DirectX 12 Appears TO Be Causing A Performance Increase of 150% in Nvidia GPUs, 400% in AMD’s


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We were assured that not only would our existing graphics cards, many of which are probably less than a year old, be compatible with DirectX 12, but that in many cases, the new API might even increase performance yields from them. And so far, it appears that this was not a hollow promise.

Well known technology website AnandTech has been running some preliminary tests with DirectX 12 using Oxide’s Swarm Demo, and so far, the early results seem to be impressive- we are seeing performance increases of as much as 150% for Nvidia cards, and a staggering 400% for AMD’s cards.

Of course, AnandTech is quick to point out that this is the absolute best case scenario, and that real world performance increase yields are likely to be a fair bit lower; but with that said, even if they only achieve a quarter of the performance increase that they achieved with this demo, DirectX 12 will have been worth it. Now let’s hope developers actually jump on board with it.

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  • Drewidian

    Two weeks ago while getting ready for a LAN party, I dropped my gaming rig and one of the hoses for my water cooling system disconnected and leaked all over my MB. Yeah tears… Instead of not going, I grabbed my AMD powered 3 year old laptop I was testing with Windows 10 with and figured I might be able to play some of the older games for the party. Needless to say I was shocked at how well it did. I had Windows 8.1 on it before and while it performed ok… I knew I’d never be able to run real games on it. That day I was fragging people left and right and while it never could run at a high detail or ultra, on medium it was definitely playable with 10 users in most of the games we played like TF2. I know it and some of the other games we played didn’t require high specs, but there was clearly a significant improvement from 8.1. With my new rig I’m building, I’m definitely putting 10 on when it is released.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      for building a PC is AMD or Nvidia usually the ones with better graphics card? Also how much will I have going for me, each part of building one that is, just to make my own high end PC, seeing it will be well over a couple thousand in the end?

    • Drewidian

      I think it depends on personal preferences for AMD vs. Nvidia. In my experience, AMD might be more powerful, but has been weighed down by drivers and Catalyst support. Nvidia cards, have that PhysX built in and depending on the games, can actually perform better than AMD’s cards at a particular price point. I usually stick with an Intel/NVidia combo, but this year I’m going to try AMD. It depends on what’s available when Windows 10 launches. Check places like Toms hardware, PC Perspective, Ars Technica and any number of other web sites to get more information, look at road maps, comparisons, and reviews. There’s plenty of information out there for new builders. Best of luck.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Thanks . To you too 🙂

    • Xengre

      Nvidia and Intel are the current kings of performance. If you can afford it aim for a GTX 970 or GTX 980 but the 700 series is not bad.
      If you find a great deal on top tier AMD GPUs it might be worth grabbing that despite driver/crossfire issues since AMD has been putting out some crazy deals sometimes in order to stay afloat against Nvidia (such as temp price cuts to $600 for a $1.5k GPU, etc.). Nvidia has significantly better drivers, software, features like PhysX and Gameworks, and multi-GPU performance. AMD has some slick deals for price/performance on multi-GPU cards on a single board and their GHz series are worth at least looking at to see if they are on sale (why blow $500 for a GPU that is overkill when you can get a GPU only 15% slower for $350, etc.).

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I’ll look into those..not ready for them right now though. I have a laptop though so how difficult would it be to get it inside and have it running? I’ll look at both companies. Oh ok. My laptop comes with PhysX but I don’t think it’s the latest version don’t know. thanks for the ideas. I’ll see where my searches take me. gonna be a while before I get any card though seeing I just got my laptop not too long ago.

    • Xengre

      Upgrading a laptop can be a challenge and not something I am particularly familiar with vs desktops. I can tell you that the 900M series from Nvidia is quite good. Identical laptop components often are nearly 50%~60% the performance of their desktop counterparts but the 900M series pushes closer to 75%~80% due to major thermal and energy improvements (the limiting factor in a laptop’s hardware).

      If you genuinely don’t need to carry a laptop around (most jobs and college campuses have them available for instance and why carry one around your house, kinda thing) then a desktop is a lot more flexible and you can have at least a decent gaming rig for $700-900 USD (or potent as heck for a bit more).

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Oh ok guess I’ll see more about 900M series. I have been moving around a lot every year so I don’t want a desktop until I know I’ll be in one place for more than a year or two since my family has had to keep going places. Which is the laptop works for me because even then I still may go places during the day especially tutoring. That will have to wait. For now I’ll do what I can for my laptop.

