CD Projekt RED Discusses More of The Witcher 3

‘Geralt is too handsome of a man.’

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Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an ambitious game. A very ambitious open world that promises to marry the open world, freedom loving sensibilities of something like Skyrim to the strong narrative bent that The Witcher series is known for.

And what is it that CD Projekt’s Michal Platkow-Gillewski talked to Eurogamer about? Was it about the scope of the world? The combat? The riveting story we can expect from the conclusion to the trilogy?

No. No, he talked about Geralt’s handsomeness.

“The truth is, Geralt was a relatively handsome man,” CD Projekt Red’s Michal Platkow-Gillewski told me at EGX. “He could have love affairs with a lot of women – that’s in the books, and the same happens in our games. Looking as a monster, you couldn’t achieve that.

“Maybe we were looking for a perfect proportion of his face and in previous instalments we weren’t there. This Witcher 3 portrayal is my favourite, and there is no canonical Geralt face. It’s the first time I heard that someone doesn’t like someone because he’s too handsome – but if he’s so handsome, I’m not so sure.”

Okay, but then we moved on from these superficial matters to something that most Witcher fans are probably more concerned about than how Geralt manages to get laid so much. Or you know what, actually that might be what Witcher fans care most about.

Anyway, we also learned a bit more about sailing in the game, and how combat will still occur while players are on the sea.

“It’s sailing but you can have a fight,” nodded Platkow-Gillewski. “It’s something that will happen.”

I… see.

Well, that was a scintillating conversation that I heartily wish I had never read.

“We’ll see if you can fight on the boat – probably it may be possible but it’s a little bit tricky because it’s quite limited space.”


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  • Mark

    This means we’ll be fighting a sea creature. If I spoiled it for anyone, well Pramath spoiled it for me. Lol

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  • Guest

    What I wanna know is, is the game running at 1080p on the PS4, cuz while 900p looks ok on BF4 (because the game is sharp) and UFC (because of the 4xMSAA), it looks horrible and very low res on WD PS4 (900p w/FXAA). So unlike the MS fanboys, I do care about res and want the best looking games possible on the CONSOLES (notice I said consoles and not PC).


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