Does Slower CPU Clock Speed of PS4 And Xbox One Affect Facial Animation In Any Way?

FaceFX developer offers its own take on the current power of next gen consoles in that regard.

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We’ve heard about the power of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in creating large, open worlds and modelling realistic effects. Though the PS4 has had a leg-up over the Xbox One in terms of games that can run at 1080p/60 FPS, the power of both next gen consoles dwarfs that of current gen easily.

However, how do both consoles fare when it comes to realistically modelling facial animations and expressions, especially compared to PCs? Considering that increased realism is a hallmark of the next-generation, GamingBolt got in touch with OC3 Entertainment’s Doug Perkowski, whose team is behind FaceFX. The company’s middleware solution has been used in a number of blockbuster titles including Thief, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto V and many more.

When compared the power of next gen consoles to a high end PC, who’s hardware is constantly evolving, what kind of challenges does the team face in developing the right tools for the PS4 and Xbox One? Perkowski stated that, “A high-end PC with the latest GPU/CPU gives you the most graphics horsepower, but ultimately I think iPads and tablets are a greater competitive threat/opportunity for consoles. High end PC games will always be a niche market that appeals to the graphics enthusiast, but the average consumer will choosing between a console game and new gaming app on their tablet, or perhaps some hybrid.

But what about the overall clock speed? With CPUs logging higher clock speeds over next gen consoles, does that hold the latter back in any way with regards to FaceFX? After all, there’s no denying that so much more could have been accomplished with higher clock speeds on consoles.

Perkowski responded, “Are you talking about the speed of the CPU or the GPU? It doesn’t matter because facial animation technology is not constrained by either really. But with a faster graphics card, you could potentially have higher polygon characters, but even in that case, you would probably use the same skeleton rig. And FaceFX calculates transforms for the skeleton rig, and the engine will then use the graphics card to drive the polygons with the bones, so FaceFX’s calculations would be the same.

“At the end of the day, you just don’t get better facial animation with faster CPUs. You can get better physics, particles, explosions, and simulations, but facial animation can only get better with more animator hours or better technology. That’s what makes it such a hard problem.

“And just an additional clarification, there are many facial animation methods that are definitely limited by the CPU and GPU like skin solvers and light simulations for the skin. FaceFX could even drive those systems, but most games (regardless if they are targeting high-end PC’s or consoles) will use more traditional animation techniques that are not bound by the CPU or GPU.”

So regardless of their differences with a high-end PC, much less their differences with each other, the PS4 and Xbox One are both fairly well off in terms of facial animation. It will be interesting to see what happens when games start relying on the above mentioned skin solvers and light simulations in the distant future, which will require more CPU/GPU power but for now, all is hunky dory.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    wouldn’t it make more sense that the more powerful the hardware, the “less” polygons required to make a highly realistic model? just saying.

    • Psionicinversion

      no the more powerful the hardware the more polygons it can drive, like a smile having 1000 polygons to 2000 polygons the more polygons the greater range of movement and realism of stuff

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      gotcha. I was just wondering since if they can make hardware smaller as the years go by, such as making PS4 and Xbox One’s CPU’s 28 nm, why can’t they reduce the amount of software required to perform the calculations?

    • Psionicinversion

      It doesnt work like that cus to get better realism from physics the software needs to become more complex with more complex algorithms, and then you need more powerful hardware to perform those calculations its the reason why weather predicting is done on super computers, and over the years as the chips get more complex and powerful the software can alos scale with it to do more complex calculations better predicting the weather

      the nm of stuff is to do with how much circuitry etc you can fit on a chip, the smaller it goes the more you can fit on increasing performance, lowering heat or whatever else you want do with it i think but thats why it get smaller but then theres other challenges involved after its getting to small.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      oh I see now. Guess that shouldn’t be a big surprise since hardware evolves faster than software anyway these days it seems. Really wish I had a high end rig, besides consoles.

    • John D

      Having a high end rig does not mean you are gonna see games that push it. Buying a PS4 and XB1 is a more then viable option. Remember this it takes consoles to push developers and innovation. Why do you think none of the new graphic engines are out yet. They are just now starting to talk about them. That is because next gen consoles are out and now they can move forward with the new engines. Do not let PC fanboys talk you in buying a PC. The PS4 will have games that pushes PS4 hardware something you rarely see on PC unless it is Crytek or Dice.

