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Wildstar Interview: Raids, More Raids and Even More Raids in Your MMO

Carbine's Brett Shiner and Mike Donatelli explain how you'll get your money's worth with WildStar.

Trials Fusion Interview: Challenges of Xbox One/PS4 and Lowered Resolutions

Lead Designer Karri Kiviluoma talks about the advantages of next gen development.

Wolfenstein: The New Order – id Tech 5’s Scalability Allows For 1080p/60fps On PS4 And Xbox One

GamingBolt speaks to Senior Gameplay Designer Andreas Öjerfors to know all about Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Interview – The State of Moral Play Starring Unreal Engine 3

Frogwares' adventure game lets you decide what's ultimately right and wrong.

Kodoku Interview: A Lovecraftian Love Letter to PS4/Vita Players

Find out what goes bump in the night in Carnivore's upcoming horror title.

Hellraid Interview: How Ditching Last Gen Helps in Developing a Next Gen Stunner

Game Producer Marcin Kruczkiewicz speaks to GamingBolt on all things Hellraid.

Popcorn FX Interview: Developing The Next Generation of Particle Effects

GamingBolt speaks to Camille MIREY, CEO of Persistant Studios, the company behind the PopcornFX middleware.

Yakuza Ishin Interview: PS4 Benefits, Western Release And No Plans For Xbox One Version

GamingBolt speaks to Sega Japan to know all about Yakuza Ishin.

The Big Interview: Crytek Talks About CryEngine, DX12, Cloud And Optimizing Games For New Consoles

GamingBolt speaks to Crytek's US Engine Business Development Manager Sean Tracy to know all about CryEngine an...

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition Interview – Welcome Back to the Stage of History (Again)

You wouldn't think there was much to look forward to in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition, w... Read More

To Leave Interview: PS4/PC Platformer Looks to Break on Through to the Other Side

Freaky Creations' Estefano Palacios and Jorge Blacio talk about this dreamy journey of freedom.

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition Interview – Sequel Plans, Benefits of PS Plus and Zombie Madness

Climax Studios and SCE Worldwide Studios talk about the PS4 and upcoming plans for the Dead Nation franchise.

Caffeine Interview: Redefining Dread in Gaming With Unreal Engine 4

Creator Dylan Browne challenges our notions of what horror in games can be.

Autodesk Interview: The Right Tools for Professional (and Indie) Games Development

Wesley Adams, Games Industry Marketing Specialist at Autodesk talks to GamingBolt about their latest product o...

An Interview With Michael Pachter: PS Now, E3 Announcements, Xbox One Cloud And More

Wedbush Securities analyst talks about everything under the sun in the gaming industry.

Thralled Interview: Delivering Mature, Immersive Gaming for the OUYA

Miguel Oliveria's dark puzzle platformer presents an altogether different experience from anything on the mark...

Bound by Flame Interview: Beyond Good And Evil In A New Fantasy World

Producer Walid Miled talks about the hack and slash RPG's story, gameplay and much more.

Planetary Annihilation Interview: Scaling an RTS for the New Generation

Community manager Brad Nicholson talks about the upcoming crowd-funded strategy title.

Granite SDK Interview: Delivering Next-Gen Texture streaming And Compression Middleware

GamingBolt speaks to Aljosha Demeulemeester, CEO of Graphine Software about virtual texturing using Granite SD...

Murdered: Soul Suspect Interview – Who Ya Gonna Call (And Eventually Possess)?

Airtight Games talks to us about their upcoming action adventure mystery and why being a ghost is the bee's kn...

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