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Final Fantasy developers hit back at criticism

The senior development team behind Final Fantasy XIII have hit back at western critical reviews. We try not t... Read More

Microsoft working on ‘large franchise’ to go with Natal

Using the buzzwords 'combat' and 'strategy', a Senior Level Designer at Microsoft has announced that the big M... Read More

Natals life span will be about 5 years

According to Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's new Project Natal should have a life span of about 5 y... Read More

PS3 retail shortage coming soon

Patrick Seybold, senior director of corporate communications at SCEA has said that there could be a shortage o... Read More

Existing PS3 games to recieve motion updates

Some existing PS3 franchises are to recieve updates allowing motion control to be integrated. Flower, Resid... Read More

X10: No plans for 250GB 360 HDD aside from bundles- Greenberg

Speaking yesterday at X10, Product Manager of Xbox Live and Xbox 360 Aaron Greenberg said that the bigger hard... Read More

Fable III ‘all about power’

In an interview with Gamespot, Peter Molyneux has said that Fable III is 'all about power man'. Molyneux sa... Read More

Trials HD dev sells 1.5 million units

RedLynx are claiming to have sold 1.5 million copies of the game throughout 2009, the Finnish company will... Read More

Activision confirms new Tony Hawk, DJ Hero and others for 2010

Activision today confirmed their plan to release various sequels in 2010 including Tony Hawk Ride and DJ h... Read More

Blur multiplayer beta scheduled for March

Activision CEO Michael Griffith today said that Bizzare's brand new racing game "Blur" will be getting a m... Read More

Activision Blizzard launching two new IPs in 2010

During the company’s fourth quarter 2009 results conference, Activision Blizzard confirmed they will be ... Read More

World at War map packs sell 8.5m

Treyarch's Call of Duty World at War may have just been a reskinned Modern Warfare, but evidently that hasn't ... Read More

3D Video Output in PS3 firmware 3.20?

Some pictures have been released that clearly show a 3D Video Output button in the XMB following the latest fi... Read More

Attendee and media registration open for E3

Registering for attendance at the worlds largest games expo has opened to the media. The ESA has said that ... Read More

No Dead Space 2 on PC- Extraction coming to XBLA and PSN?

An EA representative told Blue's News that ,'As of right now a PC sku is not in the plan'. This comes after... Read More

Keighley: L.A. Noire on PS3, Xbox 360 this September

If the recent tweet from Geoff Keighley is to be believed then the new open-world crime game L.A. Noire from R... Read More

Tom Clancy’s EndWar 2 put on hold

According to Michael de Plater's interview to VG247, the development of Tom Clancy's EndWar 2 by Ubisoft Shang... Read More

Fable III to upset some people

From Copenhagen, Peter Molyneux was speaking in a gaming convention about the current state of video games, Pr... Read More

Mass Effect 2 holds on to top spot in UK

Since its release a week ago on January 29th, Mass Effect 2 has held on to the #1 place in the UK charts. D... Read More

The PS3- now only making a small loss for Sony

When the PS3 first came out in 2006, it cost $600, and of that, Sony were losing a good couple of hundred doll... Read More

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