Destiny (video game)

Game Overview:

Destiny was first outed via a leak and there were rumors of it being an MMO.

The game was originally code named “Tiger” and was supposed to run on a new Bungie-developed engine and feature unique online connectivity and matchmaking technology. [reference]

It was announced when a screenshot was leaked showing futuristic soldiers and tanks.

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Publisher: Activision
Developer: Bungie
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PS4
Release Date: 2013
Genre: First Person Shooter
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Destiny The Taken King: Player Claims to Have Shared Over 18,000 Red Bull Codes for Exclusive Content

There’s an argument to be had whether the people making these codes are helping or hurting.

Destiny: 5 Developers Bungie Could Learn From

Bungie could improve on its development practices – here are five studios it can learn from.

Destiny The Taken King DLC: Bungie Announcing Bonuses On Bungie Day

Destiny planning to celebrate year old Guardians.

Bungie’s Destiny Could Have Been Funnier (And Better)

But Bungie can’t stop taking themselves too seriously.

Destiny Taken King DLC: Season Pass Holders Will Receive VIP Treatment

The White Glove treatment comes with some pretty big strings.

Destiny: The Taken King Confirmed During Sony’s E3 Conference

Sony confirms the next expansion pack for Destiny.

Destiny The Taken King Expansion Pack Teased By Bungie

Will The Taken King make an appearance at E3 2015?

Bungie Catching Flack For Destiny’s Prison of Elders Layout

Prison of Elders doesn’t have enough checkpoints and it takes too long for a large swath of Destiny players.

Destiny: The Taken King May Connect House of Wolves And The Dark Below Expansion Packs

Some speculation regarding Destiny’s next expansion pack.

Destiny Exclusive Content For PS4 And PS3 Featured In New Video

Short video talks about the things only Playstation gamers can get in Destiny.

Destiny Houses of Wolves DLC: Next Chapter To Possibly Take Place On The Moon

megamanexe4 has apparently made an interesting discovery regarding additional content for the House of Wolves.

Destiny: Trials of Osiris Has A Secret Area Reserved For The Best Players

The Lighthouse is apparently only accessible if you manage to rack up nine wins before you lose.

Destiny: House Of Wolves Video Shows How To Hit Level 34 On Day One

New video lays out exactly how to level up quickly enough to see success right away in House of Wolves.

Destiny House of Wolves DLC: Faction Weapons Screenshots Revealed

New faction weapons from House of Wolves showcased.

Destiny House of Wolves DLC Aims At Evolving The Game’s Storyline

Bungie hopes House of Wolves will bring the kind of storyline fans have been looking for since the game first launched.

Destiny House of Wolves DLC: New Images Shows Fallen And Osiris Themed Weapons And Gear

These can be earned as top-tier rewards in new activities in House of Wolves.

Destiny’s Trials Of Osiris Themed Gear Teased In New Screenshot

You too, can look like an Egyptian god if you can kill enough enemies first.

Destiny House of Wolves DLC To Possibly Have New Modifiers

However what exactly they are has not been revealed.

Is Destiny “Plague of Darkness” Expansion Arriving This September?

An interesting speculation regading ‘Comet’.

Destiny: Upcoming Heroic And Nightfall Strikes Leaked

The two strikes will take place in Meridian Bay, Mars.

Destiny Queen’s Wrath Event, Iron Banner Salvage Due Before House of Wolves?

Recent DestinyDB entries could point to new upcoming bounties from the Reef.

Destiny On PS4: No Suspend & Resume Functionality Until 1.1.2 Update

At the moment, Destiny players are feeling a little bit left out.

Destiny Matchmaking: “There’s No Substitute For A Pre-Made Team”

Would you rather have last gen lobbies or current gen invite spamming?

Destiny: Upcoming Nightfall And Heroic Strikes Detailed, Xur’s Future Upgrade Exotic List Revealed

Is Xur really being controlled by Bungie to keep players under powered?

Destiny Players Are Already Exploring The House of Wolves DLC Locations

The House of Wolves is seemingly ready to go, it’s just a little devoid of life.

Destiny’s Xur: Red Death, Heavy Ammo Synths for March 3rd to 5th

Arguably the best pulse rifle is currently on sale in Destiny.

How To Farm Reputation Quickly And Effectively In Destiny

Get the inside line on just what you need .

New Destiny Glitch Spawns Infinite Thralls

New glitch brings a new loot farm

Destiny Future Nightfall Strike And Heavy Ammo Synthesis Dates Revealed – Rumour

It would seem as though Xur can be manipulated after all.

Destiny New Crucible Events Coming Before House of Wolves DLC- Rumour

Legitimate looking screengrabs point towards more content.

