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Mark Hamill bids farewell to The Joker

Batman: Arkham City is now out all over the world for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and it's been met with phenomena... Read More

DICE responds to Battlefield 3 console and PC settings comparisons

A few days ago, we reported that DICE had announced similarities between low settings for Battlefield 3 on P... Read More

Carmack blames Sony for inferior multiplatform title versions, says he prefers Xbox 360

John Carmack, whose new game Rage got recently received and got great scores on us on both the Xbox 360 and ... Read More

Vita games to get simultaneous retail and downloadable releases- Sony

All games releasing on Sony's upcoming PSP successor, PS Vita, will get simultaneous retail and downloadable... Read More

Xbox Next-Gen spotted in Microsoft employee’s CV

Rumours about a next generation Xbox have been heavy these days. A CV on LinkedIn has now outed the possibil... Read More

UK PC CHARTS: Rage leads, FIFA 12 drops to No. 3

Rage, which debuted strongly on the all-formats, Xbox 360 and PS3 charts, has topped the PC charts. Last wee... Read More

UK PS3 CHARTS: FIFA 12 still at top, Rage and Dark Souls round off top 3

FIFA 12 has topped the PS3 charts for the second consecutive week, just as it has the all-formats charts and... Read More

UK XBOX 360 CHARTS: FIFA still at top, Rage and Dark Souls debut impressively

FIFA 12 has, just as it did in the all-formats charts, has topped the Xbox 360 sales charts in UK for the we... Read More

UK CHARTS: FIFA 12 holds off Rage and Dark Souls

EA Sports' FIFA 12, which topped all charts last week and became the third biggest launch in UK< has topp... Read More

DICE reaffirms future Battlefield: Bad Company plans

DICE producer Patrick Liu said sometime ago that the studio would definitely like to return to the Bad Com... Read More

JAPAN CHARTS: 3DS still leading in Japan, Dark Souls sees massive sales drop

The 3DS, which has been leading the hardware charts of Japan for so long now, has topped the charts again. A... Read More

PC games have “great value for money”- Gabe Newell

Speaking in the latest issue of gaming mag PC Gamer UK, Valve boss Gabe Newell said he believes PC gaming is... Read More

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Officially Announced

The sequel that everyone has been hoping for has been announced. The successor to War for Cybertron is com... Read More

EA sues EA

Florida based fitness supply firm Energy Armor (EA) has been sued by the gaming publishing giant Electronic ... Read More

Naughty Dog: There are still “more places we can go with the PlayStation 3″

Naughty Dog’s lead game designer Richard Lemarchand said that even after Uncharted 2 and now Uncharted 3, ... Read More

Gears of War might hit CoD and Halo numbers in the future- Belszinski

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski says that he believes Gears of War will soon hit Call of Duty an... Read More

Activision Holding Independent Games Competition – $250,000 Reward

Activision may be one of the biggest game publishers out there will some of the top selling games under th... Read More

Assassin’s Creed will see the last of Desmond before December next year

Alexandre Amacio, Assassin's Creed: Revelations' creative boss, says that Desmond Miles' story will be wrapp... Read More

First Video Walkthrough for Aliens: Colonial Marines – MUST WATCH

[HTML1] Here is the first video walkthrough for a game people have been waiting so long for, hell I forgot ab... Read More

Batman Arkham series will go on “as long as we’ve got stories to tell”- Rocksteady

Rocksteady has a good thing going with the Batman Arkham series, with 2009's hit title, Batman: Arkham Asylu... Read More

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