Crackdown 3 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Crackdown 3.

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Crackdown 3 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Crackdown 3


Reagent Games, Cloudgine

Xbox One

Genre:Action Adventure/Open World

Release Date:Summer 2016 (Multiplayer component)

Crackdown 3 is a third person shooter, open world sandbox game that is developer by Cloudgine and Reagent games and published by Microsoft exclusively for the Xbox One. The game is a continuation of a series that had its previous installation back in 2010 on the Xbox 360. The game relies on Microsoft’s Azure servers in order to allow the environment to be completely destructible.

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Crackdown 3 was officially announced back at E3 2014 and was slated as an Xbox One exclusive. At the time of its announcement, the game was still very early in the development cycle. Xbox One boss Phil Spencer later said that the new title came about from talks with Dave Jones who left Realtime worlds and then joined a company called Cloudgine. This company is a firm that has been working on helping game developers come up with cloud-based solutions for games.

Cloudgine has long been rumored to be a company that was going to be a core part of the Xbox One software. The company’s technology was prominently displayed and focused on at the Microsoft developer’s conference in April 2014. At that presentation, the technology was shown off as a method of speeding up the physics modeling and rendering in a fully destructible city environment. This is an important part of the basic architecture of Crackdown 3.

The game had previously been identified as a numberless Crackdown and Microsoft had actually gone out of its way to tell games journalists that the name of this title was not Crackdown 3. At Gamescom 2015 in Germany, the company did a 180 and announced the official title of the game as Crackdown 3. While talk of using the cloud to power a destructible environment had been floating around since the first official announcement, this Gamescom event was the first time the cloud was shown off as being used in-game.

Microsoft claims using the cloud allows for 20 times the computing speed of a single Xbox One. The developers have talked about the challenges that can come with relying so heavily on an online connection but believe they have solved a great deal of those problems. Reagent games has said they understand that Internet speeds of some users can actually cause bottlenecks when it comes to the online multiplayer and they are working on ways to get around this problem as well.

The game is relying on the Microsoft Azure servers and this means that the entire destructible environment will only be available in the online multiplayer mode. Microsoft also said it is releasing the multiplayer option in beta form in the Summer of 2016 and that the full release for the game, which includes the single player mode will be released sometime after that though an official release date has not been announced.



There is not a great deal known about the actual story behind Crackdown 3. Microsoft has said that this game will be set about 10 years in the future of the conclusion of Crackdown 2. The game appears to feature the return of The Agent who has been a star of the series since the launch of the first game. Beyond that, the enemies and what the Agent is going to have to do have not been announced or revealed. Microsoft has focused more on showing off the physics that will exist in the game, rather than why players are doing what they are doing.


crackdown 3 grid

Crackdown 3 features the use of a cloud component in order to offer a world where everything is completely destructible, as long as you are playing the online multiplayer mode. Buildings and vehicles can actually be torn down if you direct enough of your energy to them. Being able to destroy literally anything is a concept that has long been tied to the Crackdown series but Microsoft has said they will be able to take it to the next level with the advancements in the cloud.

The game will use a third person perspective and will feature missions as well as an open world sandbox approach. Not only is the entire world able to be destroyed, but players can actually take down enemies using the rubble that has been created with the massive destruction of that world. The developer has said that users will be able to hurl rocks and boulders at the enemies in order to take them down. Conventional weapons have been a centerpiece of the game series and will likely be featured in this game as well. The series also has a number of “super” weapons that are a part of the futuristic world the game series is set in. These will likely be included in Crackdown 3.


crackdown 3 cel shading

While there isn’t a great deal known about the characters that will make an appearance in Crackdown 3, promotional materials indicate that The Agent is going to return in some form or another. The end of Crackdown 2 might have seemed to make it impossible for the character to return but there is plenty of futuristic technology that could for some kind of return as the hero of that game yet again. The Agent has had superhuman abilities in the previous installments of the game that have allowed him to take down enemies that an ordinary man would be unable to stop.

The Agent’s enemies are not yet known, nor is the main villain which normally feature prominently in the series known at this time. Microsoft has focused on unveiling the physics of the game over the characters featured in the title so far in its marketing campaign. Previous installments of the game have featured additional agents that will help the main character at different points in time during the game. The previous games have also featured a number of NPCS to serve as innocent bystanders as the action unfolds.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game

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  • freekface

    The Crackdown 3 Beta will be the start of true next gen gaming.

    • archfiendx

      You can drop the fanboy nonsense.

