Dedicated Servers Will Come At A Price For Black Ops

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Activision have just announced that they will be having dedicated servers for their upcoming Treyarch developed Cold War based First Person Shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops, but guess what- you will have to pay for them, and they will only be there for the PC version of the game. Ding dong.

The developers have collaborated with to provide PC gamers of Black Ops with dedicated servers.

“We are extremely excited about this unprecedented relationship with Activision to offer dedicated servers exclusively for Black Ops,” David Aninowsky, CEO of GameServers said. “We are placing a great amount of pressure on ourselves to ensure that we exceed any and all expectations.”

GameServers is taking pre-orders, and the 18-player ranked servers are priced at £9.99 a month and the unranked servers are available for £0.66, per player. Their site, right here, promises the players will be given “instant server action,” and that too “on release day.” Not only that. Here is what the site says:

-No Setup Fees, Cancel anytime, 5-day Refund Guarantee
-Billing period does not start until servers are activated
-24 Player Max (Unranked), 18 Player Max (Ranked)
-Reserve your location by preordering your COD Black Ops server now

In an interview with IGN, Treyarch’s Josh Olin said, “If you rent a server, you will still have the ability to Kick, Ban, and Configure it the way you see fit.

“Of course Ranked servers will have some set configurations that can’t be messed with; but you will still have the power to administrate your servers as a customer of GameServers.”

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  • Oh wow, you know thats gonna be good right?

  • Power Trip’n Server Admins!!!!! =P

  • /s

    Why thank you oh wise business people. Let us turn good old PC gaming into a whoring money grabbing operation by following a more console like model. I’d like to pay $10 /month to play a SINGLE game. Those stupid idiots wanting to run their own software on their own hardware.. we don’t need any of that nonsense… no we dont.


    • Agreed good Sir

    • I know not being able to host local servers for LAN parties has ruined Battlefield Bad Company 2. Most of the time we can’t even play if the internet is bogged down by someone downloading updates or something. We end up just moving on to something else. Without local dedicated servers, it a no-buy.

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  • I see this as a good move. SOMEONE is going to be paying for the server rental in the old school model, and an 18 man server goes for lots more than 10 a month. This solves the peer-to-peer problem, and gives people an affordable option of a dedicated server without having to hassle with a clan. Similarly, clans can rent servers for CHEAP.

    Assuming server performance is not an issue, there is nothing wrong with this model in my book. YOU dont have to pay 10 a month.

    In other words, if you’ve never had to co-ordinate with a server company or have been responsible for paying 100+ a month for your clans dedi server, shut it.

  • I for one, have had it with P2P online gaming, especially in the FPS world. WolfET, minus the bazillion hackers, was my favorite old-skool environment for this type of gameplay, and it truly sounds as if Activision is shooting for that kind of atmosphere (again, hopefully, minus the bazillion hackers).
    *crosses fingers*

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  • Coming from a decade of being a squad (started in Delta Force Land Warrior) we have hosted our own and rented throughout the years, the rental aspect doesn’t bother me, and if you had a decent rig with good connection, you likely wouldn’t either. (I will be happy to build ya something you wont have those issues with) The only negative thus far, is on ranked, you can not switch teams to be with your squad……Bad idea, BC2 blows it away for a squad based game. They took 5 yrs worth of progress backwards with this decision, squads are the only thing that keep a game alive for more than 6 months, they batter fix it or it will be only a side game for us.


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