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The Legend of Zelda for Wii U: Scouring The Unascertained For A Link To The Next Entry

Vikramaditya Rana takes a deep look into what the next entry could offer to fans.

Titanfall Review: Will The Score Have A Say In Pushing Xbox One Units?

Repsawn's multiplayer title is its biggest but will it sell systems?

Why Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor’s Criticism is Unjustified

Rana Vikramaditya on why all the hate against Shadow of Mordor is unjustified.

Assassin’s Creed 5: Ubisoft’s Precarious Step Ahead

Making sense of the rumours, meagre announcements and suppositions.

Halo 5: Rumour, Enigma and Anticipation Abound

Coalescing the inscrutable past few months of the next Halo.

Uncharted 4: Carrying Forward A Legacy

A new chapter of a superb series that we eagerly await.

Titanfall: The Trials and Tribulations of Long-Term Multiplayer Enjoyment

Respawn Entertainment's online shooter has plenty of room to grow but will players let it?

Far Cry 4: Taking The Franchise One Step Ahead

Rejoicing and musing over the next big Far Cry franchise entry.

Why The PS4/Xbox One Resolution-Frame Rate Difference Matters For The Gamers

Another age, another set of consoles; another day, another blunder.

Where The Next Batman Game Should Go

Scratching the surface of the expectations the next Batman leaves us with.

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Getting Trapped Inside Modern Video Game Trends

A brilliant old game with stale ‘new’ beginnings.

Mass Effect 4: The Direction That Bioware Needs To Take

An epic trilogy deserving of an equally epic sequel.

Star Citizen: Forever Changing The Way Video Games Will Be Played

Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games are looking to satisfy the space explorer hidden inside all of us.

PS4 Live Stream: Content Management Concerns And How Sony Can Resolve Them

With so many people generating content on the PS4 there are bound to be problems. What can Sony do to fix them...

Why You Need To Keep An Eye Out For Reset, A Beautiful Sci-Fi Game Set In The Future

A completely new benchmark for indie games.

Why inFamous: Second Son Will Be The First Title To Show Off PS4’s True Potential

The third installment in the inFamous franchise promises to be a real treat and may even be the first, true ne...

Why No Man’s Sky Will Blow Your Mind Away

No Man's Sky is pushing the limits of what we know as a procedurally generated environment.

Bully 2: Could Rockstar Be Sending Us Back To Bullworth Academy?

The new Trademark they filed gives us hope.

Gran Turismo 6: Rectifying Mistakes of the Past

Gran Turismo 6 is releasing next week and there are plenty of exciting new changes to look forward to.

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