solid single player campaign and a very interesting online offering. Gameplay wise Halo games are still one of the best for me. The firefight mode in ODST alone was worth $60. So expect to see a solid and a long single player campaign and some really cool multiplayer modes in the final retail version of the game. Halo Reach could be as good as or can even better than the game play elements found in Killzone 2.

So that balances it out a bit. Killzone 2 had one of the best sounds in first person shooters but unfortunately it had a forgettable plot. If Halo Reach can provide the gamers with the stunning gameplay that the franchise is known for and also provides an engrossing plot, than it’s a no brainer that Halo Reach might top Killzone 2 even though it’s on a lower scale graphically.

Let us know what do you think in the comment section below.

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  • Guy

    No it can’t.
    Killzone 2 improved over a last gen mediocre game into a AAA current gen game.
    Halo 3 already improved over a last gen AAA game onto an even better AAA current gen game. It’s already superb and there is not all that much to improve (at least not with current gen hardware) – so any improvement will probably be incremental and about refining an already great game.

    • Chris Vogt

      Many would argue that Halo 3 was not as good as previous installments.

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  • dave

    I have a mild problem with your article, here is my problem:

    My problem is the way in which you talked about KZ1’s many shortcomings only to forget to talk about how much they had been improved upon within the second iteration. For example the AI. KZ2 brought forward to the table some very strong AI, which manged to cause me the odd moment of frustration due to being occasionaly sneaked up on, yet this improvement goes completely unmentioned.

    Secondly: You failed to mention how KZ2 brought to forward the only FPS this generation to use a cover system and have it be incredibly stable. I used the cover system as often as possible within the campaign.

    I feel you could have gone much more in depth on this.. I’d really like to see a more grounded gritty halo, feel less like the only person capable of getting any job done,

    • Matt

      I agree with your post but your wrong with the cover system. Rainbow 6 had a cover system as well. Even though when you go to cover it switches to 3rd. Just thought id let you know^_^

  • cell989

    What I think they should really improve upon is the weapons physics and performance, this goes to pretty much all FPS’s out there, Killzone 2 took the first right step, with great recoil effects and bullet physics, and the fact that every weapon performed different according to its type. COD has the nuance to allow you to snipe with virtually any gun in the game. If Halo Reach can achieve this, than we will definitely see improvements.

  • pp

    Halo reach doesn’t need to be anything like kill zone 2 unless u want halo reach to flop in sales like Kill Zone 2 did also multi-player does anyone still plays kill zone 2……..i don’t think so.

    • Chris Vogt

      Yes there are thousands of players all the time.

    • Killzone 2 still has tons of people playing it, i never have any problems finding a game..

    • briflo

      I play Killzone 2 online every day with a few thousand other people. Guess you thought wrong.


    no one wants halo reach to look like killzone 2,because killzone is grey everything is like black and grey and most of the enemies look the same.halo has always been colourful and artistic and in terms of gameplay killzone was pretty much just like every other fps out there, halo is way more fast paced and just way more fun to play.when i bought killzone 2 i was just dissapointed how dull and generic it was.i think halo reach is going to be better looking have better gameplay and just be way more fun to play than any ps3 title ,oh and it will sell more than god of war 3,gt5,killzone 2 ,uncharted 2 and heavy rain combined.

    • Chris Vogt

      Halo Reach will not outsell arguably the top 5 PS3 exclusives. Halo Reach is looking to be a fantastic game but your comment is clearly trying to spark an argument.

    • Matt

      Halo ODST outsold one of those ps3 games in september and if im mistaken halo wars even outsold KZ2 not baggn on it tho cuz its the first or 2nd to uncharted 2 that im gettn with my ps3^_^ just lettn ya kno

  • Perkel

    “Now finally let’s talk about the gameplay. The original Killzone had inconsistent AI, occasional bugs, frame-rate issues, distracting graphical glitches, repetition of the same voices, short draw distance, and an awkward control system.”

    i lol ed at this …

    inconsistent AI ?? AI is one of the best on consoles.
    occasional bugs ?? Where ? hmm >
    frame-rate issues ?? Again Where ? I’ve played single and multi and there is none frame rate issue. So you are lying..
    distracting graphical glitches?? same as above. Occasionaly yes but nowhere near as other AAA ,
    short draw distance.. This is by far best. Did you even played killzone ?

    say it has short distance view…

    repetition of the same voices ??? ????? Realy ??

    awkward control system.??? ok dead zone was like wtf but ankward ?

    You seriously didn’t play killzone at all if you sayin thise BS about KZ2, and i’m not a fanboy of KZ.

    • Chris Vogt

      What you quoted from the article pertains to the original Killzone on the PS2, not Killzone 2.

    • Perkel

      You are right i recall it ..

  • kingval

    @ Perkel….

    he’s taking about the first one you noob… learn to read….

    killzone 2 has none of the first game issues//…..

