Destiny: Here Is How You Can Beat This Week’s Nightfall Strike Easily

Destiny players continue to tackle Nightfall strikes

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Sometimes, a game is lucky enough to form a big audience of gamers  and enthusiasts that help to support the title. Some gamers go out of their way, every weekend might I add, to fight their way through the brand new weekly Nightfall Strike in Destiny.

This week, the Nightfall is Omnigul and it will be using the following modifiers, Nightfall sends players back to orbit upon death. Epic will ensure that enemies appear in greater numbers with aggressive AI and more shielding. Angry: these combatants won’t flinch, not even after taking a direct hit. Juggler: the equipped weapon of your choice won’t receive ammo drops and Lightswitch, which greatly increases melee damage for enemies.

For more check out the video below by Youtube user who helps keep the Destiny community ticking over in the absence of the House of Wolves DLC which has fans looking forward to new content and new challenges to face with.

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    We use the Omnigul cheesy medic exploit. This consists of basicly doing everything the same as the video up until the final boss fight. At this point everyone heads past Omnigul and camps the little room up a hight in the far corner. It is important that one party member concentrates on medic duties only. If you stand on the boxes out of sight it is possible to take zero damage..the other team members can expect to die a lot, so we take advantage of the sunsingers dual sticky nades in conjunction with voidfang vestments ability to spawn with full nade energy…sticky, sticky,die,rez,sticky,sticky,die,rez,rinse repeat.(it is important take out her wizard reinforcements quick. They are capable of finding an angle on your medic if you nade spam them off the platform and into the main room)


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