Digital Foundry – PS4 “isn’t quite as powerful as Epic was hoping for”

It’s great for the price they will charge for it.

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Andy House, Sony president, introducing PS4

The PS4’s specs when revealed seemed quite impressive, and they should be, because it has 8GB GDDR5 RAM.

However, Digital Foundry–the tech wizards at Eurogamer–have compared the PS4 and PC demo of Unreal Engine 4 and have found out that while the PS4 demo is great, it’s still lacking compared to the PC version.

Mark Rein has praised the PS4 specs so it’s not like Epic Games are disappointed with it, but it isn’t as powerful as what they were hoping for, in Digital Foundry’s words.

“The biggest casualty is the omission of real-time global illumination, which produced some really impressive lighting in the original presentation,” their article reads.

“GPU particles are fewer in number, depth of field has been significantly retooled and isn’t quite as impactful on PS4, while object-based motion blur appears to have been removed. The flowing lava effect had real depth and texture to it in the original PC version – on PS4, it’s significantly flatter.”

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  • RustyBean

    1. What is the cost and specs of the PC that ran the dempeopletimized for the specific hardware in said PC? And not the PS4?

    3. Did Epic Games shoot for lower target specs in the PS4 when they intially were setting up the demo for the console?

    These are just a few questions I would like to see addressed whenever an article like this is written. I’d rather see the argument expressed as follows:

    “The PC demo for X-engine is better than the one for Y-console. The reason for this, is the PC it initially ran on used top of the line components which brought the cost to around $1000-$1200, while the console lagged behind with it’s inferior specs at a cost of about $400-$500.”

    Just asking for a little more intuitive thinking before people make comparisons. It’s like someone saying this Bugatti Veyron blows the wheels off of this basic package Ford Mustang. Both are great vehicles but they are obviously in a different class of performance.

    • RustyBean

      The cost might actually be more than that… But it’s just a rough estimate.


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