DLC Timed Exclusives Could Be Console Wars Game Changer – Analyst

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 pointed to as a big time example.

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While there are a couple of different things that could either change or cement the console wars, at least one analyst believes the thing that could really decide the fight is how DLC is going to be used in the near future. David Cole, who is the founder and CEO of research firm DFC Intelligence sat down for a recent interview with Gamasutra where he talked a ton about DLC. Cole said that console exclusive games are certainly nice for both the Xbox One and the PS4, but timed exclusives are the key.

Timed exclusives for games are good, but timed exclusives for DLC might actually be better. “Exclusives work best on extras like DLC and levels. You aren’t giving away the whole deal, and thus neither party has as much at stake.” At the same time, if one piece of DLC actually hits it big, the console that has it first could become the console that is thought of as the one carrying a game, even if it’s actually on both platforms.

Cole singled out the timed exclusive for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. For years, Microsoft was the platform where players would get DLC for the Call of Duty franchise first, but Sony recently swept in and scored a contract that shifted who came first when DLC drops. Cole was quick to point out that while the Black Ops 3 timed exclusive DLC was big for Sony, that war isn’t over yet. Microsoft will have some games coming this year where DLC will hit there first and the two companies will continue to trade punches.

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  • legacy

    Sony got over 30 exclusives this year alone, it’s going to be a short fight

    • Starman

      Interestingly, Black Ops III and Star Wars Battlefront sold better on Xbox One than PS4, though the fact that these games were included in PS4 bundles may have something to do with that. Bundled game sales are not counted in NPD’s report. Rainbow Six Siege also moved more physical units on Xbox One than PS4, while all Minecraft games sold better on Microsoft’s console than Sony’s.

    • papasmurf

      Sadly for you
      Not one xbox exclusive made the top ten
      No one cares about xbox exclusives

  • Starman

    Xbox had this exclusive for years … but now it’s a game changer ??? how much did Sony pay you to say that ….. and the xb1 BO# outsold the sales on Sony …without timed DLC……

  • XbotMK1

    I think timed exclusives and timed DLC is more of a mind trick that doesn’t fool most gamers as more and more gamers are catching on to the way it works. I think full exclusives are the only major impact but I think 3rd party exclusives are unjustified unless it is under certain scenarios, such as the platform maket share just isn’t there to warrant a release, for example Japanese games. Another scenario is if the developer lacks the funds, but I think this is a grey area as well because the developer could use this as an excuse to accept bribes because they want that extra money from the platform holder.

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