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      You should talk.

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      I don’t see how your comment is applicable. Still defending Microsoft and Xbox drones? lol

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      Oh it is more than yours or your other account I replied too.

  • archfiendx

    First of all, Crackdown 3 looks like very underwhelming game.

    Second of all the %100 destructible evironments can be done without the cloud. The cloud is only helping the Xbox One CPU keep track of all the debre on a huge map which is basically extra memory. Many games use this, such as MMOs, but instead of players, Cloudgine is using it for debre particles in buildings. It doesn’t provide 20 times the computational power of an Xbox One.

    This is proven for multiple reasons with basic math and basic knowledge:

    > Xbox One has 6 CPU cores “dedicated” to games. Lets say 1 of those CPU cores is dedicated to handle the destruction physics. Multiply that 1 core by 20. That is nowhere near 20 times the computational power of an Xbox One because CPU cores are very weak compared to the GPU.

    > The cloud is only helping when multiple buildings are being destroyed on the map at the same time. It helps the Xbox One CPU keep track of the “location” of all the debre. That doesn’t mean 20 times the computational power.

    > The cloud is offering help with nonlatency dependent tasks which means the Xbox One is handling nearly everything. The physics such as character movement that require low latency are handled by the Xbox One.

    > Crackdown 3 requires 4 megabytes per second of internet bandwidth. It is impossible to provide 20 times the computational power of an Xbox One over 4 megabytes of data per second.

    > Microsoft’s Azure cloud is made up of dual core CPUs. Each server contains twelve of these dual core CPUs. Azure is made of at least one million servers but Microsoft stated Xbox Live uses 300,000 of them. That means Azure can’t provide anywhere near 20 times the computational power of millions of Xbox Ones. Use your brain. In fact, nobody has enough servers on the planet that can do that and even if they did, the cost would be so astronomically high the the game would lose money.

    Microsoft is spinning this into a lie. Microsoft wants people to believe that offering 20 times the amount of destructible objects handled by the CPU, means 20 times the computational power of an Xbox One, when it really doesn’t. Increasing the amount of destructible objects the CPU can handle doesn’t mean 20 times the computational power of an Xbox One.

    So Gamingbolt, you can drop the stealth Xbox advertisement agenda and the act. You’re an unprofessional, dishonest news site that repeats the marketing filth Microsoft tells you. So fk off. You’re one of the problems in gaming media.

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      Hey Kinect, sorry I meant Omnipotent, sorry I meant Anthony, sorry archfiend no wait XbotMK1 if you are so sure of the BS you say everyday why don’t you take it to Microsoft or to court so the world can see that you where right…come on big guy, don’t be a coward it shouldn’t be hard, doing that is the equivalent of you being a Sony Drone Corporate Slave on a basement typing lies and spreading free propaganda for Sony.

    • archfiendx

      Ok Phil Spencer.

    • Tech junkie

      According to the review on Kotaku a source known for Sony bias. The reviewer played the game, however it was early on. The game was running on 7 servers with 4 people on it that map. The maximum number of people on a map is unknown as well as the number of servers. According to your calculations that is 84 dual core CPU’s running the map. Sounds like 20 times the power to me. You are also under the assumption that all data has to be streamed at all times. You are also assuming a million people will be on at a given time. CoD one of the most popular multiplayers around if I remember correctly peaks at an average of 250,000 online at once. Don’t think this will be any where near that. It’ll probably be lucky to sell that many copies.

      Of course character physics are handled on the Xbox One. it’s still a very capable game machine. Despite its visual shortcomings.

      Microsoft has patents for game streaming tech that uses 80% less bandwidth than other streaming currently on the market. Not saying they are being used currently but it leaves a lot open for the future.

      Bottom line, this is new tech in its infancy. Anybody who thinks it will be perfect is an idiot. Don’t you remember when Goldeneye N64 came out and everyone thought it was the best game with the most insane graphics. Technology has to start somewhere.
      It doesn’t matter if you think this is a big deal, this is huge for gaming and is going to change gaming as we know it. Wait until a big name open world RPG gets a hold of it. You think these worlds are big now, wait till you have massive maps running on servers. PS Now works and everything is done in the server, and so this will work with the right programming. I’ll be the first to admit there will be a learning curve.

      Before you call me a fanboy, I game on everything, PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and even smartphones and tablets. I go to where the game I want to play is.
      This is good news for gaming no matter who is behind it.

