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Konami revenue down 18%

Konami has released its financial results for Q3 2009, and revenue was seen to take a dramatic drop of 18.4% o... Read More

EyePet 2 on the horizon

The original Sony Eyepet hasn't even been released in the USA, but Sony is announcing EyePet 2 for a Europe re... Read More

Bayonetta sales over a milliion

Bayonetta is easily one of the best action games around if not the best ever. After gaining critical acclaim, ... Read More

Marcus Nispel to direct F.E.A.R 3 promo

An anonomous source has granted information on a F.E.A.R 3 promotional viral to VG247,com. The auditions fo... Read More

Alien versus Predator demo to arrive tommorow

SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. can today reveal that an online multiplayer demo will be releas... Read More

Kojima Productions itching for another exclusive

Published in the latest issue of Famitsu, Hideo Kojima has expressed his interest in making another game for t... Read More

Forza dev starts work on “next big thing”

If anyone who has actually played Forza 3, than there is no doubt in your mind  the amount of potenial and th... Read More

Future Ubisoft Games To Require Constant Internet Access

With the ongoing phenomenon of digitally distributing games, Ubisoft with its new On-line Services Platform... Read More

“We’re breathing down their necks”: Sony to Microsoft

Speaking to, Sony's senior vice president of marketing and the man in charge of the PlayStation Networ... Read More

Mass Effect 2 tops UK charts (Week ending 30th January, 2010)

January 26th saw the release of the years first block buster game; Mass Effect 2 is not only doing well critic... Read More

Spike TV Video Game Awards Recap

Here is a quick rundown of the goings on at the VGAs for all those who either couldn't see it or may have miss... Read More

Happy Birthday Playstation!

It has been 15 years since the original Playstation hit the market and began to shape the industry into what i... Read More

RE5 Alternative Edition new scenario: “Desperate Escape”

The upcoming Resident Evil 5 'Alternative Edition' will feature new scenarios, new costumes, new Mercenaries a... Read More

Datel to sue Microsoft

Datel are a company who specialize in enhancing your gaming experience through making 3rd party products that ... Read More

Update on Metal Gear Solid Movie

Well we have an update that might please Metal Gear Solid fans. We all know that a Metal Gear Solid movie has ... Read More

Worms Express coming to iPhone and iPod Touch

Team 17, the developers behind the cult classic, Worms, are bringing out their latest game on Apple's handheld... Read More

Call of Duty: MW2 selling more on the Xbox 360

After Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sold closer to 5 million copies on the launch day it self,... Read More

Diablo III coming in ‘next few years’

Now for all of you Diablo fans who have been waiting eagerly for the release date of the latest in Blizzard's ... Read More

Square Enix to publish Taito’s latest

Square Enix are looking set to publish the latest in Taito's latest series of the Estpolis games (known to tho... Read More

Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Exposure in Casting Call Script

It looks like Square Enix, developers of the award-winning franchise Final Fantasy will be ready to tell us th... Read More

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