Destiny: PS4 Player Learns About Stranger Danger The Hard Way

A harsh lesson using the PS4’s share play feature.

Destiny: Here Is How You Can Beat This Week’s Nightfall Strike Easily

Destiny players continue to tackle Nightfall strikes

Destiny Players Locate A Weapon That Inflicts 365 Damage

Another example of an overpowered player has been found.

Destiny’s Mysterious Chest In Vault of Glass May Not Exist After All

It was most likely all a simple misunderstanding .

Destiny: Level 42 Vault of Glass Light Gear Spotted In-Game

Some high tier gear may point towards new level caps.

Destiny: New Glimmer Farm, Loot Cave Discovered

Farm that loot until the sun goes down.

Destiny: Upcoming Patch Will Fix Heavy Ammo Bug

It’s like surgery but with code.

Destiny: Nightfall Tips And Tricks For This Week

Here’s some info that might just save your life.

Destiny’s Most Popular Weapons Are Vision of Confluence And Khvostov 7G-02

So many space guns, you wouldn’t even know where to start.

Iron Banner Is Returning To Destiny, Begins From January 13th

Iron banner matches will bring the pain to noobs.

Destiny’s Future Expansions Leaked in New Image – Rumour

Eyes up, Guardians. Your war is far from over.

Destiny: How To Get Every Legendary Ship

Here is a list of all current Legendary Ships and how to obtain them.

Most Disappointing Game of 2014

Which game did not delivered on the promise?

Destiny: Location of Three Little Words Legendary Pulse Rifle And Its Upgrades

A new weapon for a new day, just don’t forget the Three Little Words.

Destiny: Location of Swordbreaker Legendary Shotgun And Its Bonuses

A space age shotgun is miles better than a regular shotgun.

Destiny Save Data Will Carry Over To Destiny 2

Destiny’s “Ten Year Plan” might include Save Data compatibility.

Destiny Servers Are Being DDOS’ed, Facing Connection Issues

Lizard Squad have taken responsibility for the attack.

41 Of The Coolest Destiny Secrets You Absolutely Need To Check Out

From secret rooms to references in Halo 3 ODST, think you know all about Destiny?

Destiny Xur: Agent of Nine Location And Items For Week 10

Some new gear to keep you ahead of everyone.

UK Game Charts: Destiny Still on Top, Disney Infinity and Hyrule Warriors Debut

Bungie’s online shooter still reigns supreme in the UK despite falling sales.

Destiny Average Play Sessions at Three Hours, 137 Million Hours of Activities Logged

Destiny’s engagement levels “on par” with Call of Duty.

Destiny: New Playlist Focuses on Vehicular Combat in Crucible

Heavy ammo is the order of the day in Destiny’s newest live event playlist.

Destiny PS4 Sales Rise by 300 Percent in UK

Marks the biggest week for the console in the UK.

Destiny Visual Analysis: PS4 vs. Xbox One, PS3 vs Xbox 360

Not the good, not the bad, just the middle ground.

Destiny Is Officially The Most Watched Game on Twitch In 2014

Space man goes ‘pew pew pew’, apparently you like watching that a lot.

Activision Says Destiny Has Grossed More Than $325 million in Five Days

Now put all that money into actually making a good game!

Update 1.03 Released for Destiny

Does it make the game fun yet?

The Order: 1886 Developer Defends Bungie’s Destiny

‘Anything under an 8 is ridiculous!’

Bungie’s Destiny is the Largest New IP Launch in UK

PS4 version accounts for 46 percent of sales.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Why It Shouldn’t Fear Destiny

When you consider the looting and range of content, it’s not even close.

Sony Announces Full Lineup for TGS

70 PS4 Games, and 33 for PS Vita.

There Is A Destiny Infinite Ammo Hack

This is why we can’t have good things.

Phil Spencer Says Not to “Dismiss” Xbox 360/PS3 Versions of Destiny

“Bungie did a lot of work to make those great.”

Bungie Wants Destiny to Be “Avatar, Not Waterworld”

Head of production Jonty Barnes talks about the risk of a new IP for Bungie.

Bungie’s Destiny is Now Live

Arguably the biggest shooter of the year (this week) goes live.

Destiny Reviews Won’t Be Hitting The Internet At Launch Day

It’s absolutely mind blowing, truly next gen, highly dynamic and very emotional.

Destiny Receives New “Coming Soon” Teaser Video

“Stay vigilant, Guardians” says Bungie.

Destiny Trailer Highlights PlayStation-Exclusive Exodus Blue Map

Check out the competitive map you’ll be able to shoot up.

