DayZ Will Not Be Coming To Xbox Game Preview In 2015

Delays around DayZ, who’s surprised, really.

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Like with everything else that is DayZ, the Xbox One version of the game has seen a bit of a delay- it will not be hitting the console via the Xbox Preview Program (which is the Xbox equivalent of the Steam Early Access program) in 2015, as Microsoft originally announced at E3. Instead it seems to have slipped off into next year.

The developer confirmed this on Twitter, stating that they are at least as of right now more focused on bringing the PC version up to scratch; they also did promise, however, that a prototype of the console version should be up and running by early next year. Of course, with DayZ, deadlines are about as ephemeral as the weather, so who knows what will really happen.

If you really do want to play the game, you can do so right now on PC (though it’s still not completed there, either- it’s in Early Access). That, or really, there’s a whole host of clones that you could look into trying out.

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  • Rodney Patrick

    Lol, I remember when all the sonyfangirls at the time this game was announced thought this was a ps4 exclusive,was going to be the answer to dead rising 3 boy was you all wrong lmao.i didn’t like this game back then,and still don’t like it now

    • DarkSeptember

      What is it with you ? Why are you totally obsessed with Sony ? This is a simple article about a game being delayed on the Xbox One. But here you come trying to turn it into a childish Microsoft Vs Sony argument. Oh , by the way calling people ‘fangirls’ makes you sound SO grown up.

  • Anyone really care about this game anymore? It was the bees knees a few years ago but to much time has past, other games have come out and its no longer as interesting as it was.

    • Starman

      it was trash then … sony can keep there crap , we don’t want it ….on xb1…

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