Destiny: Bungie Explains Why Gjallarhorn Is Overbalanced, Other Weapons Can Feel Overbalanced Based On Sound

Noise level leads players to think guns are more or less powerful.

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Destiny Gjallarhorn

One of the least popular announcements that came out of the impending release of Destiny’s Taken King is that Bungie is going to be re-balancing a number of the game’s most popular weapons. Among those slated for fixing is the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher which the company swears was an issue with a bug detecting the way the weapon was behaving in testing.

Bungie senior designer Sage Merrill recently explained to Game Informer how the weapon became so overbalanced. “There was a bug late in the development of Destiny where the trails didn’t appear for the sub-munitions of Gjallarhorn, so you couldn’t see what it was doing and it wasn’t this spectacular display that it is now. However, the bug didn’t get logged as, ‘This doesn’t look awesome.” It got logged as ‘isn’t powerful enough.” Merill said.

Bungie also shed some light on  an interesting trick the company can do with weapons in the game. Miller says weapons can be “overpowered” just by upping the audio on their discharge. The developer said that if the audio is lower, players will assume that the weapon is underpowered. If the audio is turned way up, even if the damage done is exactly the same, but there is a big booming discharge, players will suddenly think the weapon is incredibly powerful. For now, Gjallerhorn for one is still a powerful gun that can be picked up from Xur, but once The Taken King launches in September you won’t be getting as much bang for your buck.

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  • GamerJudge

    “that can be picked up from Xur” I think those who didn’t pick it up this last weekend lost it.

    • Jason Williams

      Xur left on Sunday, too bad so sad

  • theduckofdeath

    Why does Bungie insist on nerfing Gjallarhorn when none of the players want this?

    • SixRavenX

      They don’t want people completing the new missions too easily. Plus they aren’t happy that so many people use it to kill bosses compared to other exotic heavies.

    • theduckofdeath

      I have gotten by with HoC all this time — just bought Gjallarhorn this past weekend. There’s no point to weapon is it has no personality. Gjallarhorns incredible power is intrinsic to it’s personality. Without it, it is just a nicely guilded RL with tracking and a little light show.

      Bungie shouldn’t have made so many of the weapons ineffective. That’s why no one uses them in PvE — there’s no tactical advantage. Dragon’s Breath is a prime example — a wasted effort. Now they plan to wreck the VoG weapons, too.

      I have been on a hiatus from the game since May, and Bungie is not compelling me to ever return.

  • TryToThinkFirst

    BungLe is full of it. The reason they gave for NERFING Gjallarhorn in their announcement is that there were raid groups not allowing people to join if they didn’t have a maxed Gjallarhorn. Last week, XUR sold it, so everyone should have it. So their own reason for doing this is no longer valid.

    The other head scratcher is that when the new The Taken King (TTK) DLC is released, none of the weapons in the game will be raised to the new power levels, they will all become obsolete. By the time the DLC after TTK is released, in about 120 days, nobody will be using any of them anymore. So why NERF it now when it’s in it’s last days of relevance? Since 90% of players are against the decision, it is an incredibly douchey thing to do.

    • JetpackJesus

      I’m pretty sure exotics can be upgraded to the new power levels. It’s the legendaries and below that cannot be upgraded to TKK power levels.

    • lainb0t23

      Nope, weapons and armor will not be able to be ascended in TTK

    • SixRavenX

      Wrong, all exotics will be able to be brought to the new levels. Armor and weapons both. Its only legendaries that are stuck at 365 going forward

    • JetpackJesus

      I went back to find where I read about upgrading exotics, and now I’m finding conflicting reports on it. I’ll note that GameInformer said this as part of its cover story on Destiny:

      “Our recent visit to Bungie headquarters confirmed what many fans have suspected for some time. Older LEGENDARY armor and weapons from across Destiny’s first year are not set to progress in power as Year Two begins.”

      That suggest to me that exotics can be ascended or brought to the Year Two caps or whatever the system may be called in the TKK.

      So I guess the only thing we know for certain is that legendary gear is being left behind. I haven’t been able to find any confirmation on Exotics so far.

  • WranglerVinny

    The real reason is that its too powerful in PvE. Bungie won’t admit that, because it will be look as a nerf to us and not the weapon.

  • lainb0t23

    wow didn’t realize Xur even sold it this past weekend!!! Luckily I already had 3. Hope everyone else was paying attention!

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