Destiny Planet View Lets You Explore Various Locales

Check out a Google Earth-esque view of our Solar System in the future.

Destiny Planet View Lets You Explore Various Locales

Check out a Google Earth-esque view of our Solar System in the future.

Destiny Data Servers Housed in Las Vegas Bunker

Bungie and Activision spare no expense to make Destiny’s launch go well.

Bungie’s Destiny To Possibly Include Dragon Hunting

Why are we always killing Dragons? That’s why they hate us so much.

Bungie Says You Might Not Ever Finish Destiny

I like to call this the Peter Molyneux syndrome.

Bungie Confirms Day One Patch for Destiny

Improves UI readability among other things.

Bungie’s Destiny to Feature Raid on The Moon

Another Raid for launch or one to be added in future expansions?

Destiny’s PlayStation 4 Exclusive Content Detailed

Crypt Hammer? That’s all sorts of awesome.

Destiny Goes Gold, Launch Version Currently Being Tested by Bungie

Bungie’s multiplayer first person shooter is now being sent out for manufacturing and distribution.

Destiny Won’t Have Item Trading Between Players

“Weapons belong to the players who acquire them through action and bravery,” says Bungie.

Destiny Servers Go Live on September 9th (Somewhere in the World)

So not necessarily on September 9th in the US or UK.

Bungie Responds to Criticisms of Destiny Being Too Small

Honestly though? They are amazed you would even think that.

Destiny Dev Says, “We Want To Be Avatar”

Go forth little game, it’s your Destiny!

Bungie Thinks “Players Didn’t Understand Destiny”

Destiny. Because calling it MMOFPSRPG is just a bit too much.

Destiny Beta Characters Won’t Transfer to Main Game Due to Tweaks and Changes Made

Bungie’s Tyson Green says the total amount of changes would leave beta characters in a bad way.

Destiny and Call of Duty: “Room for More Than One Blockbuster” Says Activision

CEO Eric Hirshberg believes the industry can support two big releases in the same period.

Destiny Final Release Won’t See “Major Changes” in Gameplay, “Fundamentals Are Very Strong”

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said there would be a few tweaks though.

Destiny Interview: ‘We Wanted To Make Something That Was Actually A Game Set For All Moods’

Bungie’s senior environment artist Jason Sussman on Destiny’s design inspirations, PS4/Xbox One development, possible PC version and almost everything under the hood.

Destiny Ghost Edition Sells For More Than $1000 On eBay

You will spend a lot of money on this game, it’s your Destiny.

Destiny’s Six Player Raids Revealed, Meant for Multiple Tries

Head into the abyss with your friends in the end-game.

This Is Why ‘Destiny’ Only Allows For Chat Between Fireteam members

‘I don’t want people to bully or grief me when I play online.’

Destiny Xbox One Beta Facing Party Stabilization Errors

Bungie’s beta went live sooner than expected and is already facing issues.

Bungie’s Destiny Won’t Offer Serenity as Player Ship

A slight misunderstanding is followed by a brutal shattering of dreams.

Destiny Beta Offline For Maintenance, Returns on July 23rd

Xbox One and Xbox 360 users will join the mix this Wednesday.

Sony Japan Reveals Two New Special Edition The Last of Us And Destiny PS4 Consoles

Special Destiny and The Last of Us themed PS4 consoles.

Destiny Beta Now Live for PS3 and PS4, Already Experiencing High Volume

Any current connection issues will be ironed out over the next few days though.

Gamestop Selling Digital Versions of Destiny

I mean, if that’s your thing, great, I guess.

Destiny Beta Codes Will Be Delivered By Email

Bungie promises surprises for all players regardless of their platform.

Bungie’s Destiny PS4 Beta Size Is 14.3GB, Xbox One Is 12.63GB

Some lucky PS4 users have been able to pre-load the beta.

Bungie Acknowledges Fan Uproar Over ‘Preferential Treatment to PlayStation’

‘There is a surprising amount of pushback right now.’

First Playable Games Revealed for EGX London

Xbox exclusives dominate the list.

Destiny PS4 Pre-Orders Can be Upgraded to Digital Guardian Edition on PSN

Even if you’ve already pre-ordered, you’ll be eligible for the recently announced collector’s edition.

Phil Spencer: I’m Not Mad At Bungie

Spencer’s not mad at Bungie for aligning with PlayStation for Destiny.

Destiny Will Outsell Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, 10-15 Million Copies Predicted – Analyst

Cowen and Company shares its thoughts on titles it expects to sell well.

Destiny Trophy and Achievement List Revealed by Bungie

Fancy killing every single class in one match?