    • Xengre

      Yeah, I was amazed how well my Anthlon 3500+ AMD CPU (single core) and 9600 GSO was performing even in 2004 able to play games at max settings such as Crysis (the original) though at 720p.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Crysis didn’t come out until 2007. Wish I had your rig then though my was just plain CRT desktop mash up. No special graphics to it, at least from what I remember since I didn’t play any intensive stuff, just games like Diamond Mine and Mohjang.

    • Xengre

      Oops, hit 4 on keypad instead of 7. Yeah, I only ran the demo on that rig at the time but was able was floored it ran so well even if only 720p (to add I think max settings on demo was actually 1 setting under max being High rather then Very High). Didn’t get the actual game until I built a new rig.

      My old rig used a CRT, too but did have a dedicated GPU because the onboard got messed up during moving causing sideways scanline like artifacts across the entire screen (it ran surprisingly well too). Kind of glad for it because installing a new GPU and PSU (had to for the GPU) and a bit more RAM due to that got me into computers.

      I mainly played emulators back then and FEAR and a few MMOs (Ragnarok online was my fav). I still find myself heavily favoring older games on emulator over most new content (particularly for RPGs) though I will say PC support has definitely improved since PS4/Xbox One’s release due to their similar architecture.

      Speaking of Windows 10, definitely going to install it as well as it is both free for Win7/8 owners to upgrade to for the first year and mandatory to use DX12.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I think mine was purely by manufacturer I don’t remember any mods made to it at all. Got a virus on mine so had to toss it. Went without my own computer for like 4 years. Had a laptop even then but it was total junk. My family was always behind the times growing up we had a CRT TV until a month ago. 14 years it lasted, last thing I played on it was Final Fantasy IX. I have a laptop though so what parts besides RAM can i upgrade? I’d tried Dolphin a few months ago but laptop I had was old so it barely managed to run anything especially Project 64. Have never played older PC games, had pirated Dagger fall and Arena. Interested in FEAR. Lately I’ve been retro gaming through Wii U Virtual Console or PSN or playing remakes of older games mostly. Guess the nostalgia never dies no matter how old you get. Yeah more PC ports are being made and vice versa. Yup can’t wait to see how different it feels from 8.1. I can never go back to a non touch screen computer ever since I’ve been using 8.1. Yes but given the current set up for my laptop I most likely won’t be able to take advantage of what it has to offer as much as your rig will. Eventually I’ll get a desktop but for now laptop is most convenient. Dying to play Half Life and many more legendary PC games.

    • Xengre

      You can swap your HDD to an SSD and, honestly, that will have general drastic performance increases since most laptop HDD are 5400rpm which is incredibly slow even compared to 7200rpm HDD (what is usually found in a desktop PC). An SSD is much faster then both of these options. It will NOT boost FPS in a game but will cause your computer to boot/update/shut down much faster and your OS/applications to launch and function much more smoothly. It will also heavily cut loading times of levels in a video game and speed up saving/etc. This also has a major advantage for laptop since heat is one of the major limiting factors. An SSD generates significantly less heat then a HDD so it is worth considering this option for that aspect alone.

      Your laptop may be able to swap its optical drive for an SSD. Most things, now days, are available via Steam, etc. and CDs are largely very irrelevant for PC. This would let you get a reasonably cheap SSD (less capacity) and put your OS and major applications on it while putting most of your games, movies, etc. on the HDD already installed (maybe putting 1-2 often played games on the SSD, too).

      You can upgrade your RAM as you already know and this is important for more current games.

      One of the issues that limits the rest of the upgrades is parts are often either soldered together (CPU/GPU/etc.) on a laptop or space limitations due to design.

      You can check if you are able to even remove the GPU, but odds are you can’t and you may run into thermal/power constraints even if you did upgrade and could fit it. Your CPU will likely be simply too ancient to compete with your GPU, too for more modern titles.

