WTF! Crazy Girlfriend Smashes Boyfriend’s Xbox 360

Posted By | On 24th, Nov. 2009 Under News

In a slightly random attack on one poor defenceless Xbox, one girlfriend made one guy really mad.

After claiming that she was ‘tired of being ignored’ as her boyfriend played for ’10 hours a day’ on his beloved Xbox, this girl took drastic action. Using the awesome power of gravity and some very dodgy swings from a golf club, she proceeded to destroy the console. However, Xbox’s being the sturdy things they are, it took a fair few hits to do much noticeable damage.

But when the girl’s attack is over, we can see the damage for ourselves. Yep, she sure did a number on that 360. Huge gashes and dents in the metal, one side cover has fallen off and although it is hard to tell, the guy (when he arrives) appears to say something about the hard drive falling out.

Even better, we get to see her boyfriends reaction. He seems surprisingly cool about it, but I don’t know…What would you do? I was fairly confident that my girlfriend would never do that….until now. Guys, consider yourselves officialy warned!

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  • jeefreak

    i think he’ll just go golfing now and still continue to ignore her

    • Clarence

      Have you ever USED an Xbox 360 s dpad? It’s the worst piece of shit I’ve ever used and should never have been aleowld on a controller that you’re paying something like 60 (AU) bucks for.Also really? The reason why non-gamers hate gamers (A stupid statement in itself) is because they like discussing parts of their culture?


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