Dev Explains Why The Turing Test Is A ‘Timed’ Xbox One Console Exclusive, Microsoft Really Loves The Game

Microsoft’s support and enthusiasm for the game led to the decision.

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The Turing Test

One of the most promising upcoming indie games is The Turing Test, a game set on Europa, one of Jupiter’s Galilean moons, which promises to be a devilishly tricky first person puzzle game. GamingBolt recently had the chance to sit down with Howard Philpott of Bulkhead Interactive, who are developing the game, and we had a chance to ask him some question about the title.

The Turing Test is going to launch on Xbox One and PC as a timed exclusive- we decided to ask him about the reasoning behind this decision, asking him why a PS4 version was skipped. Philpott explained that Microsoft’s enthusiasm and support for the project led to the choice.

“It’s a timed exclusive on Xbox One, Microsoft really love the game and have really supported our studio get the game to their console first,” he said. “The game was developed on Steam, hence the simultaneous release on PC and Xbox One. We may look to other platforms in the future!”

He also confirmed that the game would run at 1080p and 30fps on the Xbox One, though PC players naturally get to pick and choose their own resolution and framerate. “The game currently runs at 1080p 30fps. On PC you can completely tweak framerates and resolutions to suit your system,” he explained.

The Turing Test will launch on Xbox One and PC this month.

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  • StarkyLuv

    It seems that every time a dev makes an exclusive for the XB1, timed or not, they’re interrogated as to why? You do not see these interrogations when the PS4 gets exclusives.

    • Troy Marcel

      There’s this double standard in the industry when it comes to do with anything Microsoft, I don’t see it ending anytime soon.

    • jp

      save the playstation campaign. as MS gets more transparent Sony becomes more shady and the industry is okay with that.

    • Eric J

      Sony supporters need a mass shooting at a psn event. Maybe then they will stfu . Until then

    • crazy_black_man-

      Hmmmm…..Reported. Watch list now updated.

    • Arch Stanton

      Why on Earth would anyone want to make exclusives in the first place just to shut themselves out of selling their product?

      First, there is 100% no reason whatsoever to buy a console when all it is is a locked down DRM nightmare. It’s a computer that you can’t expand and is limited to what those like Sony and Nintendo want you to have. Xbox is no different.

      Oh, big deal, you can’t play maybe one or two exclusives but I can change everything from a CPU to Graphics card and any hard disk size without the added expense of a label saying it’s for PS4.

      Then with my PC I have at least 20 Million games and other software through emulation of which you can’t use on a console because your locked down.

      At one point you could use Linux and all of that on the PS3 then Sony decided to lock you out. Now, you can play PS1, PS2, PS3, XBox, XBox 360, WII, WIIU, and every other handheld on your PC.
      Consoles are an idiots choice to buy the same game over and over.
      Zelda goes back over 20 years starting on the MSX but what has Nintendo brought you since? More Zelda, more Mario…Nothing new.

    • Mr Xrat

      LOL StarkyTwat crowing about two weak NPD wins when a new SKU is out and PS4 production got ramped down to accommodate the new models. Poor lad.

    • Mr Xrat

      Past week has been worse for Shitbox drones. All that “bad news” and PS4 still dominates while your grinding wait for games goes on. Keep being a b***h, StarkyTwat.

      Have fun with that $800 Shitpio with no exclusives.

    • Martin Brentnall

      That’s because if you’re going to choose just one console, the PS4 makes the most sense given its larger installed base. The question isn’t really “Why XB1?”, it’s “Why reach 20 million when you could reach 40 million?”.

  • Mr Xrat

    Just MS trying to infect its way back into the industry sideways.

    • kma99

      Is that the same thing sony did with the witness and no man’s sky?

    • jp


    • KashIsKlay

      and destiny

    • Eric J

      I can’t wait for the day when someone kills u. I’d do it tomorrow but don’t know where u live

    • Mr Xrat

      Cry more. 🙂

    • crazy_black_man-

      Hmmmm….you’re now on the watch list.

  • Arch Stanton

    Just played it for about 10 minutes.
    So far I only have complaints.
    The game crashed as soon as I landed on Europa and it is completely apparent that the British programmers don’t have a clue what right and left means in the controls.
    Left in a FPS means strafe left or move left and NOT turn left, I have a mouse to do that.
    Same goes with right. I tried to move slightly to the right to peek around a corner and I’m spinning in circles.

    Also, despite my ability to have screen modes higher than 1080 I set all my resolutions to 1080 but for some reason in this automatics world that wants to interpret what you want it defaults to the highest resolution with everything set to maximum slowing down my system.

    When an industry wide standard within the gaming community has been set such as move left and right why do these EuroMorons have to change things?

    • Manoj Chavda

      agree! Is there a way to customise the controls — to create bindings for strafe-left and strafe-right?

    • Chris Sayles

      Haven’t you just ranted about how great your PC is compared to consoles? Just saying… This is the problem; none of the consumer market have ‘standard’ machines. Hardware combinations are almost limitless for PC, so therefore software stability is equally a problem. That’s called irony.
      I have both PC and consoles, and I am far from being an idiot. 🙂

    • Arch Stanton

      That hardware mix is an old argument from the 90’s and is no longer relevant.

      Software and games in general don’t have that low level access like they used to mostly because off of higher CPU speeds and larger storage capacity and programmers rarely need to use Assembly Language.

      I have seen many games crash on consoles and it’s called SHTTY programing.

      The PS4 has the most crashes of any console out there and I get very few on my PC.

      This game didn’t work from the start.

      Now, we can talk all day about this and that but at the end of the day there is so much software and games out there that anyone can either spend two minutes crying over a game like this or just move on to one that works.

      That said, the company that put out the broken game and took their money will be out of business.

      Steam should rethink their refund policy because of No Mans Sky because a lot of people are out $60 for a clear ripoff.
      No Mans Sky is another bug ridden game that crashes constantly on consoles.

  • brokedownsystem

    the Microsoft desperation is real.


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