Capcom excited about 3DS launch

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According to Street Fighter head Yoshinori Ono, the 3DS launch will be “as exciting as the Dreamcast launch.” (which is a good thing for all you nay sayers.)

When asked why he chose the Nintendo 3DS as his next development platform, Ono said that “first, we are in Nintendo country. Second, the feeling I have with 3DS is the same as when the Dreamcast came out – as a developer, I mean, these machines are so exciting.”

“We’re fascinated by it at Capcom, and diving into the innards at the moment, but you know there’s just so much more there to unlock; it’s got more to give.”

Thanks to CVG for the info.

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  • Pramath

    Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out for Nintendo as the Dreamcast turned out for Sega.
    All in all, this wasn’t exactly the most comforting analogy he could have used 😛

  • yodathe3rd

    nintendo will bank no matter what they sell i can see several million units being sold regardless. the street fighter on here looks really beast. i won’t be picking one of these up up i might get an NGP.

  • aquaman22

    I’m pretty sure that if capcom would publish many of the games (which are already 3rd party games) like RE, or SF on the NGP it would be more appealing on that handheld. 3D its great and all and its impressive to experience 3D without the glasses, but I choose graphics over a 3D allusion any day of the week.

    • dh4645

      me too, although i’m still thinking of preordering a 3DS to see if i can make a profit when i resell it. i’ll be as excited as capcom if i make as much as i did when i sold my launch 60 GB ps3

  • Bone_Apart216

    They should be excited, they have 2 Resident Evil games along with their Street Fighter. How many more “innards” in it are there really though? Come on, you’re buying the device for it’s 3D.

    • aquaman22

      I thought it was only one resident evil game the one called the mercenaries mode game??? do they have like a stand alone full fledge Resident evil game or just some water down version of a previous game? I also think SF is gonna look really good on the 3DS, i mean it looks incredible on the iPhone. I can’t imagine it would be to hard to port to the 3DS. Aqua Out!!!

  • rak33n

    they should be exited they have a lunch game on the system. Cant wait street fighter is going to look sweet in 3d!

  • lukepc92

    He fell into a coma shortly after the Dreamcast was launched perhaps?

  • noxtics

    well there were plenty of other system launches that were just as exciting and plenty more that were even more exciting. there’s also the point that the system has to come out and be out for some time to see how successful it’s going to be …since this is also doing 3d we have to see just how good it’s going to be since that is one of its major selling points

    if a person become uncomfortable playing this after just 30 minutes …continues to have discomfort long after their done playing …the 3d becomes irrelevant.

    the battery life on this thing really isn’t that great either.

  • Thatruth86

    I dont see why people are really getting excited nintendo is making this its big thing i and i dnt think consumers will be as happy as nintendo wants them to be .. i wonder what games capcom has for this re of course id say sf too but not too many i can think of .


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