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Fantasia: Music Evolved Interview – Taming Kinect To Deliver The Ultimate Music Game

With the music rhythm genre on the decline, can Harmonix win back fans with Fantasia: Music Evolved?

Crossing The Line Interview: Fighting The Evil To Save Your Beloved

Artyom Mironov explains how players will be able to combine two different worlds to make their way through thi...

Drifter Interview: How Celsius Games Are Redefining Procedurally Generated Open World Games

A procedurally generated galaxy made up of tens of thousands of star systems.

Worms Battlegrounds Interview: PS4/Xbox One Advantages, Artillery Action At 1080p/60fps And More

How Worms Battlegrounds is the biggest Worms game ever.

War of Vikings Interview: An Audience With Executive Producer Gordon Van Dyke

Gordon Van Dyke details War of the Vikings' setting and gameplay mechanics.

Imagination Technologies Interview: Photorealistic Gaming On Mobiles And Tablets

Alex Voica explains how Imagination are leading innovation.

The Order 1886 Interview: Telling A Strong Story With CG Quality Graphics

Ready At Dawn's Marc Turndorf on all things The Order: 1886.

Shotgun Software Interview: Making Game Development Milestones Easier To Achieve

Learn how Shotgun Software is ensuring efficient games development.

Chariot Interview: Making Physics Based Co-op Platforming Fun Once Again

GamingBolt speaks to Frima Studios' Martin Brouard about this intriguing 2D, couch co-op adventure platformer.

Evolve Interview: Developing The Perfect Sci-fi Themed, Co-operative First Person Shooter

Turtle Rock Studios' co-founder Chris Ashton gives us the low down on Evolve.

Shadow Warrior Interview: Developing On Powerful Consoles With Untapped Potential

Flying Wild Hog's CEO Michal Szustak and Lead Engine Programmer Krzysztof Narkowicz take us through the finer ...

The Elder Scrolls Online Interview: ‘Business Model Is What The Business Model Is’

Creative director Paul D. Sage discusses monthly subscription, PS4 and Xbox One versions, and just about every...

Without Memory Interview: All You Want To Know About This Little Known PS4 Exclusive

GamingBolt speaks to Dinosaurum Games' founder Arkadiy Kulikov about the upcoming thriller.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Interview: Innovating The Franchise Yet Staying True To Its Roots

Is Unity going to be a rehash of the old games or will it set new standards for the series?

GRID Autosport Interview: Redefining Authentic Racing Experience

With competition from Project CARS and DriveClub, where does this leave GRID Autosport?

Secret Ponchos Interview: Bringing Spaghetti Western Action To PC And PS4

GamingBolt speaks to Yousuf Mapara about Switchblade Monkeys' debut game.

The Big Interview: Confetti Interactive On Video Game Lighting, Graphics Rendering And More

GamingBolt speaks to Founder & CEO of Confetti Interactive and Confetti Games Wolfgang Engel to know where vid...

Cosmic Star Heroine Interview: Gameplay, Cross Buy/Save, Frame Rate And More

Robert Boyd from Zeboyd Games details the upcoming turn-based RPG.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Interview: Gameplay Mechanics, Multiplayer And More

GamingBolt speaks to Neocore Games about the next iteration in the Van Helsing series.

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