‘Devious’ Chaos race revealed for Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

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Relic have revealed a new threat for players to go up against in their upcoming Warhammer 40K-based third-person shooter, Space Marine.

Accompanying the Ork horde is The Chaos, a race of malevolent creatures that invade from a parallel universe called the void.

Opposing the clumsy Orks and their single-minded goal of territory aquisition is the more complex motives behind The Chaos. The little that is known suggests Captain Titus, the game’s protagonist, is somehow involved in their plans. The Chaos will also introduce new gameplay challenges for the player.

In an interview with CVG Space Marine game director Raphael van Lierop said that “we think Chaos will really excite fans of the game. We know people have been wondering what tricks we have up our sleeves in terms of other enemies in the game, we’ve already established with our RTS side of 40K that it’s about fighting more than one enemy and I think that with Space Marine we’ve focused on talking about the Orks so far.”

“With Chaos we’re able to add a new twist to the game for players, giving them an enemy that is much more devious, much more dangerous in small numbers and one that is going to force the player to be think, be a little quicker on their toes and just provide a fresh challenge for them in the game” he added.

Certainly sounds like a new take on the standard Warhammer RTS game’s we’ve been accustomed too.

Thanks to CVG for the info.

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  • doub7

    Never played a Warhammer game b4 but this is right up my alley. I will take a solid Gears type shooter any day. & no matter what David Cage says I luv my space marines…lol.

  • I used to play warhamer all the time at my local hobby shop. I’d imagine more of an rts for this game but I guess in order to go in a new direction and keep hope alive they’ve decided to go with a 3rd person approach. That’s cool, so long as they don’t disappoint.

  • This looks more like 40k though, I used play as orcs and goblins in the original. I know a guy who once shoplifted a Wyvern and tried to sell it to me while we were still in the store.

  • doub7

    Yeah it is in the 40K universe. Don’t know a whole lot bout it, seen guys playin it in a few comic shops. I remember I briefly played the 40K PS2 & PC FPS yrs ago. Not familiar w/ the universe but hopefully this will b a good intro. Game is lookin sweet so far.


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