Court confiscates Nintendo Wii from a young offender

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Well, this case is unique. We all know that many people get violent by playing more and more video games, may be its a problem in their brains or they don’t have elders to look after them. A 12 year old boy who had an impressive bio data of causing trouble was warned by the court that if he doesn’t leave his violent ways, he can forget about his Wii.


Can a video game console straighten up a violent kid?

Here is the list of the troubles that was caused by the boy:

  • Hit another boy on the head
  • Attacking a fellow male student
  • Attacked a female teacher

The Judge Judge Marvin Garfinkle granted the boy bail but confiscated his Wii in the hope that the boy will straighten up. The boy’s lawyer had the following to say:

“I know it doesn’t look good. I’ve never seen him enraged, I’ve never seen him upset. He’s a 12-year-old who is generally quite scared.”

So guys what do you think? Will confiscating a Nintendo Wii help matters?

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  • Mubarak Marafa

    no… i actually think it would have more negative effects then positive… what the parents should do is be alittle more monitoring on the type of games the kid plays… and to teach him exactly tht its just a game…
    my whole life i have been completely normal and i been playing GTA since 11 years old (im 18 now)
    my mother gave me a talk telling me that everything i see in the game or on tv… is exactly tht… on tv and it should stay there…
    either the parents of this child need to step up and teach this kid… or they need to monitor the games he is playing…
    but honestly i really doubt tht is it the main cause,…

  • Nik

    I don’t think it’s the game types that are the problem, I think it’s been treated as a form of punishment. Plus, people get frustrated at video games, which can lead to spontaneous violence. I think it’s more of a matter of him spending not a lot of time on a video game console, and spending more time with his family, and devloping a better social attitude.

  • Nathan

    Actions have consequences. This boy has to learn that. If he acts out more, well, he’s just going to have more consequences to his actions, he’ll end up in jail, etc. I think it was a good choice of action by the judge.

  • Lazyeye79

    a study said that most people who play video games and do a violent act do it not because of the violent games they play but because they already have the tendency to do violent things. I have played violent games a lot of my life and ive never done anything that violent. and really what violent games are the Wii, i guess Mario jumping on head could be the reason he hit the kid on the head. lol

    but taking away his Wii could cause him to straighten up in hopes he can get it back or it could cause him to lash back out thus making things worse.

    IMO i dont think it will work, video games dont make people violent, they just are, so whether he has it or not he will do violent things.

  • Tracy

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  • WordNumber

    It won’t work, because the games that really mess with your head aren’t available for Wii. He should have taken away the kid’s XBox. Better yet, he could sentence the kid to 100 hours mandatory verified gametime in Care Bears Care Quest.


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