Destiny Update 2.0.1 Goes Live Today, Iron Banner to Follow

Microtransactions and the removal of Shot Package are in-bound.

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Destiny Iron Banner

Destiny’s Iron Banner, a week-long PvP event which offers special loot and weapons, was thought to be going live during today’s reset. However, it seems there’s a small delay. Bungie announced on Twitter that update 2.0.1 would be deployed first and Iron Banner would follow shortly afterwards.

No specific time was provided but it’s likely that Bungie follows the same timing as Iron Banner up to this point i.e. 10 AM PST.

Update 2.0.1 will introduce some pretty strong changes to Destiny, including the implementation of microtransactions with the Eververse Trading Company and the removal of Shot Package from shotguns to reduce their long-range effectiveness. Other changes are to be expected so stay tuned for the official patch notes in the meantime.

Meanwhile, Year Two Iron Banner will function a bit differently. You have to pay Legendary Marks instead of Glimmer for equipment but there’s a higher chance of gear and weapon drops from matches. Will you be taking part? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • bluecheesedressing

    => Legendary marks as the sole equipment and weapon currency (outside of real world monies for the new micro transactions) for year 2 is infuriating. It makes playing all three character types impossible, as it is, since it is a controlled trickle that has a shared limit across all characters, both capping earnings held and events earned. Making the Iron Banner rewards also cost this new (what is the 4th or 5th currency type now) legendary bucks is just another thumb in our eye on top of everything else (damn Bungie towe still have to unlock the IB rewards through play/victories is that not enough!?!) Trying to get all three characters at once to a decent raid level (300+) is nearly impossible except for the 8 hour per day players now. “Eff the casual players.” -Bungie

    It’s a shame as the gameplay is finally up to par.

    Just go ahead and go pay to win, it would seriously make me less mad.

    • theduckofdeath

      One character can be the workhouse. The only thing you might need to buy is a 280 Ghost (I have spare 280 and 272 Ghosts). I’m not sure if artifacts are sold by any vendors.

      At the moment, I play only on my 300+ Titan. My Warlock was the main last year, and my second warlock has been replaced with a Hunter.

      Save enough legendary armor engrams for your other characters, as well as high levels blues for infusion. The only thing I’m missing are artifacts, those will come through playing those characters. Weapons (290 -300+) can be borrowed.

      That should get alts raid ready in no time.

    • bluecheesedressing

      Duck I says-
      But now I need not 3, but now 4 kinds of class specific armor to hit 300 (really 5 if you count the totem thing). I think that this meta, the currency system is as broken as the sprint button- if you are trying to equally play four characters.

    • theduckofdeath

      LOL, yeah, it irks me when you click to sprint and nothing happens. Good job picking up on the Unforgiven reference.

  • Rey Angeles

    How big is this god damn update? It says I can’t play until is completed and for it to complete it says 99+ hours???

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