Code Name ‘Class 3’ Open World Zombie Title Coming To XBLA – Details

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Undead Labs based in Seattle, Washington has just announced its to release a zombie survival game currently code named “Class 3”, being published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox Live Arcade. The game is an open world, third person Zombie filled title with many different guns, fast cars, hand-to-hand combat and will even feature local co-op.  The game is still in heavy development and the world you play in will supposedly change in real time, with your decisions shaping the game itself. Now that sounds pretty fucking heavy for an Xbox Arcade game so this is obviously not your ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ type of arcade game.  Online co-op is being working on but not confirmed yet while local co-op is confirmed but in my opinion the game will have online co-op, but I didn’t say that.

You will choose where you want to make your stand in the game and players will be able to design, customize and fortify these settlements they have chosen, so seal those windows well. Eventually you will be forced to go and venture away from your post to find food, ammunition, as well as rescuing other playable survivors to either strengthen or weaken your team. This is not your ordinary Zombie game as gathering resources such as copper wire, seeds, as well as expert survivors to know what the hell to do with resources, in order to outlast the zombies which can be done according to Undead Labs’ Jeff Strain. Figuring out the cause of the Zombie Apocalypse seems to be the key to concluded the game as long as you can stay in one piece. There is no date at all as far as when this game will be released if it even is because this is one hell of an Arcade Game with no official title yet, just code named ‘Class 3’. It is currently set to be released as an Xbox Live Arcade Game and if I had to guess it would be 1200 Microsoft points.  If this game sees the light of day I will be very pleased to play it as it’s something that has not been done before… at least not with zombies.

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  • This sounds awesome, like a mix of multiplayer tower defense and zombie survival, really excited for this one too.

  • rak33n

    looks good

    • Bone_Apart216

      It looks more than good it looks astoundingly addictive!
      This might turn me over to xbox.

  • dh4645

    looks cool, but i have enough zombie games at the moment. still gotta finish dead nation. IF THEY EVER GET DAMN VOICE CHAT!

  • aquaman22

    XBLA and PSN games are really hit or miss. And while the whole “Zombie” thing may still be hot, that trend is kinda wearing off now. I beat RDR and bought the DLC pack. Nothing against the DLC, it’s great but I got kinda sick of it. I love RDR but i can use a break from zombies right about now. Unless is like a RE remake. (lol)

    • Bone_Apart216

      couldn’t agree more to be perfectly honest. After playing Nazi zombies though, RDR’s looked pretty lame from that point on.
      Resident Evil is getting a reboot too, or that’s what I hear anyways. They’re supposed to be during an entirely new story for it, branching off of the Umbrella Corp. I’m assuming though. Hopefully they go back to their old ways with it.

  • lukepc92

    this had damn well better get a ps4 release cus i aint givin microsoft my money just to get a go at this. it looks fantastic, mind u i hav been glued to undead nightmare since its release

  • noxtics

    i think this will be great when it comes out, it really sounds like the guys have done their homework on what they want to do for this game. A new fun take on a zombie game would be interesting.

    Really the only zombie game i have been playing lately is plants vs. zombies, i haven’t gotten to the DLC for RDR and to be honest i am resident evil’d out.

    As of late i have been not nearly as interested in l4d either even though it’s a fantastic game i have just been tired of it lately.

  • Thatruth86

    He sound of Open world zombie sounds pretty cool cant say there are any but only one i can think of is RDR N THat was my favorite game 2010 . But im sure his going to be modern times so should be good but too bad i dnt play xbox “/ ill just watch videos as if or would would release.

  • Musser64

    Looks rather fun.

  • kelan

    is this copyright?


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