Destiny: Player Comes Up With An Intriguing ‘Carrier’ Concept

The concept is a good one, but not from Bungie.

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Destiny Hunter

Since Destiny: The Taken King has launched, Bungie has worked quite hard to make sure there is plenty of new content and new features to keep players coming back. Now, one particular Desinty player has come up with a new concept, as well as some concept art that might help make the game that much better. On Reddit, the poster put his concept out there, adding that while he’s not a huge fan of microtransactions, he thinks if the Destiny development team went and followed his concept, he would actually be able to feel as though the microtransactions were worth the fuss.

The poster came up with an idea for space carriers that would be a central focus of any new content that is put into the game. He even came up with a little bit of art in order to show off what he thought would be a good addition to the Destiny universe. “Carriers are giant ships that act as a Guardian’s private social space. A fireteam of up to 6 can visit the fireteam lead’s Carrier at the same time. You can decorate the interior with furniture, NPCs, banners, etc.” he posted on Reddit. “In the story, it could be incorporated so that Carriers are needed to travel beyond our solar system (a mandatory quest will give every player a basic Carrier).”

On the concept art, the poster said that the carrier wouldn’t only be for Guardians. The idea would have NPCs on the ships as well in order to have someone to interact with. All of this, of course isn’t coming from Bungie so we likely won’t ever see it in this game, but it would be a nice addition for the next iteration of Destiny.

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  • d0x360

    That’s a pretty stupid idea. It adds absolutely nothing to the gameplay. How does having what amounts to a private chat lobby enhance the game in any way? You already have private chat so who cares where you are standing? Its just another lifeless area for you to do nothing in.

    Omg a carrier! So exciting!

    • kevin

      Same reason you build settlements in fallout 4 or homes in skyrim hearthstone just something fun to do and a place to call your own

    • d0x360

      So you are taking much more involved base building and assuming that’s what would be included. You are also assuming a majority of players actually make use of said function and find enjoyment in it when its likely that isn’t the case at all.

      Giving everyone a generic space and putting future furniture in it doesn’t sound like fun to me but maybe that’s because I’m not 16 years old.

    • kevin

      I didn’t say it was fun I gave reason to why it would work because there are people out there that like that stuff

    • Emzx19

      Completely false.

    • kevin

      Lol explain please I would love to here how you think that’s false instead of just stating that and like most on the internet not backing it up.

  • Dan Drake

    Why would I want to do this?

    It’s a terrible idea.

    • Betty Factor

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  • Emzx19

    Stupid idea. Seriously stupid. Lets put your ship in a ship so we can expand the map.

    Words cannot describe how moronic this person is, along with everyone that thinks it’s a good idea. Destiny is a bad game, but asking us to expand out of the solar system when we haven’t even explored 1% of Earth is a practice in futility. Then again, it’s not like this game can be saved without a reboot. So anything is useless at this point. Why anyone would support a series when it’s been proven that the entirety of the DLC was cut out of the main game is beyond me.

  • Darren Curtis Smith

    Dumb idea. They could at least port all the legacy strikes into year 2 though. How hard is it to bump up all the enemies levels anyway? Face it. Bungee took the money from us and doesn’t care anymore. What I’d like to see are about 20 new strikes with a playlist that won’t repeat the same one three times in a row. We could also explore say Orion’s Belt and get a ton of new story missions. Grinding raids gets boring quick

  • Woody Shaffer

    Maybe if people would focus all there negative energy into something good instead wasting there time bashing something the world would be a better place.

    • Shelley Lewandowski

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  • Brian Kelly

    Destiny is dead and was killed by it’s creators.
    Destroying content when you buy new dlc’s was a bad move.


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