Destiny Level 20 Cap is Only the Beginning, “You’re Really Just Getting Started”

Bungie has a ton of content planned for those who hit the maximum level.

Destiny Xbox One and Xbox 360 Closed Beta Arriving in Late July?

Could arrive a few weeks after the PS3 and PS4 beta release.

Destiny Devs Helped Sony Develop The DualShock 4

They apparently helped out with the online infrastructure too.

Destiny Companion App Receives A Ton of New Screenshots

It’s pretty basic, but it’s there.

Bungie Explains Why Destiny Is Not 60fps On The PS4 And Xbox One

Bungie had to make sure that the game looks good across all platforms.

Destiny Won’t Be Dumbed Down On Xbox One, No Problems Developing On It

Senior Environment Artist Jason Sussman explains to GamingBolt that all versions of Destiny will look and play great.

Destiny is “Good Fit” for PC – Activision Publishing CEO

Eric Hirshberg says it’s currently a “heavy point of discussion”.

Destiny Won’t Support Split-Screen Co-op

Bungie wants to “untether guardians” and allow you to go wherever you want.

Sunset Overdrive, Destiny to Take Advantage of Xbox One 10 Percent GPU Gain

Destiny will benefit from a resolution increase following the June firmware update on Xbox One.

Bungie’s Destiny to Receive PS4/PS3 Beta Access Four Days Before Xbox One/Xbox 360

Bungie and Activision have yet to confirm the same though.

Bungie’s Destiny Alpha Is Only For Employees, Title Is ‘Making Great Headway’

E3 attendees will experience competitive multiplayer in “intense, skill-based arenas”.

Destiny Pre-Orders With Beta Access Now Open on Sony Store

PS3 and PS4 users can book their copies now for beta access this July.

Destiny Budget Possibly at $500 Million, “Stakes Getting Bigger” for Activision

CEO Bobby Kotick provides a ballpark figure for the online shooter’s budget.

Destiny’s Multiplayer Game Modes Detailed

Bungie details the four multiplayer modes of Destiny.

Destiny PvP Needs to be Unlocked, Available for All Characters Afterward

You won’t need to unlock PvP individually for characters.

Destiny to Support Clans, “Complicated End Game Activities” in Store

Venus and Mars are also on the cards down the line after launch.

Destiny Strike Missions Explained, Character Creation Screens Showcased

More information on the co-op Strike missions revealed.

Here Are Some New Destiny Videos For You To Drool Over

Two new confidential Destiny videos just for you.

Destiny Gameplay Trailer Reveals Devil’s Lair, Guardian Abilities

The Guardians of Destiny have their work cut out for them in facing the Fallen.

Destiny Screenshots Reveal New Weapons And Hidden Details

Bungie has cryptically released some new details… or has it?

Destiny New Assets and Information Coming Soon, Bungie Says “It’s Time to Deliver”

The house that Halo built is hoping you’ll love what you see.

Bungie Insists Destiny is on Track

‘This game is close to shipping.’

Destiny: No NPC Companions, Crafting Detailed, New Gameplay Footage Soon

The upcoming beta will also be Bungie’s biggest yet.

Destiny Collector’s Edition Revealed Next Week?

Bungie’s online shooter gets a whole lot more intricate.

Bungie’s Destiny: Character Customization System Detailed, Features Decal System

Players will find tons of items within the game to further customize their characters.

Destiny Will Use Faceware Tech For Motion Capture

Breathing new life into the storytelling.

Destiny Ad Reveals New Gameplay, Demonstrates Sharing With PS4

The “shared world” shooter shows off some new footage.

Destiny Beta Coming This Summer

Go hands on with Bungie’s latest magnum opus this summer.

Destiny Matchmaking and Server Technology Explained by Bungie

Technical director Chris Butcher goes into detail about the online shooter.

Destiny Holiday Video Spoofs “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Bungie is hard at work over the holidays on their upcoming MMO FPS.

Destiny Used to be Third Person Only

Now includes partial third person elements after switching to first person.

Destiny Might Require “A Group of Players” During Later Missions

Plan to go out it alone? You might want to reconsider.

Destiny’s City Inspired by Camelot, Main Quest Explained

Fight back the Darkness by awakening the mysterious Traveler in Bungie’s next.

Destiny New Details Revealed: Focus, Character Classes, Settings and Multiplayer

Game Informer’s latest issue has the goods on Bungie’s next.

Destiny Featured on January 2014 Cover for Game Informer

More than 14 pages of details and new screenshots.

Bungie on Destiny for PC: Not Going to Spread Ourselves So Thin That it Affects Other Platforms

The house that built Halo prefers to focus on four core platforms.

