Destiny’s Ghost Sounds Quite Different With Nolan North

Now we just need Nolan to say “that wizard came from the moon.”

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Destiny The Taken King

Earlier this summer, Bungie announced that as part of its launch of Destiny 2.0, it would be replacing Peter Dinklage with Nolan North as the voice of the ghost. The little hovering robotic thing that makes up almost all of the spoken dialogue in the game. Hollywood nonsense apparently led to that decision but whether you are happy or not about the change, the change is coming soon. The good news is you won’t have to wait until the Taken King launches next week in order to hear what North sounds like as your new sidekick.

Polygon has put together a video that shows off what Peter Dinklage and what Nolan North sound like as the Ghost and there are definitely some distinct differences. It should be pointed out that those who hated Dinklage as the voice of the little machine were likely just holding a grudge over what was a comically bad reading of a line from the beta because the game was released. That particular line was so comically bad that it wasn’t included in the finished game, despite that there has been a push, since launch to get someone else to handle that character.

Bungie says the push wasn’t the reason for the replacement, but it’s certainly interesting that its next choice was a well known and well loved veteran video game voice actor in Nolan North. If you don’t know the name, you probably at least know the voice, considering that he’s lent that voice to hundreds of video game titles. He likely most famous for voicing Nathan Drake, the man at the center of the Uncharted series. Take a listen to what Destiny 2.0 sounds like with the addition of Nathan Drake.

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  • jaxcliff

    I absolutely hate the new voice, sounds like an effeminate teenage boy.


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  • VoidWalker

    they both suck. Why not make it more robotic? why does it have to be all emotional and human like?

    • Tech junkie

      Yeah makes sense. The writing is very flat like a robot.

  • Tech junkie

    Bring back Dinklage!

  • John Frank

    They could have added the new voice and still given those who prefer Dinklage’s voice the option of keeping it.


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