Casey Hudson: Mass Effect 3’s ending “will be remembered”; BioWare listening to fan feedback

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the ending of Mass Effect 3, and plenty of fans simply don’t like it. There’s also a petition to change the ending – BioWare isn’t interested in that, and are very proud of the ending because it will be remembered by many.

Mass Effect 3’s game director said in an interview with Digital Trends that they wanted the game’s ending to be controversial so that it can leave a bigger impact.

“I didn’t want the game to be forgettable, and even right down to the sort of polarizing reaction that the ends have had with people–debating what the endings mean and what’s going to happen next, and what situation are the characters left in,” he said.

“That to me is part of what’s exciting about this story. There has always been a little bit of mystery there and a little bit of interpretation, and it’s a story that people can talk about after the fact.”

There’s also some new single player DLC on the way according to Hudson.

“We have some really great multiplayer content and some really great single-player content coming over the air, and their feedback will become part of how we design that,” he said.

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  • Zac Green

    Unless they replace or add on to the current ending, it is only going to be remembered for two things; completely ruining the franchise for long time fans, to the point where many have lost any desire not only to play Mass Effect 3, but to purchase any Mass Effect product, and in many cases any BioWare product. There are even increasing reports (on forums, never the most reliable source) that many players of Star Wars: the Old Republic are cancelling their subscriptions and citing the ending of ME3 as the reason.

    The other thing the ending will be remembered for is spawning a truly impressive fan movement in protest to the way BioWare has fundamentally betrayed the trust of it’s fans; a movement which, in less than 24 hours since it started soliciting donations, has raised almost $30,000 for Child’s Play.

    • Kartik Mudgal

      It just shows how many people care about the franchise, really.

  • Thomas Verhofstad

    I agree the ending will be remembered by many, for the simple reason of how bad it was. But that is just my opinion

  • Kai-El

    They basically threw all their ideals for Mass Effect out the fuckin window with the Ending.. Sorry, but I dun wanna drive a game(s) over 200 hours to get 3 of basically the same endings when the premise of the game is choice.. I can understand WHY they did what they did.. They didn’t have time or money to develop and program all the multitude of endings that could of happened with all your choices between 3 games.. But this is fucking Bioware, they aren’t known for cutting corners to appease the bottom line.. So WHY did they pull a Deus Ex, and force either one or the other, maybe we will never know.

    “It’s not even in anyway like the Traditional game endings, where you can see how many endings there are or whether you got ending A, B, or C”

  • charles2029

    It was a nice attempt to try and defend their ending, but in the end if the fans don’t like it, they’re doing it wrong.

  • Sabi

    DE:HR called…they want their endings back.


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