Destiny Matchmaking: “There’s No Substitute For A Pre-Made Team”

Would you rather have last gen lobbies or current gen invite spamming?

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When Destiny shipped to the masses, many gamers found themselves somewhat disappointed with the whole package, saying that it lacked some of the basics that were made available to them when they played Bungie’s previous success, Halo.

In a recent interview, Bungie’s Community Manager DeeJ, speaking on behalf of the studio, has said that how the Halo community functioned was an inspiration for how Destiny works in an online space. DeeJ talks about how players seeking eac hother out and banding together was the inspiration for Destiny’s clans. He said, “The clans and alliances that the Bungie Community built on their own to team up and band together to enjoy some Halo multiplayer was a huge inspiration for how we enabled Destiny clans on,”

DeeJ goes on to say, “While Matchmaking is a great resource for introducing total strangers who can share a Crucible match or a Strike, we believe there’s no substitute for a pre-made team. The most challenging activities in Destiny require communication and teamwork.”

Many gamers feel as though the “pre-made” team mentality is a step back for Bungie, whereas others think that it’s just what was needed in the game. Some are calling for the return of Lobbies whilst others think that this new social interaction oriented approach is just right for the game. It would seem that a happy balance of the two would be some sort of randomized matchmaking, but matchmaking seems like it’s dead in the eyes of Bungie.

But what do you think? Is this new “deeply social experience in Destiny” a good thing? Should they bring back or implement matchmaking?

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  • theduckofdeath

    Bungie acts as if both matchmaking and manual fireteams cannot coexist. They don’t even acknowledge lobbies. The Tower is not social and is simply a hinderance. Everything there could be accomplished from a menu, rather than long loading times back and forth. So may mechanisms the game are designed to be clumsy and time consuming. Even the app, which is intended to speed things up, requires an absurd amount of clicks.

    No loadouts is the most glaring omission. Coupled with the tiny vault capacity, the excercise of managing your guardians becomes a joke. You cannot select multiple items, either.

    No location in the Tower to designate an intent to raid. Go there inspect players, maybe there is a chat lobby. Include a level restriction. Let it be known that mica are strongly encouraged. Party up and go raid. Meet new people and add them to your friends list. Their implementation or lack thereof, deterred millions of people from attempting the raids.


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