Destiny: Game Breaking Glitch Discovered

However Bungie are already working to resolve it

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Destiny_Crimson Days

A player on Reddit has discovered a new glitch in Destiny that is apparently very literally game breaking. Apparently the glitch, if abused by the player, lets a player stack as many kills as they want, and stays in effect unless they die. You can check out the footage of the glitch in action, and just how devastatingly game breaking it can be, below.

Thankfully, it appears as though someone from Bungie has already responded to the Reddit thread, and they will be forwarding this information to the team- hopefully that means that the glitch can be patched out before it wrecks the balance of the game entirely. Otherwise, something like this could very well undermine the player community entirely.

You can check the glitch, and what it is like, for yourself below- that said, you are recommended against trying it out to gain an unfair advantage for yourself. Not only is that disingenuous and unfair, but you may also risk a ban from Bungie, once they do get around to patching it out.

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  • David Shah

    There’s nothing new about this. Someone posted about this during the last Iron Banner. It happened to me repeatedly over a couple of days during the same campaign – it’s not something you can control. I just jumped off the map and that reset it. It never occurred to me to exploit it like the guy in the video

    • Lillian George

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  • Been around for ages. Apparently Bungie’s staff are too stupid to read their own forums, but the minute it appears on Reddit they’ll take notice. It’s no wonder they are incapable of keeping their game working in a relatively stable fashion.

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  • One With Shadows

    So much for the 10 year plan.


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