    • Psionicinversion

      consoles do push new gfx engines but they also stifle innovation cus why would a developer push hard on the hardware of a PC and make it look like rubbish on a consoles, theres no incentive. hopefully its the astart of something new and brilliant on the PC and consoles will be left in the dust in 1 year

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      hopefully it revitalizes the industry as a whole.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I see what you mean. I want PC mainly for the exclusives it has-graphics for me is just a bonus. I plan to get PS4 and Xbox One next before even considering a gaming rig.

  • Psionicinversion

    “the average consumer will choosing between a console game and new gaming app on their tablet, or perhaps some hybrid”

    there you have it guys, consoles are just average nothing to see here move on!!!

    • John D

      “High end PC games will always be a niche market”

      Good luck being the minority.

    • Psionicinversion

      love being the minority, dont like following everyone else cus im not a sheep being herded by a greedy farmer!!

    • Mikeherp Derp

      I guess I should have bought an iPad instead of a PS4.

    • Psionicinversion

      an ipad??? galaxy s2 at least ditn want favoritism ..pfft ome on!!!

    • Gamez Rule

      “High end PC games will always be a niche market that appeals to the graphics enthusiast, BUT the average consumer will choosing between a console game AND new gaming app on their tablet, OR perhaps some hybrid”

      Meaning the average consumer will choose ( consoles / gaming apps / tablets over PC games ) There you have it guys, PC Games are just below average consumer needs so nothing to see here, move on!

    • Psionicinversion

      people who buy consoles are just cheap and dont mind settling for whatever soeone gives them, us PC gamers have the luxury of choosing, know what im saying

    • Gamez Rule

      “people who buy consoles are just cheap and don’t mind settling for whatever someone gives them”

      Completely false☺

      I own consoles so how am I cheap. My PC motherboard cost £305, the ram cost £350, my GPU cost £500, my tower cost £150, my CPU cost over £300, yet I still own consoles, and way over 400 games for them too?

    • Psionicinversion

      well youve obviously got a lot money so bought them instead of a ferrari…. see cheap!!!

    • Gamez Rule

      Never liked ferrari… ☺ That’s my excuse anyway.

    • Daniel Brennan

      Never wanted to shout out that I’m average

  • Johnny

    It comes down to game engine and optimization in short thats what fnaboys get wrong all the time.

  • Ice cream Pimp

    LOL… you PC fan boys wanna sit up here and talk about how the PS4 sucks. Just don’t buy one then. Continue playing your own games and beating off all over your amazing graphics cards and leave us PS4 gamers alone. 3 years from now we’ll still be having fun playing amazing graphical games on our PS4’s and you PC homo’s will still be jerking off trying to promote more people to buy PC’s. LMAO

    • Johnny

      I thought beating off to 1080p 60fps and your amazing graphics was a Sony fanboy special ability exclusive.

  • I’m disappointed that both Microsoft and Sony didn’t release more powerful consoles. The last generation was much closer to their PC counterparts. PCs are way more powerful in regards to their offerings. Don’t get me wrong. I was one of the first to purchase my “Next-Gen” console because I think they have value but we all could have benefited with much more rich graphics, environments, and realism. The fact that developers will have to use tricks instead of raw power to create incredible effects for our games means we will all suffer this round. That said, I may end up going back to building a high end gaming rig for the first time in many years because I know I’ll be jealous of what the horse power of PC gaming rigs are and will be. The XBox One and PS4 are both basically just average current gaming rigs (if that) and that has me a bit annoyed.

    • Gamez Rule

      “I’m disappointed that both Microsoft and Sony didn’t release more powerful consoles”

      To be honest the consoles are matching PC gaming at high settings for a very low cost. What more could you ask for really. They have enough hardware to give gamers what they want but what people have to remember is they are still new and developers have still got to get to grips with optimization.

