Destiny 2 Digital Customers Can Pre-Load The Game On Xbox One Now

PS4 owners get to pre-load it next week.

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Okay, here’s one of the few times that Xbox players of Destiny get something before their PlayStation counterparts do… even if it is just the ability to pre-load the game if they digitally pre-ordered the game. Which they have now- if you bought Destiny 2 digitally on Xbox One, then you can go ahead and install it now, a full week ahead of your PlayStation counterparts.

Said PlayStation counterparts will be able to download and pre-load the game on their systems next week. If, upon downloading, your file has a 98MB file size instead of 29GB – which is what the file size is supposed to be – please delete it, and re-download and install the game. The files you have downloaded are not the correct ones, since the game is supposed to come in at 29GB.

Destiny 2 is due out on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, with a release for PC (the first time Destiny shows up on PC) following in October.

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  • Gage Richard Westerhouse

    This news about the file size has me suspicious. 29GB is certainly nowhere close to the previously stated initial launch size of 68GB. The Destiny 2 beta was about 14GB. Now, the original Destiny (base game) was about 18.5GB. That is less than what Destiny 2 will be, but consider this; games get bigger every year. I would think that file size would be much bigger (considering all the boasting Bungie has done about how Destiny 2 will be so much better and bigger). I fear they will again fail to live up to their promise. The ROI expansion alone was about 15GB. Gives you an idea of what little difference we might be talking about.

    • Old Skool

      Just wondering, do you think the large file size of the first game was due to them having to optimize it for last gen consoles too? This time it’s for this gen only so maybe they were able to better optimize file space.
      I’m not too savvy in this department so just a thought.

    • Fred Parkins

      Highly doubt it.

      This is Activision we’re talking about here. Bungie is just their slave developer who sold their soul for $$$.

      The game is mostly a reskin of the Halo MMO Bungie wanted to do but Microsoft said no to.

    • Fred Parkins

      Thought and said same thing with Destiny 1 and shared the same math.

      All the Desticles on the forums crucified me. But I kept saying, trust me, just wait and see.

      They all laughed. But I laughed in the end. Just like will do with Destiny 2.

      The game is made to be nothing more than a DLC machine that will churn out over priced DLC that severely lacks in content over and over and over. The little kids with mommy and daddy’s credit card is what keeps that game going.

  • Troy Marcel

    World of tanks looks better than this garbage

    • Lorirwright


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    • That’s how important “they” found your comment. They thought it was such garbage that they chose you, out of the 4 other people that commented, to spam under.

    • Fred Parkins

      Plus World of Tanks has story mode now. Something Destiny doesn’t.

  • THE4point2TFLOPweakness

    Not getting this junk

  • Personally I am really looking forward to this coming out. Have it be really good or really bad, I love the Destiny series and I cannot wait to play with my little cousin. He really enjoys when we get to play online together.


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