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Contest closed: Winners are @kevm987 and @AvidGamePlayer.

Boy oh boy! Another contest on GamingBolt. This time we are giving away two Origin codes for Dead Space 3.

The game has got some great reviews from various publications and we at GamingBolt loved the game too. We awarded it a solid 8.5/10 and our Editor had the following to say about the game:

Dead Space 3 gives you a pure survival horror experience in some places, and also contains a lot of action-oriented elements. The core formula hasn’t been diluted a lot, and fans of the past game will get more of the same here, but with a few tweaks. Overall, it’s not something that really stands apart or pushes the genre ahead, but it’s a good game on its own and deserves to be played.

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So how do you get your hands on these free copies?


a. Just follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

b. Just comment below and let us know why you love Dead Space 1 and 2. Please don’t forget to mention your twitter handle as we will messaging you the codes.

Note: Contest closes February 20th.

Thanks to Jordan Wiggins and all the lovely folks at Ayzenberg for setting up this contest.

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  • UKCowboy74

    Loved Dead Space 1 and 2 because they were the only Games to Ever keep me on the Edge of my Seat from start to finish
    Twitter ID same as name here

  • oooooooo so loved dead space one and two i do want to get three but money tight at the mo was scary to play but really enjoyable to play them i like them type of games

  • i loved dead space 1 and 2 because they where the only horror games that have done any justice since resident evil 4 . dead space like a combination of two of the best sci-fi films around, its as if James cameons Aliens had a baby with John carpenters The Thing.

    twitter i.d. @danteandvirgilx

  • i played dead space 1 and it scared the shit outta me so i decided to play dead space 2 and i got addicted to it now waiting for dead space 3
    Twitter ID :

  • Lfisher92

    I didn’t get into the dead space franchise until after I played the personal failure that was Resident Evil 5. When playing it was one of the only games in recent time to have such a claustrophobic feel. Paired with the good graphics and amazing lighting it quickly became one of my favourite horror franchises. Competition closes February 20th. What a good day to play. Alongside the ps4 announcement 😀

    Twitter ID: lfisher28039292

  • I love Dead Space 1 and 2 because of the unique world and horror environments that Visceral Games have created. All too often is the future of mankind seen to be an amazing world filled with unlimited technology and the best quality of life. In Dead Space the future is grim, it is survival of the resilient, the lucky and the people who are willing to fight. The Dead Space series creates this unique universe filled with plenty of backstory, intense environments and jump out your seat horror. What more could a gamer want?

    Twitter = kevm987

  • wildlouize

    From the moment I first played Dead Space I was completely hooked! I must have played it 50+ times, then I did it all again with Dead Space 2…. That was until my ex took most of our 200+ game collection with him 🙁 Playing as Issac wouldn’t have been my first choice, but playing it through you get drawn into the character. I love the storyline and everything about it. It is all so addictive.

  • I love Dead Space 1 and 2. Though I always have to wait to get them because I can’t afford them until they go on sale. I have won them both several times on all difficulties. The main reason I started playing it was it scared my older brother. Then I was hooked.

    My handle is @maghliona

  • CretuEusebiu

    For me Dead Space 2 was the first I’ve played, and I liked how the atmosphere was, and then I’ve played DS 1 which was much scarier. Also I love how you can cut the Necromorphs limbs and use them as a weapon. @ CretuEusebiu

  • I love the atmosphere and tension within the original Dead Space. 2 became much more cinematic and raised the bar for its presentation. @Sinjet247

  • I actually hated Dead Space at first. When I first played it, I had never heard about the game. I was at a friend’s house and he told me to try out a new game about fixing ships. Needless to say, when that first necromorph popped out of the Ishimura I damn near shat my pants.

    After the initial reaction of repeating “Dude that’s gross.” and pausing the game an ungodly amount of times, I really started to get into the game. Fast forward a few years and here I am, fiending to get a copy of Dead Space 3 because I can’t afford to be buying 60 dollar games as a broke college student (engineering major, what a coincidence!). I think the best thing about Dead Space is that you BECOME Isaac Clarke. You develop in the same way he does. In Dead Space 1, I inched through corridors scared about what might be behind every ventilation duct. In Dead Space 2, I was more confident in my step, but the feeling of fear still lingered. Now in Dead Space 3, I hope to fight through hazardous environments more confident than ever. The way the Dead Space series develops your own psyche along with Issacs’ is an incredible experience that no other series can match.

    Also, dismembering monsters with plasma weapons is friggen awesome.

  • samster001

    The first Dead Space was really scary. Basically Resident Evil in Space.
    The Second Dead space went in the direction of RE as well, and reminded me of RE5, which is also amazing in its own right.

  • I enjoyed Dead Space 1 because it offered a welcome change to Survival Horror, unlike Resident Evil, while a good series, the horror aspect in it has gone down, it’s more like Survival Action. Dead Space 1 honestly scared the living crap out of me at times, and once made me stop playing it for a while because of how freaked out I was at it, now I am better at dealing with those games, and play them all the time. Dead Space 2 made it even better, it gave Isaac a personality, which sounded genuinely scared for his life, that is what we need in more protagonists these day’s! We need them to be scared of their situation, and refuse sometimes! The game play in both of them were really well balanced, and the control’s were easy to use, I liked the variety of suits, and weapons a lot in both of the games! My Twitter Id is @AvidGamePlayer

  • Insanekitten

    The Dead Space series reminded me so much of System Shock 2. Man I love SS2. I STILL even loved it when I played it for the first time in 2009 when my hubby introduced it to me, blocky quirky mobs and all. It had such an awesome environment…and Shodan! So anyways, when I saw Dead Space, it was almost love at first sight. If System Shock 2 was EVER to go through a revamp or sequel, Dead Space is very close to how I imagine that would go. After finishing the Dead Space series, they both now have a special place in my heart.

    It’ll be very interesting to see what psychological horrors await for our poor engineer, Isaac…It is very heartening to see in the DS3 Demo that corpses can still be over-stomped on for goodies. <3

    Twitter: chikinnyagetto

  • @TheRealGordon
    Dead Space 1 brought me back to gaming. After I went to college I gave up on videogames. When Dead Space 2 came out my friend brought it. We played on Xbox and It scared me shitless. I decided to buy a steam copy of dead space 1 and been continually playing games now like mass effect and Sleeping Dogs on my PC.

  • i can’t wait for my chance to play DS:3 i loved the first two games, dead space 1 was the first game to actually scare me since the original resident evil games, lol. even if i don’t win this competition ill still be buying the game eventually just haven’t got the money at the min.

  • Adam

    No scary games work for me like Dead Space does. Most of the horror genre leaves me with nightmares without actually being thrilling or exciting. The Dead Space series has always given me that edge-of-your-seat feeling while still being fun. No horror game does it for me like Dead Space does, and I hate sitting here knowing I could be playing the third one. If only someone as nice as Gaming Bolt would send a copy my way 😉

    • Adam

      Twitter = Psykopathic

  • CombatWars

    Dead Space just has this quality that no other games have…be it the horror or the zero gravity. I’ve played quite a few amount of games but Dead Space is still ingrained within my mind.

    twitter: jishengchen

  • Did the winners for this get announced? 😀


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