    • PC Gaming at high settings? No. That is simply not true. They are both struggling out of the gate to even get 1080p at 60 FPS on relatively average games. Most PC gaming rigs can play these games at 120 FPS easily with more graphics options turned up. If you remember back when the last two generations of Consoles came out, they were even with relatively high end gaming rigs for at least a short while. I’ve been a technology specialist for the last 28 years and this is the first time where I was shocked at how low end the GPU, CPU, and RAM were out of the gate (although I am impressed with the PS4 using DDR5 RAM. They’ve always sold the consoles at a loss, knowing they were going to make up the profit on the games, but this round…they are simply weak. They may barely keep up (be not that bad compared to some PC gaming rigs) but in two years when PCs will have an average of 16-32GB of RAM and Oct-core processors with GPUs spinning circles around our PS4s and XBox Ones, we’ll be wishing they had put at least a reasonable amount of power under the hood. I would have agreed with you in regards to “optimization”, but these are glorified PCs this round. It’s not like the last gen with the PS3 having a completely different architecture. This is what they have to work with. They’re using standard AMD hardware.

    • Gamez Rule

      See if you look at STEAM, which is a major place for PC gamers ( including myself ) you’ll see by Steams survey shows that most PCs that used their site are nowhere near as power as Xbone, ( let alone PS4 ).

      Just because there’s hardware on the market for PC that is 10x more graphically better than PS4 hardware doesn’t mean that PC gamers ( in general ) own it. Example would be STEAMs survey showing PCs under powered compared to PS4.

      Developers that make games asked Sony what they wanted? They wanted the CPU / RAM / GPU / architecture, ect. So they didn’t need more as otherwise the PS4 would have a better GPU ect.

      Look at how good Shadowfall is graphically ( for a console release game ) PS4 has power to better that game as time goes by. So developers help make the console and are more than happy with it.

    • We can argue opinion all day. I own a computer consulting firm and have 28 years experience in the industry. I’m stating simple facts. The PS4 (the more powerful of the two consoles) does 1.8 Teraflops. The current most powerful SINGLE GPU for PCs does 5.4 Teraflops (Not even using SLI). There are quite a few PC gaming rigs (with single GPUs) that will effortlessly do 1080p resolutions at 60 FPS on the highest setting on the newest games. The PS4 and XBox One are simply a low end gaming PC at this point although they are better than the previous generation. The gap between PCs and consoles on the previous generation was much closer. The value of a PS3 was originally around $900 when it was released and sold for $600.

      I know what I am missing on my PS4 and programmers getting used to building for the system has nothing to do with it. There simply isn’t enough raw power under the hood to compete with PCs and nothing built-in for the future.

      Will they start to produce more games at 60 FPS at 1080p? Yes…at the cost of graphical effects.

      Does Killzone graphics look impressive? Yes, compared to what we saw on our PS3 but I’ve seen graphics like that on PCs for years.

      It’s like upgrading to a Camry from a Corolla. Yes, it’s a much better car but when you see so many higher end cars all around like Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s driving around you all day and know what it could have been. It should have at least been a Lexus…but it’s not. I’m not saying the PS4 and XBox One are bad systems. They’re just not what they should have been out of the gate. They should have been able to play any current game at 1080p (current TV standard resolution) at 60 FPS without effort.

      Are the game developers happy? More happy than having to continue programming for the PS3’s weird architecture and go to a more standard PC format. Are they thrilled? I doubt that.

    • Gamez Rule

      “There simply isn’t enough raw power under the hood to compete with PCs and nothing built-in for the future”..

      See there we go. WHY does a console even have to compete with PC in the first place. That’s right a console doesn’t need too OR better still wasn’t made too. It’s an easy buy for people to play games on TV without all the GPU settings, ect. Millions are selling and will continue to do so, and that’s why there was no need to compete with PC hardware.