New Destiny on PS4 Video Talks Clans and Weapons

As well as an open world that is literally solar system sized.

Bungie Exploring Xbox One Kinect and PS4 Touch-pad Options for Destiny

Will they actually implement support? That remains to be seen.

Bungie to Post Beta Codes for Destiny Starting Today

Check back on Twitter each day to pick up a beta code for the game.

Bungie Treating Destiny Beta “Like a Full Product Launch”

There will be plenty to do and see when the beta arrives in 2014.

Bungie Details Destiny’s Weapons

Bungie describes the goods.

SCEA Reveals Studios Developing Exclusive Content for PlayStation

Didn’t quite mention who was working on what platform.

Bungie Has High Hopes For Their Next Project: Destiny

Words from Bungie’s COO on their next project: Destiny

Destiny: New ViDoc and Screenshots About Becoming a Legend

The stars all falling in lines, and whatnot.

Call of Duty: Ghosts and Destiny Appearing at Gamescom 2013

Activision is bringing the blockbusters to Cologne.

Umbra Software Interview: World Creation in AAA Titles, Unannounced Titles and Next Gen Consoles

Used in world generation, we talk to the creators about the future of Umbra.

19 MMORPGs to Look Forward to in 2014

A new generation of consoles is helping to breed new types of Massive Multiplayer titles.

Activision: Destiny Has Potential to Become Next Billion Dollar Series

CEO Eric Hirshberg also plays down reduced pre-orders for COD: Ghosts.

Destiny’s Public Events and Multiplayer Differentiate it From Borderlands

Creative lead Joe Staten says they’d be idiots if they didn’t look at Borderlands.

Destiny Multiplayer Can be Avoided, Option to Play Solo

Can you do so offline though? Still not confirmed.

Destiny E3 Showcase Was “Our Super Secret Dev Kits”, “Just a Sliver of the Game”

The online shooter will also feature competitive multiplayer.

Destiny Will “Revolve Around a Rich Narrative”, Clan Support Still Unconfirmed

Players can easily stick to their “own adventure unaided by other games”.

Bungie’s Destiny MMO Gameplay Details Revealed

Lead engineer Chris Butcher discusses the public spaces and events of Destiny in greater detail.

Bungie’s Destiny New Details: Story And Public Space Explained

COO Pete Parsons talks about where players will converge.

How Bungie Decided What Destiny Level To Use To Debut The Game

Bungie talks about the rationale behind the decision.

Activision Blizzard Unveil E3 Lineup

Activision’s lineup for E3 2013 detailed.

Umbra 3 Available for Xbox One, Powers The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Destiny

Developers such as Ubisoft Montreal and Remedy also licensing tech for future projects.

Destiny 60 Second Trailer Announces Worldwide Gameplay Reveal at E3 2013

That too at Sony’s PlayStation E3 conference on June 10th.

Bungie’s Destiny Confirmed for Xbox One

In case you didn’t think it was.

Destiny will look awesome, says Bungie

More details to be revealed at E3.

Destiny Info Overload: Classes, Environments, Races Showcased in Concept Art, New Character Video

The scale of it all easily exceeds anything seen in their Halo games.

Destiny (video game) Wiki

Everything you want to know about the game.

Destiny’s Mythic Sci-Fi Direction “Gave Us This Freedom” – Bungie

And it certainly beats drawing armour for ten years.

Destiny Concept Art Reveals Three Primary Classes

Hunter, Titan and Warlock at your command.

Destiny shown off on the PS4, here’s the video footage

The Sony versions get exclusive content.

Analyst: Destiny Skipping 2013 to Avoid Clash with Call of Duty

Analyst Arvind Bhatia believes Activision will want to avoid cannibalization of COD’s sales.

Destiny Won’t Release in 2013, Coming to “Future Platforms”

Cease the rumours and speculation, say Activision.

Bungie’s Destiny Wallpapers in 1080P HD

Check out some amazing wallpapers for Bungie’s Destiny in 1080P.

Destiny: Halo Composers Martin O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori Returns

A sample from the soundtrack has also been revealed.

Bungie: After Halo, “Nobody Plays Shooters The Way They Used To Because Nobody Wants To”

If that’s not a “Come at me, bro!” we don’t know what is.

Bungie Will Discuss New IP “Destiny” at GDC 2013

The game will feature in Bungie’s discussion on building a brave new world.

Destiny and FUSE: The Importance of Corporate Filters

Despite their scary histories, the importance of big publishers can’t discounted.

Bungie’s new game still a lot like Halo

Bungie’s new game with Activision, will still be familiar to Halo players.

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