Cool Iron Man Sneakers will make you feel like a super hero

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So you want to be a super hero? Or more precisely you are a big fan of Iron Man. Then you have come to the right place. a site which deals with custom made sneakers have made an amazing looking Iron Man sneakers. These will be available in limited quantities, both Nike SB Dunk Highs, pretty soon. Both shoes are layered with armored paneling to make sure you feet are well protected against any villain. And yes they even have working versions of the staple of Ironman and War Machine; the glowing cores that give power to the suites. No, it’s not a photoshop trick, press down on the tongues to turn on and off the the glowing power.
The price and the launch date have not been announced yet.
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  • Wiggy Poo

    Wow, I am impressed. Nike has done it again. That is one amazing shoe. do want.

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  • I would order batman ones.

  • Devin

    Wear these at night in the hood and you’ll get lit up for sure.

  • jojo

    Look more to me like Ronald Mcdonald boots

  • bad idea

    looks like trash

  • JC

    Another failed attempt, nike started going downhill with the release of Fusions and for real shoeheads out there its a real shame. They dont put out any OG retros but they have time and money to put out garbage such as this. What does Ironman have to do with shoes, nothing, its just a good marketing tool that they use with any action-packed movie and literally rape it dry. Its all about profit, those Dunks arent worth $60 with the half-ass materials used. After ’08, Nike has literally used garbage materials on everything, stupid color patterns, designs on Jordans, airmax etc… I’ve got over 100 exclusive jordans and have never in my life seen so many patten-leather shoes, why do they put them out, because its cheap to manufacture and thats it. Retros used to be $135 a pop, fusions cost $149.99, total rip off if u know what Im talking about. Ive collected nikes over the years and have never been more critical of them as I am now, but at the end of the day its all about sales, they dont care what I or you think, they just wanna throw as much garbage at you and me and pray that one of us falls for their trap and buys this shit.

  • JC

    Yo guy at the top, you dont know a thing about shoes jack. Stick to LA gears son, cop every color and pair and step on the heel some so they light up just like you would get lit up wearing them joints to the hood, lame ass

    • Who cares dude…theyre shoes not a fuckin sports team. If u like them wear them. and if u dont, dont worry about it.

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  • vzw

    They look like something ronald mcdonald would wear

  • Pixolator

    And now Nike is bringing Killzone snearker in Helghast and ISA editions, but I’m too old to wear them, looks nice though.


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