Destiny Player Count Nearly at 13 Million, +500 Dedicated to Franchise

872.4 million (and counting) collective gameplay hours thus far.

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When it released the Bungie Weekly Update, the developer of Destiny elicited more than its fair share of groans from players regarding complaints that still hadn’t been fixed. However, it was revealed that a mind-blowing 13 million players – or to be exact 12,869,066 players – have jumped aboard and tried to become legend.

Of course, this doesn’t reflect how many copies have been sold and it’s more than possible that the recent free demo for all platforms gained its fair share of players. However, Bungie also revealed that 22.93 million Guardians have been created since the game released in September and 872.4 million hours of gameplay time has been notched up thus far.

It also seems that there are +500 staff members working on the franchise, both on the original game and the sequel. How much new content will be heading to the original game remains to be seen but the developer is taking the franchise very seriously.

What are your thoughts on Destiny’s success? Let us know in the comments.

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  • d0x360

    That’s great now how about you release the numbers of people still actually playing the game? Every single one of my friends who played destiny has stopped. That’s 12 people who had roughly 40-60 hours each in the game haven’t played since October.

    I’d love to see a graph that shows unique player count by day or week from launch till today. I’d wager it has a pretty steep decline.

    • PS4 and X1

      100% Agreed. But Bungie will never show that.

      Someone, somehow, from somewhere needs to make it lol. Because I totally agree with you, it’s probably a steep decline (with slight increase during DLC, then decline again after people release “thats all there is in the DLC”).

  • Tom Krager

    I personal think Microsoft pays for publicity on websites like this . .. NOBODY is playing this game anymore . . . not even close to 13 million.

    • TheSolution

      Wow! Well that’s another ignorant comment I can add to my list of “Most Ignorant Comments”.
      I would like to know where this though of Microsoft paying for publicity came from and especially about Destiny a game which was and is still marketed more by or only by Sony.


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