Destiny “Evolves to Whole Different Kind of Game” 20 Hours In – Bungie

High level exotic weapons and armour, raids and much more should be on your daily grind by now.

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The critics have spoken and consumers have voted rather generously with their wallets. Bungie’s Destiny is a hit but it’s facing flak for its content and the overall direction of the game, which mixes first person shooting, MMO mechanics, competitive and cooperative play, etc. into one big sci-fi smorgasbord. One aspect that’s become very obvious is the end-game – you’ll grind to get better gear and often have to go out of your way to become stronger.

According to Bungie executive producer Patrick O’Kelley on Xbox Wire, you’ll certainly be playing a different kind of game by now. “Twenty hours in, I think that players will find that they’ve evolved to playing a whole different kind of game than the shooter that started them off.

“They’ll find that they’re immersed in a different world, and are deep into the history of their characters. They’ll have built a community of other players. And, without realizing it, they’ll have learned some sophisticated mechanics that enable them to gear up and dive into a six-player cooperative raid, in pursuit of high-level exotic weapons and armor.”

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  • Psionicinversion

    how can we be immersed in to a different world when i keep starting off at the same fu#king point every time i start a new story mission. you cant be immersed into a different world when the place never changes

    • d0x360

      No kidding right. The game has 4 maps! 4 massive maps but despite the size they are mostly empty

  • Starman

    Still helping to over hype this game ….lol…..

    • rudero

      Still helping being pointless with comments

  • d0x360

    Bungie is full of it and I’ve been a Bungie fan since long before halo..a hardcore defend them to the end fan.

    The game doesn’t change. You get access to small stuff like editing your colors but you can’t preview them before you spend tons of money on them which is beyond stupid. Luckily someone made a website that does it.

    You also get access to raids and special daily and weekly missions but they are just the normal missions all over again with match making. Bungie has absolutely dropped the ball here. Had they not told us we would be getting all this amazing stuff it wouldn’t be a big deal but destiny is not what they claimed it to be. If you played the beta you basically played everything destiny has on offer aside from difficult raids. Unbelievable.


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