      You could simply upgrade to a more current gen laptop or purchase a refurbished/used laptop from Amazon, Ebay, etc. There are several sites that let you custom configure laptops to fit price/performance needs and you could also look for manufactuer sales such as HP sales, Dell, etc. or on Tiger Direct and other sites. This can, in particular, produce some nice options for a major price cut but it is hard to find one with an adequate GPU, often, so it would definitely take some looking. The deals do exist, though. Generally, you want to go no less then an x60M version of a Nvidia GPU if you want to realistically use it for gaming and it would be best to even aim for the x70 version (such as 770M, 970M, etc.). For CPUs you want to aim for faster speeds (GHz) per core rather then more cores (don’t go for that 6 core 2.4GHz CPU, grab the duo/quad with 3.2GHz, etc.). Holidays are a great time to look for computer/tech deals.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      SSD will have to wait especially since they’re more expensive. Didn’t know they consumed less heat. My computer has been loading for slow lately, been trying to disable background programs but just ended leaving my computer unable to surf internet so restarted it and ended up just going individually to the programs to disable. Such a pain. My laptop doesn’t have an optical drive will have to get external. I currently have 8 GB I hope 16 gives me much better performance but given my monitor is only 60 HZ I don’t think I’ll see much difference I dunno. True that. I have a Core i-7 quad core. I’ll look for that, didn’t know custom laptops were also done thought that was only for desktops. Will do. I only have a GT not GTX so I’m not getting the most out of any games I have. Yeah I think my CPU is 2.6 GHz. Gonna have to look next holiday yeah, see what I can do then. This laptop was sort of a quick buy; didn’t think to look online and customize my own proprietary rig.

    • Xengre

      Yeah, SSD has no moving platter or mechanical parts so the heat reduction is fairly dramatic on a laptop.

      Don’t bother getting more then 8GB of RAM. Considering you wont be gaming at extreme settings on that laptop you will not be able to utilize more then 8GB at settings you can manage to play on it and will not see ANY performance gains. 8GB is solid stick to it.

      You don’t need to worry about running more then 60 FPS or a monitor wiht a refresh rate greater then 60Hz. Those are largely gimmicks except when using 3D because it cuts your refresh rate in half due to double rendering frames. Actually, if you can have your average frame rate (and preferably your lowest frames) at 30+ fps you are doing alright and can totally game at this, most console titles run at this rate too. Beyond 60 frames is greatly diminishing returns and under most circumstances you won’t notice a reasonable difference between 60 Hz and 120Hz despite what people swear by.

      Another thing to do is, if your PC is not encountering heat issues, go into the power saving settings and set CPU to run at 100% all the time (I highly suggest getting a vent pad or whatever it is called to go under your laptop with ACTIVE fan cooling). You may also see drastic performance gains if you reformat and reinstall Windows as it will do away with malware, corrupt files and registery issues, etc. Just make sure to reinstall drivers. Your current rig may actually let you play a lot of current games at lower settings (as the PC doesn’t sound too bad, depending on just how old the GPU is) if you reformat. Reinstalling Windows can help dramatically in such cases if there are issues bogging it down which it does sound like may be part of the case. Just back up whatever you need to keep to an external or dropbox/etc.

      When you can I do suggest swapping your primary drive to an SSD and using an external for extra crap or installing a secondary HDD if you got space in the PC (I assume you do due to lack of optical/disc drive).

      Here are some sites to customize laptops and do look at others as well:

      Note that the first two often show holiday sells, etc. on their main page such as free upgrades, % total cost off, etc.

      Examples of two decent PCs at ~$1k USD that you can customize to raise/drop price for whatever you want: and

      Note: they have 2.5GHz CPUs that can turbo to 3.5GHz (if it isn’t running to hot it can auto up-clock to as high as 3.5GHz, your laptop may do something similar). Newer CPUs also have superior instruction sets and architectures that allow them to significantly outperform previous generations even if clock rate is identical or possibly a bit lower (Ivy Bridge vs Haswell, etc.). At default settings both of those laptops already have great specs for running any game out there, though you wont be running at max settings since it is only an 860m (mobile worse then desktop counter part) but will definitely be running at reasonable FPS at likely med settings (most games look pretty great even at med settings now days). You can also turn off things like anti-aliasing, depth of field, shadows, global illumination and other very heavy hitting settings while keeping other settings pretty high.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Oh I knew that from looking up more about cartridges used for Nintendo’s early systems, that advantage I was aware of. I don’t have software to measure the frame rate my games run so I don’t know how well it’s optimized to run the game. I tried evil within and that was running below 30 I think but then again I’d accidentally offset all the workload to the CPU and not the Nvidia graphics card so I don’t really no what my current set up can handle. GRID 2 seemed to run fine after I’d fixed it except it wasn’t buttery smooth like 120 HZ 🙁 I don’t know where to make my CPU run at max. So much work to reinstall especially since I’ve already downloaded some games. I actually haven’t opened up the laptop yet so I don’t know. thanks for the links. My CPU can turbo to 3 GHz. But again I don’t have software to measure if performance is going at its peak and see if I’m getting everything out of it. My games were probably running at most mid settings, doubt I may reach high but I’ll see. b-b-but..I like the I really need a desktop. here are my computer specs: Intel Core i7 2.5 GHz, Turbo up to 3 GHz, Nvidia GT 840M, I think my computer has 1 or 2 GB Video RAM not sure, and then my RAM DDR3 I think. and FULL HD. Where do I go to see the full outline of the specs of my computer?

