Destiny Health Regen Fixes Detailed, No Deployment Date Yet

Some perks being reverted; others, not so much.

Posted By | On 20th, Feb. 2017 Under News

Following an “unintentional” nerf to all health regen perks in Destiny following the changes to Bladedancer’s Hungering Blade, Bungie sandbox Designer Josh Hamrick has outlined the fixes that will be coming.

And though many of these perks were mistakenly nerfed, as Hamrick puts it: “The majority of the change wasn’t intentional, but when I looked at the problem from afar, I could see how it may be beneficial in some ways after hearing feedback from the community following the Sandbox preview stream.

“For example, some of you had concerns that Hungering Blade was changing while other similar perks, such as Cauterize, were not. This unintended change was going to give us the ability to see what that would look like to make both of those changes. I wanted to make it clear that it was possible that we could find something that we wanted to keep. I didn’t want to say that we’d put it all back, when we might not.”

That being said, some abilities which suffered from the nerf in PvE have been adjusted. “Having an enemies ability or attack be able to completely erase any progress you’ve made and completely reset an encounter feels bad. Also, when 1 hit kill weapons are less dominant those abilities and attacks become more dominant, as they are much harder to stop. This change allows those abilities and attacks to still recover large portions of health and buy themselves more time without completely resetting the encounter and negating all cumulative damage that had come before.”

Hamrick outlined that perks like Hungering Blade, Red Death and Lifesteal would be buffed for the amount of health that players could get back by 58 percent. The same applies to Transfusion and Cauterize which had their cooldowns removed as well. It was noted that these numbers may change down the line.

As for other weapons and perks – like SUROS Regime, No Backup Plans, Ward of Dawn cast, Apotheosis Veil and Embrace the Void – they’ll be reverted to their pre-hotfix state.

There’s no date for the deployment of the update but as community manager Cozmo notes, the dev team “are currently working on them and conducting tests. It is early in the process, so all of this is subject to change.”

Thoughts on the changes? Let us know below.

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  • jamesgray8

    A step in the right direction, but this still doesn’t reverse the worst of the recent change — losing all special ammo upon death. At least let players keep what special ammo they have, or even half of what they have. Losing special ammo makes each death 2-3 times worse, as it makes you less prepared to compete in the next engagement. I would bet my XBox that there are now substantially more blowouts as a result of this new special ammo system. I’m certainly seeing far more of them personally.

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