Destiny’s Nightfall and Weekly Heroic is The Devil’s Lair

Sepiks Prime is your target in this week’s most difficult strikes.

Posted By | On 03rd, Mar. 2015 Under News

Destiny_Sepiks Prime

The weekly refresh has finally arrived in Bungie’s Destiny and we now know the newest Weekly Heroic and Nightfall Strike.

This week, Guardians will be travelling to The Devil’s Lair to take out Sepiks Prime, a large Servitor. Modifiers for this week include Epic (heavily shielded and more aggressive enemies), Lightswitch (enemies have far more powerful melee attacks), Angry (enemies don’t flinch) and Nightfall (fireteam returned to orbit on death of all players). The odds aren’t completely against you though – Arc Burn is also enabled so your Arc weapons will deal much more damage. Just remember that this applies to the enemies’ weapons as well.

The Weekly Heroic will have Heroic (larger number of more aggressive enemies) and Lightswitch active as modifiers so there’s no real danger as long as you keep your distance. Arc weapons are recommended here as well since the Reaver Captains will have Arc shields to deal with. Fatebringer, Fang of Ir Yut, Patience and Time and Thunderlord will add you significantly.

What are your thoughts on the Weekly Heroic and Nightfall? Let us know in the comments.

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  • SkullCowboy

    Will Bungie address the Reddit leaks? Megaman is consistently spoiling their “exciting” plans. He hasn’t been wrong yet. It’s obvious he knows what he’s talking about. With that said, you can pretty much confirm we will not see G-horn from Xur for a very long time, if ever.

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    • SkullCowboy

      That’s great! Tell me… what’s it like to be a wh0r3?

    • Jonathan Medina

      Bungie already said they’re taking out the Ghorn from xurs inventory and adding the vex. Xur won’t ever sell it again you don’t need a leak to read their public comments.

    • SkullCowboy

      Link or it didn’t happen.

    • SkullCowboy

      Better yet, 10-seconds of internet sleuthing proved that your comment was merely a rumor & never came from the mouths of anyone at Bungie. Better luck next time. Think about it, Hawkmoon is a PS4 exclusive & Mythoclast is a drop from Hard mode Vault of Glass. Why would they give the Vex to Xur? It wouldn’t make any sense to take away the best reward from the 1st raid.


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