      “They’re just not what they should have been out of the gate. They should have been able to play any current game at 1080p (current TV standard resolution) at 60 FPS without effort”…

      Not every game needs to be 60fps and devs confirmed this to be correct. People can say…devs lied, but not all games need 60fps to have a great experience that developers wanted us to feel within their games, so why waste resources having 60fps when they could use those resources for other things ( shown by the order 1886 )

      PS4 has enough under the hood for gaming. IF people want to go above and beyond then get the multi-plats on a high gaming PC and keep the consoles for their exclusive games. Simple really. Consoles are more optimized but launch games always look crap compared to later on so it’s still really early days yet

    • Why does a console have to compete with PC? A console IS a PC. Developers have to make money and the way they do that is by putting out products that are better than what they put out before. Is it always graphically? No. Do you still see people playing Atari 2600 games? No.

      Not every game needs to be 60 FPS (although it definitely helps). When there are games that are new, hitting single digit frame rates in the first batch (Thief PS4)? Are you kidding me??? Consoles aren’t magic. They have a certain amount of horsepower and using the exact same “magic” as a PC. The only way they are going to be able to improve games is through trickery at this point. If you’re satisfied with not being able to experience realism in games and use your imagination, so be it. I’m wanting to experience VR and be immersed in realism inside of a Skyrim environment next year. That simply won’t be able to happen with my PS4. Instead, I’ll have to be thrilled with Minecraft High fidelity.

      I’m glad you’re satisfied with “alright”. It’s frustrating for me, knowing how easy it could have been for them to add in just a bit more horsepower in CPU and GPU and have a great gaming console vs. a good one.

    • Gamez Rule

      Even the best tech doesn’t mean anything when the people who use it don’t do it with passion. Example what PS3 has for hardware to even play games the way it is now is awesome. Yet PS4 is much better than that. I see good times ahead, as 90% of consoles in the past have shown us

    • Using the excuse of passion being a reason why single digit frame rates is acceptable is just that – an excuse. It isn’t acceptable and the PS4 and XBox One AREN’T that much better than previous tech. Consumers shouldn’t be satisfied with barely average hardware that is already struggling…but it’s the best we’ve got. Before the PS4 and XBox One came out, everybody was expecting that they would be pushing the 4K boundary and would “probably” be able to play great on the upcoming generation of TVs (now possibly skipping 4K and going straight to 8K resolutions). Look at the rude awaking we’ve gotten and there isn’t anything that Sony or Microsoft can do about it other than release yet another gaming system for people wanting to enjoy (experience) their new tech. When I was playing Need for Speed Rivals the other night and had five cars on the screen going around a corner and was watching single digit frame rates, no amount of passion was going to cover my disappointment.

      Now we’re back peddling and saying that at least some games are coming out at 1080p with 60 FPS or that graphics aren’t everything. Why a brand new console shouldn’t be able to handle the effects produced for a game on a “new” engine at a solid frame rate on a standard resolution HDTV in it’s native resolution is beyond me.

      If you want to put on blinders, more power to you. Just realize that you aren’t living in reality and that you’re making excuses for the tech not living up to what it should have been. No amount of excuses, hope that developers will make it more, or wishful thinking are going to change what these consoles are capable of or will be. The only thing that is going to happen is developers will be turning off graphical features in order to stabilize our gaming experience.

    • Gamez Rule

      ((( Why a brand new console shouldn’t be able to handle the effects produced for a game on a “new” engine at a solid frame rate on a standard resolution HDTV in it’s native resolution is beyond me )))

      What you posted above falls into why I posted “Even the best tech doesn’t mean anything when the people who use it don’t do it with passion”

      Example from Eurogamer

      “there are often cases where – to the best of our knowledge – lacklustre PC optimisation simply can’t be tweaked away. Take the PC versions of Assassin’s Creed 4 or Call of Duty: Ghosts. We should reasonably assume that our current games system – a Core i7 overclocked to 4.3GHz working in concert with a Radeon R9 290X – should be able to run those games at a locked 1080p60. But it’s not happening, despite a lot of time sunk into options tweakery”

      So why do some people like you think consoles should play games at a solid 60fps while running at 1080p when high rated gaming PCs cannot do it every time either ( explained above )

      When I’m playing Metro: Last Light using HD 7990, using very high settings, tessellation, and SSAA at 1080p the framerates fall below 60fps. So why do people think consoles have to do it lol

    • Again, why should I be experiencing SINGLE (not playable) digit frame rates on a console that is supposedly designed to play the games purchased for it? A brand new console? Do you remember the PS3 or PS2 doing that?

