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The Evil Within: Could it be Gaming’s “The Evil Dead”?

Giving shape to one's demons, both psychologically and metaphysically, yields great results.

Xbox 720: Why Microsoft Has Nothing to Fear from Sony

And it has nothing to do with being always online.

Dark Souls II: Will Breakout Success Prompt a Yearly Sequel Treatment?

Looking at the yearly sequel formula in a different light.

Age of Empires II HD Edition: The King of RTSs Returns

The greatest strategy game of all time returns, triumphant.

Batman Arkham Origins: Will it Measure Up to Rocksteady’s Legacy?

How will the game fit into the trilogy and incorporate the aspect of "Arkham"?

Xbox 720 and Adam Orth: How to Stop Loving and Start Worrying About the Next Generation

Beligerent comments only mask the inevitable - a repeat of the PC DRM fiascoes.

The Witcher 3: Managing the Time Sink and Knowing When to Toss it Out

It's nice to be epic but what about the shorter, more focused experiences?

Metal Gear Solid V: Smoke and Mirrors, Madness and Payoffs

Kojima does it again, in more ways than one.

Battlefield 4 Gameplay Footage Trailer Analysis: The Good, The Bad and The Meh

And oh my goodness, is there a lot of "meh".

Assassin’s Creed 4: Enjoying It as a More Grounded Skies of Arcadia

Living as the legend, rather than living to become one.

God of War: Ascension – Clash of The Gods

We check out the multiplayer component of God of War: Ascension

Saints Row 4 (Thankfully) Doesn’t Need to Compete with GTA V

There's enough room for both, don't worry.

PlayStation 4 and the Immersion Problem: Better Graphics Still Don’t Make for Better Games

Why it's important to craft "experiences" rather than tech demos.

PS4: Why Sony is Making a Big Mistake With Holiday 2013 Release

And that one big mistake is composed of lots of tiny little mistakes.

How Much Should The PS4 Cost?

Here's our analysis.

Aliens Colonial Marines: Don’t Believe The Hype?

Jack Edwards takes a critical look at Aliens Colonial Marines.

Half Life 3: Are We Ever Going To See It Happen?

More of a question of "when" rather than "if", really.

The Next Generation: Where the PS4 and Next Xbox Stand, How and Why

Everything you need to know about the next-generation of consoles (and more).

Micro-transactions: An Ugly Necessity?

It all depends on the balance.

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