    • GHz

      “Before you call me a fanboy, I game on everything, PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and even smartphones and tablets. I go to where the game I want to play is. This is good news for gaming no matter who is behind it.”

      AMEN! 😀

    • archfiendx

      It looks like you don’t understand basic math.

      > Each server blade for Azure uses 10 dual core CPUs. If 7 servers were shared by 4 people, that is 70 dual core CPUs shared by 4 people. Why do you think Crackdown 3 only uses Azure for destruction in multiplayer? Microsoft tried to tell you it was because they want you to save the city in single player, not destroy it. But it’s obvious the truth is because it would use too many servers LOL

      > If Xbox One uses an 8 core CPU, and you multiply 8 by 20 you get 160 CPU cores. If Crackdown 3 uses 7 servers with 10 dual core CPUs each, and you multiply 10 times 70 you get 140 CPU cores. If those 140 CPU cores are shared by 4 people, you get 35 cores per person which doesn’t even come close to 20 times the computational power of a single Xbox One. And that doesn’t even factor in the Xbox One GPU which is over ten times as strong as the Xbox One CPU.

      Multiply the Xbox One CPU and GPU by 20 and nobody on the planet has the ability to provide 20 times the computational power of a single Xbox One for million of Xbox One users.

      > Then you must factor in that those dual core CPUs are only being used for memory to handle a large map with a lot of destructible objects similar to an MMO using dual core CPUs to manage large maps for a lot of players and AI. These dual core CPUs in the cloud are not being used for latency dependent calculations which is what requires real computational power.

      > Then you must factor in the bandwidth that Crackdown 3 uses which is 4 megabytes per second. It is impossible to provide 20 times the computational power of a single Xbox One with that tiny amount of data.

      Microsoft does not have any patents for game streaming tech that uses %80 less bandwidth. And that streaming tech only streams a partial image to overlay it on a native one. Any company with video streaming tech can do that. And regardless Crackdown 3 doesn’t use video streaming and you can’t stream a game with 900p or 1080p assets with only 4 megabytes of data per second. Partial video streaming wouldn’t allow you to interat with destructible objects the way Crackdown 3 does either with 4 megabyte of data per second.

      All of your excuses and points have fallen face first. Like I stated, Crackdown 3 doesn’t use 20 times the computational power of a single Xbox One. Microsoft is just false advertising like the many times they’ve done in the past.

    • Tech junkie

      Spin it how you want. I thought your post said 12 CPUs and it probably did you just edited it. It doesn’t say what the maximum numbers of servers is. And you can’t divide that by the number of people in the game.

      You also said yourself the xbox has only 6 cores available for gaming.

      Give it up. You can spin it all the want. Bottom line this is going to be big for gaming. Go be a Sony fanboy. I’ll be a gaming fanboy.

    • archfiendx

      You’re not a gaming fanboy. You’re a Microsoft fanboy.

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      I play games on everything, I prefer Xbox to Sony,

      You are a Sony fanboy calling me a Microsoft fanboy. You use fake accounts to upvote yourself.
      Safe to say you are the one with the fanboy problem.

    • freekface

      Are you crying as you are typing “XbotMK1” ?

  • GHz

    The demonstration was awesome and got not only gamers excited but game developers as well. Most notably Sony own game developers. One (Jonathan Cooper) said that if Microsoft would’ve had this demo in place when the XB1 was revealed, they would’ve had no probs selling an always online console. In other words, he’s sold.
    Any technology that helps XB1 keep up and surpass whats possible on the most powerful PC’s around should be given a chance. Crackdown demo truly demonstrated what next gen gaming IS REALLY about. I’m excited to see where this tech can take us.

    • Herald of Gaben

      So making a weak console just to rely on servers to help it’s games is considered good? It seems to me that you’re just defending your little box while completely ignoring why this can be a very bad thing.

      You’re also delusional if you think cloud can help Xbox One keep up and surpass whats possible on the most powerful PCs.

    • GHz

      Why do you hate gaming? Why do you keep creating fake accounts pretending to be different pple? Why do hate it when pple express their enthusiasm about their platform of choice? What happened to you as a child? Where you molested, dropped on the head, neglected, bullied, abandoned? You are so angry. Are you on meds? Do you get doped before you go XB1 hating? So many questions. LOL SMH. Dude you cannot and will not stop progress. You are a joke. 😉

      Any gaming tech that gets even a sony developer excited, gets me excited. You can take your warped opinion to NeoGAf. That nut house site is perfect for you. 😉

  • D Vice

    can’t wait to play this 😀

    yay xbox!


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