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Sony: Lots of SCE and third-parties working on 3D games

Sony showed a bit of 3d tech at GDC last week, and Ian Bickerstaff, senior engineer with SCE's UK-based 3d Tea... Read More

ModNation Racers release date and more!

The kart racing game with the Play. Create. Share elements - Modnation Racers, has an official release date, a... Read More

Nintendo comments on Third Parties

With so many Third Party devs working on the PS3 and the 360, what's going on with the wii? In a recent int... Read More

Mac Starcraft II Beta pegged for April Release

Blizzard aims to release Starcraft II in Limited Beta on Mac sometime this april. A developer mentioned in ... Read More

Crackdown 2 dated in the UK

One of the biggest releases for the Xbox 360 this year is Crackdown 2, and its release date is now official. ... Read More

Kitase wants a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII

The developers behind Final Fantasy XIII, Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama, told WriteAboutGames that they... Read More

Insomniac games going multiplatform?

Insmoniac games - best known for their successful franchises Ratchet and Clank and Resistance, both of which a... Read More

GT5 release date will be revealed soon

The long awaited Gran Turismo 5 was getting delays over and over again, but this time, according to SCEE's Pen... Read More

Metal Gear Solid: Rising to bring in new audience

Hideo Kojima has said that he believes that Metal Gear Solid: Rising will bring in a new kind of crowd. “... Read More

PlayStation Move is finally real – everything in one place

At Sony's Press Conference in the start of this GDC, SCE WWS boss Shuhei Yoshida announced the PS3 Motion cont... Read More

PS3 Motion Controller detailed

Yesterday (March 10) Sony was on the stage at GDC, there were some small announcements such as Modnation Racer... Read More

Final Fantasy XIII – 5 million units sold

It should come to no surprise that the game sells well and will sell well, and that is exactly what happened. ... Read More

Sony Arc dates and partners to be announced tomorrow

A source has told VG247 that we can expect a firm release date for the Sony Motion Controller as well as list ... Read More

Little Big Planet 2 to be released this year?

One of the biggest and most unique titles this generation is non other than the Play, Create, and Share game -... Read More

SCEA: 2010 will be one of ps3’s best years ever!

VG247 states that according to SCEA comms boss, Patrick Seybold, 2010 is one of ps3's best years ever! Seyb... Read More

New 360 features and price points on the way?

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has said that there could be new functionality and pricing for the 360 soon to come,... Read More

Portal 2 officially announced via GameInformer

Portal 2 has finally been confirmed thanks to the next issue of GameInformer! VG247 reported that the newes... Read More

GTA V to be announced before E3?

One analyst has said that he believes a GTA V announcement could be comig pre-E3. VG247 reported that Mike ... Read More

Red Dead Redemption Delayed Into May

A rough first quarter causes Red Dead Redemption to be delayed until a May release.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo keynotes absent at GDC

This year's GDC (March 9th-13th, San Fransisco) will be headlined by a speech from Sid Meier, as there will be... Read More

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