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Sony buys Media Molecule

Media Molecule, the team behind the most innovative game this generation: Little Big Planet has been bought ov... Read More

Developers only scratched the surface of the Playstation 3

Perhaps one of the biggest claims this generation is that the Playstation 3 still doesn't utilize its full pot... Read More

WoW boss resigns

The Chinese boss of the World of Warcraft franchise has resigned. VG247 reported that Li Riqiang stood down... Read More

Rocksteady bought by Warner

Rocksteady have been happy to announce that Warner have just bought a majority share in Rocksteady, developers... Read More

Success with Red Steel 2 ‘crucial’ for continuation of franchise

Ubisoft's creative director Jason VandenBerghe has said that sucess with the FPS/slasher hybrid Red Steel 2 is... Read More

PlayStation 3 Slim triumphs in Engadget 2009 awards

The PS3 Slim has swept the Engadget awards with flying colours. Taking both 'Home Entertainment Device of t... Read More

New PS3 SKUs are not what you think

The two rumored PS3 SKUs CECH-2101A and CECH-2101B were supposedly filed to the FCC by Sony. The "Sand Doll... Read More

How much space will God of War 3 fill up?

Back in 2008, The first game to fully utilize the Blu-Ray space capacity was Metal Gear Solid 4, taking up abo... Read More

Pachter’s Predictions: Natal will sell 10 million units in a year, will outsell PS Arc 5-1

Earlier, Michael Pachter predicted that Natal will sell for $50. Now he has said that he believes that Natal w... Read More

Uncharted 2 Garners More Love with More Awards

The 13th Annual Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) were held on February 18th, 2010 and surpr... Read More

Pachter: Natal will cost $50

Michael Pachter has given his best estimate- Natal will sell for $50. [HTML1] Pachter has said that he w... Read More

Remedy explains decision to make Alan Wake 360 exclusive

Remedy have given a full explanation as to why the PC version of Alan Wake was canned in favour of 360 exclusi... Read More

Just Cause 2 will not support Windows XP

The system requirements for Just Cause 2 have just come in, and it looks like trusty old Windows XP won't run ... Read More

StarCraft II Multiplayer Beta Available Now

The StarCraft II multiplayer Beta is officially available now.  But it is a private beta, so only invited... Read More

Crysis 2 faced ‘creative constraints’

Nathan Camarillo, Crytek's executive producer, admits that Crysis 2 is a more focused gameplay experience ... Read More

Jaffe’s next game ‘somewhere between God of War and Calling All Cars’

DICE's David Jaffe has said that the developer's next project is a game based 'somewhere between God of War an... Read More

Bungie aiming to raise the bar visually with Halo Reach

Giving an interview to Eurogamer, Marcus Lehto, Creative Director behind Halo Reach admits that Halo 3 was... Read More

Time for another Wii price drop say analysts

Last year, when market analysts asked for a price drop, the Wii did indeed drop to $200. Now it's happening ag... Read More

Molyneux speaks out against lack of UK tax breaks for industry

Peter Molyneux has spoken out against the UK government's refusal to grant tax breaks to the video game indust... Read More

Metro 2033 shipping with Nvidia 3D support, new screenshots

THQ has announced that the upcoming game Metro 2033 will be shipping with out-of-the-box 3D vision support for... Read More

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