David Jaffe: “You Are Worth What You Can Negotiate”

God of War creator lays the smack down.

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David Jaffe
Responding to an an editorial on Kotaku from an anonymous developer, David Jaffe posted on his personal blog that, “You are worth what you can negotiate. Period.

“Don’t like the way a publisher treats you? Don’t sign a contract with that particular publisher. Or if you do, make sure you have what you will and won’t tolerate written into the contract.”

“If your studio is not good enough to demand better deals and is not clever enough to secure alternate forms of financing (thus allowing you to bypass the publishers all together) then you deserve what you get.

“You want to be treated better? Sign a contract demanding it. You are not able to get such a contract? Then improve your team until you can demand in the real world what you think you are really worth in your mind. Because at the moment the real world is making something very clear to you. And that is this: you are not as good as you think you are.”

Earlier today, veteran Gordon Walton said that publishers view developers as “replaceable meat puppets”. Wonder if Jaffe’s response applies to him as well.

Source: GIBiz

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  • hamidious01

    Not a fair assessment There are very few established publishers in the game industry and a lot more developers. And most publishers don’t like to encourage new ideas or new people. So that makes developers desperate for financing.

    Example: Obsidian delivered a very stellar Fallout New Vegas but were screwed by their contract with Bethesda. Were they wrong to sign the contract? I don’t think so, they delivered a good title critically and sales wise. They also had employees to pay so either they sign a contract or they fire people. So no, the odds are stacked against a developer. I think Jaffe talks from a priviledged standpoint. He has a good relationship with Sony as a publisher.


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