    • Gamez Rule

      Like I said before to answer your question (( Even the best tech doesn’t mean anything when the people who use it don’t do it with passion )) In other words, IF devs don’t take advantage of hardware and becomes rush or sloppy it can be bad for gamers.

      I’ll ask again…

      “why do some people like you think consoles should play games at a solid 60fps while running at 1080p when high rated gaming PCs cannot do it every time either ( explained above )”?

      Example = “When I’m playing Metro: Last Light GPU= HD 7990, using very high settings, tessellation, and SSAA at 1080p the frame-rates fall below 60fps.

      So why do some people think consoles have to hold onto 60fps at 1080p when high spec PCs can’t always do it”

      How can people expect a £350 console to keep 1080p at 60FPS solid when a PC costing approximately £1500 cannot do so when playing games maxed out at those resolutions ( Metro LL as example )

    • Anti Aliasing and tessellation, makes a large hit to the GPU. All graphical features do that are available on a PC (which the PS4 and XBox One are barely scratching the surface of). You aren’t comparing apples to apples. IF the PS4 were even capable (comparing a 1.8 Teraflop GPU to a 8.2 Teraflop GPU in itself is a joke). That’s like saying a Lamborghini can’t drive 400 mph is the same as a VW Bus struggles to hit 90 mph is the same thing.

      If they are going to push a PS4 to attempt the graphical features of a decent PC rig, they should have at least put in the engine capable of doing so.

      Either dumb down the graphics so that we have stable performance like a console should, but don’t give me single digit frame rates on multiple games out of the gate. They simply can’t do it. It’s like buying a kit car and pushes it to the floor just to make you think it’s the real thing.

    • Gamez Rule

      So what we have is this.

      A PC that cost more than four PS4s has to sometimes lower game settings to play a last generation game at 1080p with a ( solid ) 60FPS. ( game = Metro Last Light. ( HD 7990 )

      But people then moan that PS4 isn’t more powerful than a high grade gaming PC, while also moaning PS4s unable to play games at it native resolution of 1080p with a solid 60FPS.

      As I said, for £350 the PS4 is a great choice for console gamers, and the games ( although not as high settings as high graded gaming PCs ) is still looking much like a PC game using settings at high levels ( not ultra high ) as many PCs cannot play some games at Ultra settings while keeping a solid 60FPS at 1080p resolutions either.

    • Games for PCs will always be pushed to the highest end systems (and your system is not – SLI, etc.). A console should play any game designed for it (controlled environment) and not be straining the system. It should run stable, period. Why should we be playing games on a console with settings the console can’t handle? It’s not like I can buy new hardware (other than an SSD drive) to improve the power of my console…and an SSD drive will have no effect on single digit frame rates. If it were a Server side issue, I can understand…but seriously? You accept single digit frame rates on a console when you obviously know what has to happen to fix the issue (or at least you should). Graphical effects MUST be turned down. You are accepting of the fact that the PS4 is over-taxed and you can’t turn down settings to stabilize/improve your frame rates to make the game more playable. You’d rather have pretty graphics than a stable game. I guess this is where we will have to disagree. They should have either given the system more power (which is what I have said over and over again) or stop trying to make it do what it simply doesn’t have the horsepower to do.

    • Gamez Rule

      What games have ( over taxed ) the PS4 then?

      Also what PS4 game has given the ( single digit frame rates ) you go on about?

    • I have experienced single digit frame rates on Need for Speed Rivals, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Thief (which really shocked me considering how little detail it seems to have).

    • Gamez Rule

      Need for Speed Rivals capped and poor on PC too. ( Blame Devs not hardware )

      Assassin’s Creed IV is also Poor on PC like Eurogamer pointed out, and was unable to keep a solid 60fps at 1080p ( with crashes ) on PC using a high end gaming rig ( Blame developer not consoles hardware )

      Thief is a piss poor game and the Thief producer Stephane Roy has admitted that this week☺ ( Blame developer not consoles hardware….

      Hence why I stated this too you …

      ((( Even the best tech doesn’t mean anything when the people who use it don’t do it with passion )))

      The three games are not down to hardware as PC is having problems with those games too.

