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Why the PS Vita TV Will Change Gaming In A Big Way

The Vita TV is coming to Asia and while it may not end up in Europe or North America anytime soon, it brings a...

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review: Will It Be The Highest Rated Game of This Generation?

Answer to a rhetorical question: Does it matter?

Metal Gear Solid 5: Let it be Quiet Everywhere

The lone woman stands alone, with nothing left, on a pedestal and being judged by the world. Sound familiar?

Xbox One Vs. PS4: Sony Coasting Along As Microsoft Fights Back

With Gamescom over, we take a look where Microsoft and Sony stand with their respective next generation consol...

The Order 1886: PS4 Owners Will Have Something Really Beautiful To Look Forward To

The Order: 1886 is using some amazing technology, coupled with a wonderfully fresh idea.

The Intricate Situation of Used Games And Gamestop

In a billion dollar a year industry, are used games really hurting our developers?

Grand Theft Auto Online: Offline Progress for Characters Accidentally Revealed?

Will your online characters be able to gain experience while your logged out?

Xbox One: The One Feature That Nobody Seems To Be Talking About

Why the amount of RAM devoted to game development doesn't quite matter for Xbox One.

Why The Gaming Industry Needs More Geniuses Like Mark Cerny

It's rare to find someone that not only enjoys what they do but lives for it.

8 PS4 Features That Sony Still Need To Clarify

Worst-case scenario is that we will just find out on release.

Red Dead 3: How Grand Theft Auto 5 Will Affect The Next Wild West Adventure

What a new Red Dead title could possibly learn from GTA 5

Xbox One’s Reputation System: Where Trolls Fear to Tread?

Will Microsoft's war against the trolls succeed in the next generation?

EA Increasing PC Game Prices in India – Or, “A Study in Incompetency”

Another class act by the publisher.

Fallout 4: 10 Improvements We Want To See

This is how Bethesda can nail it with Fallout 4.

Will Tom Clancy’s The Division Radically Change MMOs Forever?

We take a deeper look in to what Ubisoft's latest has to offer.

10 Most Wanted Features The PS4 Is Still Missing

There is still some work left for Sony.

Quantum Break: Will It Be Remedy’s Best Yet?

Remedy’s latest game is tackling a pretty big subject in the sci-fi genre.

FIFA 14 Versus PES 14: Which One Should You Pick?

A low down of what to expect from two of the biggest football games this year.

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