Crysis 2 PC vs Xbox 360: Side by Side Video Comparison

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A Youtube group calling themselves, supwiththatgaming has posted a side by side video comparison of Crysis 2, which pits the PC and Xbox 360 version of the game against each other.

The video will give anyone wanting to know which version of the game, looks better, a clear idea.

As you can see from the video below, the PC version of the game, clearly looks better however, the 360 isn’t far behind.

Crysis 2 releases later this month for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Expect our review to drop soon and if you’re feeling lucky, take part in our contest where you can walk away with a Nano Edition of the game.

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  • I’m still wondering what the load times are for XBOX and PS3.

  • DirectingChaos

    Maybe its the photographer in me (that was my profession a few years back) that makes me analyse every section of it and not take a image like that as a whole but in doing that you notice the tiniest difference and to say I was shocked is not an understatement. Its almost like looking at the difference between the PS2 and PS3 in regards to the lighting effects and clarity or objects. I thought the Xbox and PC actually wouldn’t be that different with both bring under Microsoft’s realm so to speak but it shows how PC’s still have the edge when it comes to graphic performance.

  • Cropdust

    No contest if you want the absolute best quality you’ll need to stick with PC, but if your an avid console gamer and new to crysis you won’t know the difference. I play a ton of games of xbox and ps3 but this is one game I will be getting only on PC

  • DirectingChaos

    What is it that makes such a difference? I’m assuming it has something to do with the graphics cards that are available for PC’s.

    I wonder if consoles with ever match PC’s in the graphics stake as they have come along way in the last few years or is it is an unobtainable goal (really don’t know much about the subject to be honest).

  • Consoles are just set and forget with set hardware. Pc you can buy cutting edge hardware and set the graphics to how you want. They have to make the game to the consoles specs e.g. reduce graphics to make it run at a smooth framerate (normally 60fps)

    It’s not just graphics that are better on PC, physics are too e.g. look at the sink with flowing water coming out of it on PC- Xbox 360 don’t have that, PC got max res textures, you can force any AA you want, higher resolution in general.

    Nothing like playing on a decent PC with a high framerate with vsync off- it’s so smooth and responsive it’s unreal. I suppose us with good PC’s are lucky because when you own a console you think you’ve got the best you can get- none of my mates have got gaming PC’s and I wondered what all the fuss was about before I bought one.

  • @directing chaos

    Multiple things factor into the better performance on a PC. A PC’s CPU is a lot more powerful for starters. Also the streaming processors and overall technology in the video cards is almost 2-3 years ahead of any console. The large amounts of ram help with loading times. Also the overall performance advantage of the PC let’s you load graphical objects further away and allows for a significantly larger amount of effects and animations.Some people might argue that consoles have better graphics but they would be wrong, consoles don’t even have better graphics then PC’s when they launch, much less years later.

  • berrytastic

    Thing is what sort of price comparison are we looking at here PC price of £??? VS the xbox of £100 odd. Regardless I think for the mass market the Xbox is the winner surely?

  • doub7

    The 360 hardware is 5 & a half yrs old so that is not that shocking. Considerin that I think the 360 is solid in comparison. I did play on my pc yrs ago but honestly more of a console gamer now. Just love the ease of use, the 360 controller, friends list, voice chat, achievements. Plus sittin on my couch in front of the big screen. Just a personal preference, I can totally understand those who want the uncompromised experience on a high end PC.

  • PilarVIRUS

    The PC edition looks far better but the Xbox actually holds up pretty well when you consider its hardware.


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