Dev: Wii U Comes off Badly When Compared Against PS4/XO, Porting Next-Gen Titles Just Doesn’t Work

A third party developer talks about the technological shortfalls of Nintendo’s console.

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A third party developer talked about the Wii U. Particularly, how certain parts excelled over the previous generation but how ultimately, it’s unable to match up to the PS4 and Xbox One.

“Parts of the hardware run better than the previous generation, but other parts drag it down. If you tried to compare the Wii U against the PS4/XO, it comes off very badly indeed – it just cannot compete with the new consoles.”

It also doesn’t help that the lower tier technology prevents porting of next gen titles over to the Wii U, despite some similarities in architecture to the Xbox One and PS4. “There are some fleeting parallels between Wii U and the next-gen consoles – the combination of a low-power CPU with a much more powerful graphics chip – but the notion of next-gen titles being easily portable to the Wii U just doesn’t work. The gulf in power is just too high, while the GPGPU that we’ll see on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 isn’t compatible with the older shader model four hardware found in the Wii U,” the developer said in the latest feature of Secret Developers on Digital Foundry.

With Nintendo projecting $335 million in losses due to the Wii U and stocks diving 18 percent for the company at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, what do you make of the developer’s words when it comes to competing with the PS4 and Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • stealth20k

    anonymous coward.

    • Daniel Dorestant

      Its part of the business…

      Would you publicly air the dirty laundry of one of your clients?

      The consequences could include that client refusing to work with you and/or future clients not trusting you in the first place. Less clients less money

      You call him a coward but I’m certain you would do the same thing if it meant protecting your primary source of income

      In fact I find it funny that you label someone an anonymous coward while hiding behind an internet screen name

    • cozomel

      Anonymous coward? you’re an anonymous coward, why dont you reveal your true identity. And what are you an idiot? Everybody knows the WiiU is technically weak and pathetic. It has a lot of elements that are weaker than last gens systems. Like it has a slower CPU and less bandwidth than Xbox 360/PS3. 95% of its multiports are inferior to PS3/360, Crappy network and is way to expenisve ($300 for it is to much)

    • Butthurtps4

      Kettle meet black

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    what shader model do PS4 and Xbox One have that the shader model 4 for Wii U isn’t advanced enough for the former two to give ports to Wii U?

    • Jordan

      Both PS4 and Xbox One are based on AMD’s 2nd generation GCN architecture. Which is their current technology in their latest line of GPUs.

  • Butthurtps4

    WiiU cannot compete with xb1 or ps4. Nintendo made a horrible system, underpowered, soulless, and bet it’s tablet controller would be enuff, it wasn’t, it failed, and for good reason. They rest too much on Mario, donkey kong, Zelda, smash bros, metroid etc…that’s all Nintendo has and we are sick of them, he same rehashed better looking Nintendo games, not only that but they are released sooooo slowly it’s ridiculous. Nintendo is so out of touch and needs to change it’s company to the core or drop out of consoles and stick to handhelds. They need to make a powerful console with no gimmicks, u can innovate with out gimmicky nonsense, they need to actually care about third parties and secure loads of them as ms and sony does, they need a real controller, a REAL ONLINE, get with the times Nintendo ur online infrastructure is ridiculously outdated, and most important they need to focus on gamers not everyone just gamers. Do that or quit consoles, nobody would care, we have MS and sony aka the big boys.

  • Tiberian_Fiend

    Wii U is like Nintendo’s Saturn. They’ll release another console in a couple of years and when that one flops regardless of how good it is, they’ll be forced to leave the home console market.

    • filchron

      but if their new console is anywhere near as forward thinking as the DC then i’ll be lined up day one. i just beat code veronica on a 1080p plasma in VGA mode and it still looks amazing! better than first gen xbox360 titles like the outfit and BF:MC. it had graphics and high-res capabilities that look AS good as the HD remakes of games today and that was 15 years ago! i still really cant stomach n64 games when i play them now and i can forget even touching a PS1 at this point in time. need i mention they were the first console manufacturer with an online service and web-broswer (that was even faster than my 56k broswer on my computer at the time) AND the first company to make the H.U.D. IN THE CONTROLLER! (VMU) nintendo wont do this, they dont have the guts.

    • filchron

      also it launched for the EXACT SAME PRICE that the N64 launched at.

  • stealth20k

    They come off badly porting because quite simply, devs are lazy to put in the time and effort. Money does play a factor in that.

    This article is today but how can you write this, “and stocks diving 18 percent for the company at the Tokyo Stock Exchange”

    The stock not only rebounded, its HIGHER than it was. How long are we going to slander Nintendo when its not even the truth?

  • eyeofcore

    This article is pure BS…

    Wii U supports DirectX 11 feature set a like feature set and Shader Model 5.0 otherwise Unity 4 Pro would not have all updates which include DirectX 11 a like feature set. You got Nintendo and people that develop Unity confirm that all updates and features of Unity 4 and Unity 4 Pro are fully supported on Wii U.

  • kamilz

    This is nothing new, did Wii (previous one) was equal or better then PS3 or Xbox360 ?

  • EastOfTheAnduin

    A third party developer said the sun sets in the east. He added that ducks that are planning a global uprising will soon enslave the entire human population.

    Just another worthless click-bait article, milking the teat of another worthless click-bait article, nearly two weeks after the fact.

  • Paladinrja

    Oh where there is discussion about Wii U’s technical features, there seems to be an aweful lot of developer feedback thats anonymous, very negative slanted and utterly bogus.

    I’m an engineer in IT and I see alot of what I feel is increadulous due the fact that all these affirmations are of the most unfamiliar and unprofessionally spoken rubbish I’ve ever read. Those whom go on record to state whom they are and why they feel Wii U is a great platform speak in terms I accept as professionally thought out.

    Its why they get to the point like Mr. Lizner from Shin’en much to the confusion of readers, which makes me wonder, if everyone is confused by industry speech, then why are they conerned or discussing these things with devs? – defeats logic

  • Embassy

    And yet… Over 120 Unity engine games coming soon!


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