Crysis 2 author guilty of assaulting U.S federal officer [Important Updates within]

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[This article will continue to be updated as developments unfold, stay tuned!]

Peter Watts, the Canadian science fiction author who wrote the story to Crysis 2 and Homeworld 2, has been found guilty of assaulting a U.S border guard. IMPORTANT UPDATE: It has now come to light that Watts was only found guilty of obstructing/ignoring a request by a border guard. His non compliance resulted in the officer macing him.

Peter Watts

Last December, Watts claimed that while in the U.S he had been beaten up, pepper sprayed, denied legal counsel, held in a cold cell before being released into a Canadian blizzard without a coat. The news was first broken on the blog Boing Boing, using the authors set of events.

Update: Here’s more from Peter, in his own words: “Along some other timeline, I did not get out of the car to ask what was going on. I did not repeat that question when refused an answer and told to get back into the vehicle. In that other timeline I was not punched in the face, pepper-sprayed, shit-kicked, handcuffed, thrown wet and half-naked into a holding cell for three fucking hours, thrown into an even colder jail cell overnight, arraigned, and charged with assaulting a federal officer, all without access to legal representation (although they did try to get me to waive my Miranda rights. Twice.). Nor was I finally dumped across the border in shirtsleeves: computer seized, flash drive confiscated, even my fucking paper notepad withheld until they could find someone among their number literate enough to distinguish between handwritten notes on story ideas and, I suppose, nefarious terrorist plots. I was not left without my jacket in the face of Ontario’s first winter storm, after all buses and intercity shuttles had shut down for the night.

According to officer Andrew Beaudry, when he approached Watts for a routine border inspection, the writer tried to choke him. Update: These allegations have been fudged slightly by Watts and one witness claiming that he did not do anything. Peter now faces a lengthy and expensive legal process if he is to avoid jail.

Watts has been bailed for the moment, but will be sentenced on April 26th and faces up to 2 years in jail.

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  • Knodi

    He didn’t get convicted of assault, he got ACCUSED of assault, and the prosecutor was humiliated and apologized about it. The jury agreed there wasn’t a shred of evidence for assault and that the officer lied through his teeth.

    He was CONVICTED of failure to cooperate fast enough, which they called “Obstruction of Justive.”

  • JT

    Peter Watts was NOT convicted of assault. Repeat, NOT convicted of assault. The assault charge was completely and totally disproved in court.

    He was found guilty of not complying with an order given to him by a border guard who had just punched him in the face and maced him.

    This story is being improperly told in many places. Even the jurors who served at the trial are going online trying to correct these errors.

    It may be a little one-side, but I urge you to read Peter Watt’s blog and get his take on these proceedings:

  • Lou woods

    Sounds to me like this guy misht just have soe serious issues.


  • Gonzobot

    How do you get released into Canadian blizzard when you are in the custody of US officials, exactly? Was this a border thing? Because as we all know, people aren’t people when they’re trying to get into the USA…you have ZERO RIGHTS when facing a customs official, and they have every right to search, seize, and detain you as they feel necessary, without cause or any real hope of reparation for the victim. Part of the reason why I don’t ever want to go to the states again…I might never actually make it there, OR BACK. Because I might have some incriminating evidence on my laptop, that even I don’t know about, they somehow have the right to take all my stuff and go through it. Fucking America. What is wrong with you?

    Frankly, I think I would side with the author on this one. WAAAAAAY too much corruption in border guards already, nevermind the agencies that will do anything to keep their image from being tarnished by their unlawful actions.

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  • mike bailey

    found guilty of not complying with an order given to him by a border guard, because he asked what the problem was. thats a little messed up if you ask me. damn patriot act the americans put into american law. i mean, when you are not allowed to ask a law enforcement agent the nature of the detainment, thats a little to far overboard IMO, and possibly infringing on some human rights, but thats what bush wanted, right?

  • This article needs a serious edit. Some things worth changing: 1) The title, Peter Watts was an accomplished sci-fi author long before crysis 2. All his stuff is posted at his website. 2) Others have already pointed out it was non-compliance, not assault. 3) He recently posted a LOT of details and thoughts from behind the scenes about all players in the court which are worth reading if you haven’t.

    Oh and 4) Fuck the border guard.

  • The charge was noncompliance not assault. It turns out if you don’t obey fast enough after being beaten up it’s a felony. Who knew!

    Also you need to specify he was LEAVING the country

  • comply with a lawful order obey a lawful order obey

  • unfortunately in this type of game, the government always wins.


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