Destiny Doesn’t Have “10 Year Plan” – Bungie

Bungie’s Eric Osborne clarifies the partnership agreement with Activision.

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Bungie’s Destiny is doing better than ever thanks to the release of The Taken King but with the recent court case between former composer Marty O’Donnell, numerous controversies following changes to the game and much more, there have often been questions about Bungie’s “ten year plan” for the game. Does it even exist?

Not quite, according to community and marketing relations manager Eric “Urk” Osborne. Speaking to EDGE (via GamesRadar), Osborne said that, “Those things were so distracting, and not about the experience we were creating. It just became the narrative. I mean, I drive a Honda Civic. I don’t know shit about $500 million. A ten-year plan? It’s a ten-year partnership agreement. It has nothing to do with the development of the game proper.

“To think that somehow, before Destiny had shipped, we had some ten-year plan written down somewhere? It’s comical. We allowed the narrative to get constructed that Bungie is just a corporate entity and not a bunch of humans, a collection of people who are just trying to make a really great game.”

It makes sense when you think about it. Destiny has been constantly changing – both for better and worse – based on feedback from fans. If a ten year plan existed, one has to wonder how it can possibly take all of that feedback into account.

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  • David Clark

    Thats some serious back peddling.

  • moseyo tam

    destiny, a crappy FPS shooter but managed it with multi-million advertising gimmick (and forever mention it over and over like the kardashians) and then the game becomes so popular

    • Tech junkie

      Love or hate the game. The mechanics are next level.
      I also think CoD could take a lesson or 2 from the simplicity of the pvp game play.

    • Martha Adelman

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    • FeliXinside

      I play Destiny and consider it a mediocre to good game (basically Diablo in Space in the form of FPS), but where did you get the mechanics are next level from? The mechanics are nothing different or special.

    • Tech junkie

      Compared to what I’ve played on other console FPS. The control you have over your character, and what that character can do is far more than what can be accomplished with a twitch shooter like CoD.

      Simply what I can do with a shot gun in PvP is what I call next level, The character maneuverability is far better than anything I’ve ever played on console. It’s fast but fluid and accurate all at the same time.

      Maybe mechanics isn’t the right word for what I’m describing.

    • FeliXinside

      I see, and I now understand why (you used “played on console” a few times).
      I guess for consoles Destiny is somewhat revolutionary for a shooter. I’m primarily a PC Gamer but also have a PS4. By my standards Destiny is nothing special, but that’s because PC has always had amazing shooters.

    • D Vice

      I give them credit for having Co-op elements that both PC and consoles tittles usually lack. 3 man and 6 man is pretty sweat, each map pack has a pretty different raid or lengthy co-op challenge.

      if other games had these Destiny would truely be nothing special.


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