Destiny 2 on Xbox One X Has No Enhancements Planned

Bungie aiming for the same experience on all platforms.

Posted By | On 15th, Jun. 2017 Under News

Yesterday, it was revealed that Bungie’s Destiny 2 will run at 30 FPS on the Xbox One X, ignoring all the power the console has to possibly provide a 60 FPS experience.

However, as it turns out, the Xbox One X version of the shooter has no enhancements planned for the Xbox One X whatsoever. This was confirmed when WCCFTech spoke to Bungie design lead Lars Bakken who specifically said the developer was aiming for the same experience on all platforms.

So no higher resolution textures, improved visuals or any of that jazz. Although he did note that PC players using a controller would have aim assist while keyboard and mouse users would not. Cool.

This comes off of Sony’s Jim Ryan saying that his company is not telling publishers to avoid using the Xbox One X’s additional power for superior experiences than the PS4 Pro. Maybe Bungie just really loves parity. Who knows?

What are your thoughts on all of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • waltIII314

    W TF

  • Sp4ctr0

    Just skip this game. There are a lot games where developers respect gamers and create best possible game for each hardware. I will never buy again any Destiny game.

    • Mark

      Yezzir. Microsoft needs to start getting in these developers’ asses….to allow these guys to hold back all the hard work you’ve done, would be brutally asinine

    • Mr Xrat

      Wow, it’s nothing!

  • Troy Marcel

    Bungie is officially dead to me, bunch of sellouts.

  • Learned Handgun

    What is the base of the “same experience”? The OG Xbox One? So no enhancement for the pro or the X? seriously misguided decisions or poor explanations.

  • heima

    What are your thoughts? I’m genuinely curious.
    I’m not going to fuel the allegations that are surfacing today, but I can’t but wondering…

  • Gamez Rule

    Maybe improvements will come at a later date for Xbone X. It happens with some games so it could happen.

    I’m getting the PS4 version for the exclusive content this time around as no point in getting the Xbone version really.

    • Mark

      Thx for the link Gamez

  • Mark

    Ohhh wow. I really hope this doesn’t happen to many other big multiplats….c’mon really

  • Dougdec92

    why is MS whinning?,especially Phil?
    you once said 4k60fps and then changed your mind to the fact that now we kinda messed up our calculations but now devs can use the power in any way they can….right?….so Destiny Bungie is doing just that, doing what they want with the power…..i bet they will soon sues Ark survival devs for doing 1080p on the console….

  • Mark

    Well here’s a nice list of Xbox X with “enhancements” games. I wouldn’t say 90% of devs wont support it. Some wont tho true

    • Gamez Rule

      “I wouldn’t say 90% of devs wont support it” ..I never posted they wouldn’t?

      What I stated was.. “But like I posted ages ago, the love from devs 90% of the time goes to the install base, and that this gen belongs to Sony”

      And in that link you gave it states.. “Microsoft has already announced a lengthy list of games *which plan to be
      ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’*, which will be purposely upgraded to take
      advantage of the hardware”

      It is what MS *plans* to be supported, not that those games are supported.

    • Mark

      Oh I thought u meant 90% most devs will be only targetting the lowest common denominator (ps4/x1), not XbX, ma bad son.

      As for the list, most games are either confirmed by devs, shown at E3 in 4k/variable resolution, or, whatever. I mean I hear u but most are confirmed.

  • Mark

    As for Phil telling devs what to do, there’s all kinds of arguments there, with evidence to bak it up, and ur argument is a good one, but there’s others I’d get fatigued detailing here. I think devs should support mid-gen refreshes, and that is all.

  • Mark

    As for “true 4k”, I agreed with u that every game wont be native 4k, but I never saw Microsoft state as such. True 4k is just PR to sell their system, as Sony says Dynamic 4k or whatever. What we’ll see is mostly native 4k, and some will be variable res.

    When Phil said “no compromises” he was referring to VR performance on XbX, which we can hear if we listen carefully.

    • Gamez Rule

      It wasn’t just Phil that stated “no compromises” it was also MS on their scorpio video.

      But fact is Xbone X is just another console that needs checkerboading and compromises to reach 4k just like Sony’s PS4-Pro lol.

      As for VR…Where is the VR?


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