  • bobago

    @ Perkel I think you misunderstood him… he was talking about killzone 1 not killzone 2… KZ1 sucked KZ2 massive improvements

  • jumpy jack

    to the guy who wrote this article. . KZ2.. gameplay was frustrating and very boring … i dont see what is so omg about the gameplay.. graphically.. it was gd but the grey colour all over the place was just a low trick to make u think omg graphics lets see what halo reach will do.. first off the bat we knw halo does not have a narrow gameplay or rather.. HOLD-UR-HAND campaign like killzone2 and UC2 had.. its an open game which u can make what ever choice u can to getfrom point A to point B be it by foot, by air , by tank, by ghost, by what ever.. its huge and u have wayyy bigger enemies than the crap u see in KZ2 what was the biggest thing u ever facted.. other than using the gunner in the ship, emmm.. probably an AA mounted gun on ground:? i played it over 3 times so i knw there are not big set pieces … gezz halo3 had the scarab that is bigger than anything KZ2 …

    another point … COOP.. u knw that word right there.. would alone best anything KZ2 can bring .. halo reach without a dout will do nothing less tahn 4 player coop some say its gonna look like 6 .. from the way the whole noble sqaud is looking … we can say that is going to be the case.. and i bet its going to be a very open game.. coming from .. ODST.. that might be a way of bungie testing the water for a new play style… who knws…

    and finally..u cant even question bungie in multiplayer.. gezz they are the Gods of it on consoles.. by any standards.. so that is a given.. nuff said..

    graphically… this will be the reason ppl will knw.. the 360 if given the right engine can do wonders… mind u microsoft is only just trying t push it graphically.. it was bother wit getting 3rd party devers on the system now that is done.. we can see some .. technical monstrosity coming .. and all u weak ps3 fannies… HALO REACH .. WILL SELL.. that .. is a GIVEN FACT.. it will sell more than all ur exclusives on ps3 from launch combine… yes.. UC1,UC2,KZ2,LBP,GOW3,GT,prolouge,GT5,INFAMOUS,… etc..yes all of them.. it will KILL it on the charts… heck.. i might be tempted to add even MW2 but i will leave that till mid next year b4 i can say for certain.. bungie is going to make so much money u head will spin…so will MS.. yes… hate me … its a GIVEN..

    • M4RK

      omg have u seen the graphics this game is using 100 percent of the 360 power and its taken bungie 3 years to make a game tht is slightly better than halo 3 lol so basically the xbox was maxed out 3 years ago. and have u played uncharted 2 it is even better than mgs4 and tht is a outstanding achievement. all of the games tht i got couldnt even run on the 360. i used to be the biggest halo fan and halo 3 let me down the sory was downright terrible at best bungie got my hopes up with a pre rendered trailer and said tht it was running on the games engine and when the game came out it looked like halo 2.

  • DOOMtrooper

    it’ll just be Halo with eye candy… the guy who leaked those reach pics Tom Morell*something posted on that forum that the gameplay was the same, just a few minor powerups in the beta he’s got.

  • hmmmm

    I don’t see Reach as able to meet the graphical power of Killzone 2… but in gameplay, story, level design, and all around fun it will most likely be incredible … I’m hoping as good as Halo CE!

    I don’t think we’ll see any games look as good as Uncharted 2 for at least two years (when Uncharted 3 will come out!). And I doubt any 360 game will look quite that good. Oh well. I still think Reach will look phenominal and be a blast to play.

  • oilahize

    Halo Reach will be the best….until Killzone 3, which will implement the cover system better, have fully destructable environments along with slight improvements. All this at 60FPS. If they have a better story for KZ3, there won’t be any competition in terms of quality.

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  • 23juniors

    Chris Vogt i seriously suggest you check out VG charts! Halo REACH will sell more then those ps3 titles combined! worldwide halo3 & ODST have sold more then kz2, resis2, lbp, uncharted 1&2, ratchet & clank and heavenly sword combined which are the top 4-6 games in terms of sales worldwide published outta the sony camp.HALO 3 ODST is a so called crappy expansion pack but it outsold every single sony published title right up to the number one slot held by uncharted at 3.6 mill, the numbers dont lie bro

  • Halo Reach looks pretty fantastic now and they have a year to polish it even more. I think it will be extremely close the KZ2 in terms of visuals and not having any of the forementioned shortcomings of KZ2. The As far as Gameplay and online experience KZ2 does not match Halo3 in that regard.

  • Brian

    I’ve played Halo CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3. I have to say Halo > Halo 2 > Halo 3. But anyways I have Killzone and Killzone 2 and yes Killzone 2 has gone a long way from Killzone. I’am hoping that Halo Reach will be that revolutionary Halo game I’ve been waiting for in so long. I just wish that you could sprint in the game. Come on spartans are super soldiers genetically enhanced at birth so they should be able to sprint. I feel that Halo 3 wasn’t as fast paced since they slowed it down a bit compared to Halo 2. HALO REACH FTW!

  • Gilbert

    its kinda funny I read one article of a Sony fanboy saying why Killzone 2 is better than Halo but Halo 3 ODST outsold Killzone 2 in the first day of its release now thats funny

  • Claud

    Halo 3 was rubbish the story was just awful and the gameplay was anything but fast it was stale it was obvious to me that the master chief story was nearing its end an i for one hope to god that they let the master chieft stay dead

    now onto ODST, ODST was perfect it did what halo 3 should have done and that is deliver a fun game to play the campaign story was brilliant had you glued in the whole time

    in fact ODST reminded me of KZ2, it delivered a gritty urban warfarce enviroment and even the covenenant were more sinister looking then in halo 3 were they all were scared of the master chief

    i seriously hope that REACH is not about the chief again let him die please give us another hero give us expanded universe MASTER CHIEF IS NOT HALO

    HALO IS HALO so less master chief please and more ODST


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