Castlevenia Lords Of Shadow 2: Ten Things We Want To See

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The announcement of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 at E3 back in June have both excited and horrified Castlevania fans in equal measure. The original Lords of Shadow offered some fresh takes on the combat side of the series along with some stunning locales, but it also toned down the sense of exploration that the series is so well known for. Despite being a critical and commercial success though, there are many improvements that MercurySteam ought to make to the original LOS formula, if only to ensure that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is at the top of its game. No pun intended.

A Proper Link to Mirror of Fate

Just because it’s on a handheld, doesn’t mean you can forget about it

The Lords of Shadow 3DS spin-off Mirror of Fate is likely to remain unplayed by most console players who dipped into LOS back in 2010, but it would still be decent if their could be some tie in between the handheld title and LOS2. One could pedantically argue that LOS’ break from the core Castlevania mythos makes a link to the handheld title irrelevant, but even spin-offs and franchise reboots need continuity from time to time. It’s a basic request, but one that MercurySteam need to ensure they don’t flake out on.

More Original Ideas

If I see one more game with a big troll in it…

Say what you want about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, it was a hugely derivative game. It handled its gameplay mechanics with flair and skilfully executed them for sure, but its component pieces were all lifted straight from other AAA games. The acrobatics of Uncharted, the combat of God of war… Hell, even the game world and lore seemed like a cross between a poor man’s Lord of the Rings and the Underworld films. Execution won’t be enough to make LOS2 stand out, as it’s going to need some fresh material to make it worth playing in an increasingly saturated genre.

Less Linear Level Design

As if to further cement how different Lords of Shadow was to the other Castlevania games, it opted for a much more linear approach that often lead you through levels that looked like little more than corridors; albeit very pretty ones. This fact was further compounded by the camera, a beast you had little to no control over throughout the game. Whilst this gave LOS a controlled focus, MercurySteam have had enough experience now with this game type to really break out of the linear structure and try something a bit more open ended.

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  • dan

    I agree and disagree with some of the points, combat wise, yeah it was fun in the beginning and I kept with it when the story was getting better in the latter half of the game (going up against the Necormancers and Vampires) but JUST using the CC with its light and shadow magic was boring after awhile, and way too repetitive.
    I disagree completely about the points made about the lore though, Castlevania early on was very cliche a bunch of spooky stereotypical halloween monsters for the most part (you can’t get more unoriginal then making dracula dress and look like Bela Lugosi), the levels were very straight forward, not really exploring if you think about it unless uncovering a secret room is huge exploration for you. No, I think LoS beat out majority of Castlevania games when it comes to story and lore especially the 80’s and early 90’s ones. LOS is easily the best 3d Castlevania game and probly my third favorite next to Symphony and SuperC4

  • sedoi

    very low quality article. Almost all points are weak and based on low knowledge of the franchise and its inspiration . GoW 3 handled all this points even weaker than LoS, and still nobody claims of it faults. Point by point:
    1. Nobody needs link to Mirrors of Fate, cause it makes story confusing and hard to understand for those who don’t own MoF. Unless they put MoF on PSN/XBL
    2. Many LoS ideas were far more developed that most of sequels to blockbusters like GoW, where everything was basically recapped from previous 2 games.
    3. Linear levels are part of 80 % of Hack’n’slash, it’s part of genre.
    4. It was created in time where QTE were almost in ALL h&s games. So what? It used it pretty good, without being annoying and not needed.
    5. Better big bosses? It featured one of the best made bosses in H&S at all. With original look, glorious setting and challenging scaling it used them more wise than titans in GoW which were only button mashing sequences or boring dodging.
    6.Calling setting uninspired is basically completely empty claim, since doubtfully any game in past years achieved so high quality of settings and ideas.
    7.Repertition wasn’t an issue looking at how different environment and enemies were. It’s far better than going through same looking dungeons of Skyrim over and over again. And length made it worth 60 € purchase.
    8. Platforming is also not a problem, while looking how great it looks. It’s easy, clean and enjoyable.
    9. and 10. are the only points that were valid. But than again everyone goes saying that LoS drove inspiration from GoW, but actually GoW token “long” weapon and whip mechanic from 3d castlevanias.

  • Meisadragon

    Nice feature dude.

    • GamingBolt

      Ye, lets see whether it works.


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