    • Xengre

      You can use FRAPS which is free to download to see FPS and even use the recording feature (but bonus features/extended recording require paid version). Just start FRAPS and then start the game of choice (or reverse order and alt tab to start FRAPS).

      It should have 2GB VRAM which is fairly decent, especially since you wont be gaming at like 4k resolutions with it. If you want to try to keep effects on as high as possible turn down the resolution to 1280×720 rather the 1080p (1920×1080). Also turn off or significantly lower anti-aliasing and preferably shadows. You may be able to keep most other things at fairly decent settings if you do this. LoD (level of detail) is another major hit but often impacts how far you can see into the distance so up to you whether you lower it or not.

      If it is having issues as you claim reinstalling may be the only viable option. Then again, you said some games are running fine so, for gaming purposes, simply adjusting the settings may be enough. Some games on release are just plain bad in terms of performance and may take several drivers/patches before they become playable even on higher end specs. Always try to keep your driver up to date but avoid beta drivers (not worth the hassle).

      Another MAJOR tip is if you aren’t hitting the refresh rate of your monitor (example: 120hz = if you are not hitting 120 fps, or 60 hz if not hitting 60 fps) then DISABLE V-Sync!!!! This being turned on prevents screen tearing if your PC is putting out frames much faster then your monitor supports but if it is getting LESS frames then it can actually cut FPS by almost exactly in half (due to timing related stuff).

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      think I’ve heard of that I’ll look it up. OK trade offs are a pain. I’ll see what comes of it. I don’t think I saw LOD in my graphical settings but I’ll have to check. Yeah I’d adjusted back to it mainly offsetting from the GPU and I was able to get GRID 2 to run at full HD haven’t seen if the evil within gives me good results on that yet. Yup I use Nvidia Geforce Experience to stay updated. I’ll test and see if V-Sync is the problem. I’ve no screen tearing just some drops and very slow motion. ah ok. thanks. I’ll test and see what comes of it.

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Interesting implications for PC owners. Especially with AMD’s Power/Price ratio. A massive boost from an API without any sort of drivers is incredible and can only go even further once proper drivers are created and applied (Joke about AMD having no drivers goes here while joke about Nvidia drivers goes up in flames)

    Now watch this article get swarmed by ignorant console fanboys of either side genuinely believing it will either provide a massive boost or no boost. Ignorance reigns.

    • Xengre

      The article from AnandTech actually says the only reason AMD saw such performance gains was due to the abysmal performance AMD had with Star Swarm in the first place using DX11. In real world performance it will never see such immense gains. Unfortunately, this means we don’t have any example of how AMD will scale with DX12, yet. It may still scale better then Nvidia for all we know and by result even beat Nvidia where it would otherwise measurably lose had it ran DX11.

    • Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan M


    • Xengre


  • astrix_au

    That swarm test never scaled to the results the first said, take it with a grain of salt, I love Mantle but BF4 didn’t have 8 times the performance. The swarm example isn’t a very good real world test case.

  • astrix_au

    For bit coin mining maybe, what is that test really testing? Compute or throughput not what a actual game is like.

  • Xengre

    Completely misleading article. AnandTech’s tests actually explain that AMD is experiecing very poor performance without DX12, in the first place, due to faults on their end running the DX11 code and thus sees immense gains vs Nvidia’s already impressive gains (150% vs 400%). In a real world environment it does appear that Nvidia is performing better with DX12 at the mid and high end spectrum but Nvidia GPUs don’t benefit much on older lower end GPUs. At least you mention the segment regarding real world performance.


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