    • You keep ignoring the specs even though I’ve pointed how they are bad five different ways. They’re weak. Passion doesn’t fix specs. Wait….maybe it does. It makes you blind!

    • Mikeherp Derp

      PS4 has better price/performance than PC for $400. That’s why consoles are so popular.

    • Gamez Rule

      Specs specs specs.. Pc Pc Pc,

      Guess what, all that don’t matter to console gamers only the PC gamers that know about specs / PC, ect/

      Fact is for the cost of the PS4 it is a very good deal and allows very good quality games to be played, I have explained this to you, but you are dead set on comparing PC hardware to a console☺

      While you sit there talking about a PC with 10x the power of a console, I’ll still be using the console for gaming as it’s just FUN and easy for family to use, plus no matter how much hardware you have in a PC you can’t play REAL console exclusives, hence why I stated, must people already own a PC, and now over 6 million people added the PS4 to their gaming needs☺

    • Actually, I’m dead set on explaining that the life cycle of the PS4 will be much shorter than the previous generation and we won’t get nearly as much out of this system as the last one. I know this because of the hardware that is inside and the fact that it is already struggling out of the gate vs. having plenty of headroom for current games and the games of the near future.

    • Gamez Rule

      How is PS4 struggling out of the gate?

    • I’ve already gone over the specs several different ways. If you don’t understand that it is running below average compared to similar technology, I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s just enough to get the job done now, but there is no headroom. What you see is pretty much the best of what we’ll see. We won’t be seeing 4K resolutions, 120FPS frame rates, or better graphics effects (Killzone is pushing it to the max). Start throwing VR, 3D, and other stuff at it and it will be struggling without dumbing down existing effects. As someone else responded, The PS3 had much horsepower under the hood that wasn’t touched in the beginning (Valued at around $900 and sold for $600). It wasn’t for several years before it was even explored/utilized. In essence, it was ahead of it’s time. This time around, it’s value is more like $500 worth of technology being sold for $400.

    • Gamez Rule

      As developers state.. It will take time to take full advance of the PS4s hardware, easy to program for yet hard to master.

      Killzone shadowfall was a console release title, so to say it’s pushing PS4 to the max is far from the truth. ALL release titles do not look as good as games six years down the line.

      Fact is The Order 1886 is already graphically better than Killzone Shadowfall as the main characters run over 100K polygons each alone ( not far off twice the amount of polygons Crysis 3 characters on PC )

      so I’ll say it again. As time goes by the PS4 will be making gamers very happy

    • Seriously? Do you not READ? Magic won’t make specs better. The HARDWARE can only do so much. The whole point of endless articles all stating the same thing in regards to the XBox One and PS4 struggling with frame rates and resolution is because of the less than adequate HARDWARE. The FACT is that the HARDWARE is less than adequate….. There is no mastering the PS4’s hardware. It’s a standard AMD Jaguar processor and GPU. The only thing slightly unique is the fact that they are using DDR5 RAM and that’s not exactly magic.

      I’m glad that you dream that it will be incredible and fix the initial issues, but the magic box only contains reality, not magic. The only thing happening is that they’re going to throttle back effects (hopefully) so that we can have a smooth running reality vs. a stuttering mess. It’s too bad they tried to show everything it can do out of the gate because it’s just wet my appetite to go purchase a PC gaming machine. I have been able to stave off that impulse for almost fifteen years.

    • Gamez Rule

      “endless articles all stating the same thing in regards to the XBox One and PS4 struggling with frame rates and resolution is because of the less than adequate HARDWARE”

      Hmm the articles do that to get hits, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s correct. The PS4 is a console ( similar to PC hardware ) but not the same, and it’s not a “standard AMD Jaguar processor and GPU” within PS4 as they are both custom made by Sony and AMD and are ( not just off the shelf PC hardware )

      so although the architecture and hardware of both PS4 and PC are *similar* they are not the same or used the in the same way as each other ( explained by developers themselves )

      This could be why developers get more out of console hardware than people ever thought possible. This could also be why PS3 is still playing games far beyond it’s graphical capabilities as well as what people thought beyond possible when that console got released.

