Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Still Dependent on Your Internet Connection

Microsoft will work to ensure all instances stay synced and everything runs smoothly for multiplayer though.

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Crackdown 3’s massive, cloud-powered multiplayer destruction brings something we’ve never seen before to consoles but it’s still dependent on your internet service provider (ISP). According to Microsoft Game Studios’ global publishing GM Shannon Loftis in conversation with Game Informer, there’s still the possibility of information being sent from Azure servers to your Xbox One changing.

“We can ensure that what leaves the data center is in a particular state, but not what happens between then and when it gets to people’s houses.”

Crackdown 3 will still try to synchronize the data to your game for the smoothest possible experience though. “There’s code on the client side that ensures that all the instances stay synced and that you’re seeing what I see and that it all runs smoothly.”

In layman’s terms, this could indicate that not everyone will be seeing the same instances in gameplay due to the limitations of their ISP. Again, Microsoft will be working to make sure this isn’t the case in Crackdown 3 but we’ll wait till we try the multiplayer for ourselves in summer 2016 before getting our hopes up.

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  • Thats so stupid that the multiplayer rely’s on an internet connection. lazy devs.

    • Reign SUPREEM

      Yeah, they’re super lazy. They should hire you so you can show them how simple it is.

    • lol, you didn’t pick up the ironic sarcasm I guess.

    • Reign SUPREEM

      Sure didn’t,flew over my head……..late night, early morning.. My b.

    • efnet

      Kill yourself please

    • lol, this is hilarious. Nobody finds the irony in this.

    • GamerJudge

      Multiplayer and internet right?

    • Michael Norris

      Eh i don’t think its the developers being lazy.This will always be a issue with a ”Always connected ” environment.

    • sarcasm dude…sarcasm. pretty much 99% multiplayer games are online, the headline was ironic.

    • Mark

      Lol. Too funny

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