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Why the StarCraft II laser drill is taking so long

The image below answers  "Why the StarCraft II laser drill is taking so long." Note: Click the image to se... Read More

New App sets kids on road to guerrilla photography

Mission:Explore, an iphone app and website, created by one of the UK’s top design agencies in partnership wi... Read More

The Spotlight on Online Gaming

Online gaming is a technology rather than a genre; a mechanism for connecting players together rather than a p... Read More

Alien Swarm sparking friendly fire

It seems that as Alien Swarm grows in popularity, so are the tensions between players. This image, captured... Read More

This always has been and always will be the best Video Game Map

Is this the best video game map ever? Check the image below. Click to see in full screen. Thanks, Im... Read More

Super Mario Bros. Leftovers

So we all started our gaming addiction with Mario...well atleast me. Now just imagine if the main character in... Read More

Team Fortress 2 needs a /dance command

Professional game animator James Benson has developed some videos which shows the characters of Team Fortress ... Read More

Life of a Gamer

We admit it. We at GamingBolt absolutely love video games. And judging how gaming has become fast paced these ... Read More

I fear this is what it would be like if I were to date a Girl Gamer

This video explains exactly why you should never date a Girl Gamer and specially the one who is a PlayStation ... Read More

SNIPERYUKENS and PYRODOKENS coming to Valve vs Capcom

A fighting game with Team Fortress 2 characters pulling off all kinds of awesome "SNIPERYUKENS" and "PYRODOKEN... Read More

The First HD Gaming Console

High Definition hit the planet only a few years ago with the arrival of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But more... Read More

Fallout 3 – Dad’s Had Enough

Remember when you first start playing Fallout 3? You start the game by playing a toddler and learn the basic ... Read More

Amazing Procedural Racer Build Preview

Did you guys ever thought what tools do developers actually use to build their games? The Un... Read More

Team Fortress 2: It hungers… for more!

Watch this really funny fan made clip...It hungers... for more! from Team Fortress 2. Check the video below: ... Read More

BP Oil fiasco rendered using Unreal Engine

If you are of the type of the gamer who actually keeps abreast with daily world news besides gaming then you s... Read More

The EA Online Pass

Recently we have heard alot from our Sports Simulation Game Developers  over at Electronic Arts. EA Games for... Read More

The Shambling Remains of Survival Horror

I remember when I was about twelve, I was visiting with a friend who had recently installed System Shock 2 on ... Read More

Red Dead Redemption launch soured by stereotype says Irish Herald

The launch of Rockstar's epic open world western was proclaimed 'soured' by the Irish Herald due to it's dista... Read More

Gamer banned from Xbox LIVE until 30/12/9999

If you want to know how to get yourself banned from Xbox LIVE for the next few millenia, just follow this man'... Read More

Grand Theft Auto shown to children to make them know about violence

Love it or hate it! But you just can't ignore the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The game is now being used to te... Read More

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