    • I have 28 years experience in IT (Information Technology). I have been a hardware specialist, a network specialist, a computer repair specialist, Computer sales, an IT Manager, an IT Director, and have owned a Computer consulting firm for the last ten years. I have worked with NASA, DOD, Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, Raymond James and Associates, Scientific Imaging Technologies, PixelVision of Oregon, several school systems, and currently manage 300+ clients.

      I’m here to tell you that based upon my expertise – yes, indeed…the hardware is not something special. It is standard hardware. I don’t know what your qualifications are for your opinion but they’re just wishful thinking and hope from where I stand.

    • Gamez Rule

      “I’m here to tell you that based upon my expertise – yes, indeed…the hardware is not something special”

      Consoles hardware is not meant to be special OR compared to PCs, and your expertise should have told you that really.

      It’s a console made for easy use for kids and adults alike. PS4 doesn’t need to be a PC power house with ultra high GPUs / CPUs as it’s made to play games hassle free ( and not everything a PC is made for )

      BUT what I stated still stands no matter how much experience you have.. “Even a PC using a HD 7990 ( like mine ) cannot keep a solid 60fps at 1080p with all games ( without lowering settings ) even though it’s a duel GPU, so why do people believe a console should be doing it when PCs cannot do so”

    • Yes. You’re right. Even a PC like yours can’t keep a solid 60 fps with all games without lowering some settings.

    • Gamez Rule

      So now we know that, why do you think PS4 should do it? When a PC cannot ( even when 10x more powerful than PS4 )

    • Have we not already had this discussion?

    • Gamez Rule

      We have had discussions, but you haven’t given a direct answer to “why do you think PS4 should do it?” When a PC cannot ( even when 10x more powerful than PS4 )

    • The whole point of a console is to have something that just “simply works”. With PCs, you can tweak and upgrade to your heart’s content to get whatever performance range you want. You can sacrifice whatever you want to get ultimate eye candy or performance up the wazoo. Hassle free gaming with the understanding that you’re not going to directly compete with a PC.

      However, this round…we’re pushing the console to the max right out of the gate and it is showing it’s weakness. Should it have been made more powerful? With my knowledge of hardware and in my professional opinion, a resounding yes. An I7 equivalent processor would have helped but at the very least, a stronger graphics engine should have been incorporated in the design that could handle the upgrade that people demand.

    • Gamez Rule

      OK, Lets just put is this way.

      PS4 has a custom 8 core CPU at 4.5GHz,

      PS4 has a single custom GPU ( R9 290X )

      PS4 has 16GB of custom GDDR5 RAM

      PS4 power supply of 400W

      ( PC Elitist will still state it’s under powered ) when compared to gaming PCs, and say how dear it is compared to PC☺

      So the lesson to be learned is simple. Don’t compare a high rated gaming PC to any console when it comes to hardware, as you might as well just go out and buy a PC to begin with.

    • Seriously, I gave you a reasonable answer based upon my expertise and you reply back with an exaggerated answer. If you want a rational reasonable conversation, let’s have one.

      A console IS a PC. The only difference is you can’t upgrade the hardware, short of the HD. The OS, firmware, and software are more strictly controlled. That is the only difference. Hence, the more stable gaming experience. A few tweaks and they could have had a console that will give a satisfactory performance pushing 10 years. As it is, they’ll have to drop a new system within five years to keep up with the VR Hardware, 3D, and other bells and whistles they’ll be releasing soon.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Sony was too broke to lose hundreds on a new console, wanted better price/performance, and didn’t want to break the 300w limit. They did the best they could with 300 watts, maybe next gen they’ll do better.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read our discussion and respond. I’m glad that you understand my point and your explanation is completely rational and makes complete sense.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Thanks it was a good read.

    • Cinnamon267

      “The fact that developers will have to use tricks instead of raw power to create incredible effects for our games means we will all suffer this round. ”

      Developers have ALWAYS had to use tricks. Regardless of platform.

      I don’t know why you’re annoyed by the offerings from Sony and MS. There was absolutely no reason to believe there would be anything better than what they offered. It’s too expensive.

    • Gamez Rule



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