Crackdown 3 To Have Improved Multiplayer, 100% Destruction Thanks To The Cloud

Just how the multiplayer will be “revolutionary” wasn’t revealed.

Posted By | On 04th, Aug. 2015 Under News

Crackdown 3Crackdown 3 was shown off on Tuesday at Gamescom and one of its biggest perks appears to be that it is using a relatively new technology known as Cloudgine. Microsoft had said earlier in the year that they wanted to take more advantage of cloud technology for its games and the firm said at Gamescom that by connecting to the cloud, players would be able to have as much as 20 times the processing power as leaning on their consoles.

While the game was shown off at the gaming conference, WCCF Tech points out that it still looks a bit rough. Microsoft has said it is going to keep the things that work for the Crackdown series, such as the graphical styles. Microsoft unveiled the game through a short video and in that video claimed that they wanted this title to be the “ultimate sandbox game.” Being able to totally destory anything and everything will certainly help the title live up to that hype.

Despite the proclamations of a “revolutionary” multiplayer, there weren’t a great deal of details brought to the party. The reveal did hint that there would be an open beta going on sometime early next year. There hasn’t been an official release date named yet but the game is expected to also hit later next year. Until then, we’ll just have to survive on the tiny bits of information that have come out. Certainly the destructive environment sounds like something that could be quite a bit of fun. Crackdown 3 will launch exclusively on the Xbox One.

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  • ShoNuff

    lies the cloud doesn’t work XbotMK1 told me so

    • Jimmy DoneGood


    • Guest

      Sony shills are nothing BUT lies. It’s their entire MO.

    • d0x360

      God his head is gonna explode when this game releases…we will finalist be rid of him. He doesn’t understand that cloud physics simulation is nothing more than your Xbox and a server sending some math back and forth. Data wise its probably using 100kb a second which is basically nothing. Its just numbers being sent back and forth…the magic is using all those azure servers to calculate massive physics algorithms insanely fast.

    • Starman

      loooooooooooooll … that was awesome … but wait , don’t you mean ‘theadjustmentbureau’ ? lol

    • ShoNuff

      did he change his name again? oh Derp. I lik playstation as well but man he really must troll for Sony bJ’s.

  • XbotMK1

    Xbox fanboys are still clinging to the cloud when this proves Microsoft lied.

    We’ve known about the Crackdown using cloud for destruction for the past year. This isn’t anything new or “revolutionary”. Games like Red Faction Guerrilla feature fully destructible evironments without “cloud”.

    The cloud isn’t making Xbox One 20 times more powerful like Microsoft lied about. False advertisement at it’s finest. The cloud is only asisting in environment memory. Many games use cloud for extra processing. Planetside 2 wouldn’t be possible with local compute alone.

    The cloud isn’t helping render graphics which is why Crackdown is cartoony and has downgraded graphical quality.

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