Demo Footage of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Released

A look at the upcoming Final Fantasy game

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Square Enix have released a video of demo footage from the upcoming installment in the Final Fantasy series, Lightning returns. From the video, we can see that the unique battle system, the basis of which began in Final Fantasy 13, has been tweaked and streamlined, with smooth combat move transitions.

Additionally, as has become a staple of the Final Fantasy series, the graphics look stupendous barring the poor-ish video quality. There have been many die-hard fans who complain that the folks over at Square Enix are spending too much time on making Final Fantasy games look pretty, and not enough time ensuring that the story and non-combat game play are engrossing.

One of the biggest complaints about the Final Fantasy XIII universe has been its overly-linear map design, with little to no freedom to explore the vast world that the storyline presents. From the looks of this video there is no indication that things will be different with Lightning Returns, but a 13 minute clip is hardly telling of a game we know will be enormously long and epic.

Where do you stand on the FF13 Universe? Are you excited for Lightning Returns?

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  • Dean Codemo

    That battle system actually looks really good. Better than choosing “auto battle” like the previous two games. Can’t wait to play it!

  • Zahk Scott

    I can’t believe they changed that “sexy pose” for the Misty Wizard that everyone was up in arms about when there was really nothing wrong with it. The new one is just the same as L’Ange Noir. It’s going to be annoying to have both in your schema set at once.

    • Vrrumdri

      Yeah, I didn’t see much wrong with it either, barring it made Lightning look a little silly. By the way, it was Magician’s Suit, not the other one, that had the pose now pasted onto Sorceress. And I’ve got a feeling they might well create a different victory pose before the game is out. They’ve still got plenty of time for final tweaks.

    • Vercingetorix

      Yes, there was a problem with it. It was completely out of character for Lightning and made her look stupid. No one wants to see a character, whose personality and style has been grounded and perceived by the past 2 games, be randomly represented like that.

    • Zahk Scott

      You know what? No. I’m tired of hearing this same old trivial argument from people. There is nothing out of character about Light slightly swaying her hips and putting her arms over her head nor is there anything overly sexual or suggestive of sex about the costume or pose itself. It’s called development when new aspects of a character are either added or explored, not degradation. In FFXIII Lightning was playing the role of a hardened soldier—a role it was not only necessary for her to take due to the circumstances, but a role she felt compelled to fulfill in order to endow her the strength and authority to support her younger sister in the absence of their parents. Light relied on this role to give her direction and validation in her life. As the game progressed, however, Lightning’s internal reflection revealed this role was nothing more than a façade she had built up to guard herself—and furthermore, a detriment to her interpersonal relations that distanced her from those to whom she wanted to be close.

      “Lightning… It Flashes Bright, Then Fades Away. It Can’t Protect. It Only Destroys.” – Lightning

      Serah was afraid to tell Light about being branded as an L’Cie, and Light was ashamed when she learned that Serah had hidden the secret from her and instead confided in Snow. However, her role was still necessary, as the party in which she found herself lacked a distinct leader to drive them onwards towards their goal (or Focus)—and so despite this insight Light gained, she was still forced to continue with the role… at least, until Serah was safe.

      Then, in FFXIII-2 Light was spirited away out of her own environment and thrust into an unfamiliar world where she was conscripted to fight for a cause that not only had little to do with her own personal life on Cocoon, but only necessitated her continual participation in the part of the soldier, revised into that of a “warrior goddess.” Yet Light’s attitude seemed to change with her new condition—there was a weary and somber look on her face, a certain melancholy fatigue in her voice, and at times, tears glimmering in her eyes. Donning angelic silver armor, Lightning somehow seemed more vulnerable and pensive than before. And yet, the same familiar stoicism and determination was there, her role still performed—she was still required to take up arms and act as the warrior, suppressing and pushing her personal feelings aside, denying access to any deep personal intimacy.

      Up until now, Light has appeared mainly in the role of a soldier and a warrior—and her interactions with others have occurred within this context. However, that does not mean that is all there is to her personality. As the SE developers have stated, their portrayal of Lighting in Lightning Return will add many more layers to her personality in order to better flesh out her character make her feel more human. That is to say, they want to introduce us to who Light is no only as a solder, warrior, or solely as a savoir, but as a person. What we have known Lightning to be up until this point is not false nor will it be invalidated, but it is only a small part of the whole person at the heart of the actions—the person who takes the role of the soldier and the warrior, the person willing to suppressing some parts of herself in order to become the version of herself that the world so desperately needs.

  • Nespithe

    I’m sorry, but when I read “the graphics look stupendous”, I laughed out loud. It’s one of the ugliest looking games I’ve seen in awhile. Everything looks completely bland and rushed.


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